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Tech News Today
Episode 425

Tech News Today 425: A Blackberry Bold Strategy

Is Apple responsible for Chinese working conditions? Why is Twitter censoring posts? Wii U with NFC, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Amazon merchant caught offering refunds in exchange for five-star reviews
    • VIP Deals, Amazon merchant, offering customers refunds in exchange for 5-star reviews. NYT: customers purchased $9.99 (off $59.99) Kindle Fire case got a letter with shipped case. offer to refund the cost of the order in return for the customer writing a review.
    • quote to customers "we strive to earn 100 percent perfect 'FIVE-STAR' scores from you!" 310 out of 335 reviews rated the product 5 stars. Company itself received 4,945 reviews, 4.9 rating out of five.
    • NYT contacted Amazon, Amazon says this is against policy, VIP Deals removed from Amazon
    • 2 years ago Belkin was caught using Mechanical Turk- $0.65 for positive feedback and also negative feedback on competitors
    • FTC rules say if merchant/customer connection might affect customer credibility, it must be fully disclosed. Legacy Learning Systems, which sells music instructional tapes, settled for $250,000 last year over claims it hired affiliates to recommend the videos on Web sites.

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  • All Things D's: D: Dive into Media conference takes place Jan 30-31st with some big speaker names from Warner Music, Twitter, ESPN, even Neil Young!
  • President Obama's Google+ Hangout takes place on Monday. He'll be answering questions submitted to and chatting live with chosen guests. Would-be participants have until the 28th to submit.



"Hi gang, love the show (I've listened since episode 1).

A few episodes ago you discussed a woman who was fighting in court to keep from unencrypting her hard drive for the government. I used to investigate criminals with child pornography on their computers. Our biggest fear is that we would confiscate a drive from someone who used true crypt. With true crypt you can use a hidden partition with your very critical data on it and still unencrypt the drive but only unlock the outside container. This way you could give out the key but it would unlock an empty chest (even if there was illegal files in the hidden content).

So if anyone is concerned about this, use true crypt with a hidden partition. Just thought this might shed some light on the situation from a law enforcement perspective.

(Please don't use my name on the air)"

"Tom talked about how the rumored no-used-games feature rumored for the new Xbox 720 in anti-consumer. (I'd agree) But then Tom went on decry the inclusion of a Blu-Ray drive, asking instead for a ""3 Terabyte drive in there and just download all my games."" Or something like that.

To be clear, there's NO aftermarket for downloadable content (that's legal, anyway.) Please try to reconcile these two thoughts, I'm not picking on you, but I think they're meaningful trade-offs that should be considered.

Thanks, love the show,

Rob Maxwell Damascus, MD"

"Hy TNT crew,

after hearing Tom, on episode 423, saying that would be a good idea for carriers to compensate users that would like to extend their contract without buying a device,

I've sent an email to my carrier and asked for this type of business, since my contract is up on febr 14'th and I have 2 unlocked smartphones.

To my surprise, they responded with a 30% minutes increase, added some data and 4 euros down off my current contract.



Best regards / Cu stima Radu Bogdan"



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