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Tech News Today
Episode 43

Tech News Today 43: Bathing In LTE

Happy SysAdmin day, Porsche goes hybrid, Australia can't give away Fiber Internet, and more.




Lightning Round

On The Calendar

  • Internet Explorer 9 coming in September
  • Samsung Galaxy S getting Android 2.2 in September
  • HTC EVO 4G getting Android 2.2 on Tuesday
  • Plants vs Zombies announcement next Monday
  • Rocky iPhone4 launch yesterday in New Zealand


  • Voicemail from Len about the iPhone4 launch in Finland
  • Videomail from Paul about the FBI requests for information from ISPs
  • Email from Chris on how to clean zombie cookies - Better Privacy Firefox extension
  • Email from Dan about how social searching can be better than Google
  • Email from Ben with a tip on speeding up iOS4 on older iPhones



  • Code tnt
  • Gazelle #5
  • ad times: 00:34-00:45 and 09:44-11:16

Production Information

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