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Tech News Today
Episode 434

Tech News Today 434: A Kodak Moment Of Silence

New iPad, Google takes on Dropbox, what Windows on ARM will and will not have, and more.

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Top Stories

  • WOA Apps
    • Office: WOA *includes* desktop versions of the new Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
    • The apps were shown in the preview video. The ribbon is gone and interface looks streamlined. They look like Metro apps, but they run in the desktop.
    • Other Desktop Apps: WOA supports the Windows desktop experience including File Explorer, Internet Explorer 10 for the desktop, and most other intrinsic Windows desktop features
    • But Sinofsky said that, although those applications will run in the traditional Windows desktop, they will be the only programs allowed to do so
    • WOA will not be available as a software-only distribution
    • WOA won't be available on the 29th
  • WOA Misc
    • "Some have suggested we might remove the desktop from WOA in an effort to be pure, to break from the past, or to be more simplistic or expeditious in our approach. To us, giving up something useful that has little cost to customers was a compromise that we didn’t want to see in the evolution of PCs."
    • MS included photos of WOA running on an Asus Windows Phone device - but noted "This is not a product plan or even a hint at a product."
    • WOA PCs will be serviced only through Windows or Microsoft Update, and consumer apps will only come from the Windows Store, so you never have to worry if a program will run because you are not downloading or installing from a DVD outside of the store experience.
    • "While not the topic of this post, we do want to assure you that, when a consumer buys a WOA PC, it will be clearly labeled and branded so as to avoid potential confusion with Windows 8 on x86/64."
    • Noted Metro style apps support WOA and Win8 on x86, reiterated that WOA won't support emulation or porting of x86 desktop apps
  • GDrive at last? Google reportedly ready to launch online storage service
  • Google Drive cloud storage service launching soon, says WSJ
    • WSJ reports Gdrive is finally weeks/months away, now named "Drive"
    • would compete against established dropbox,
    • Google Docs cheapest- 1gb free, 20GB/$5 a year, or 80GB/$20 a year. Dropbox $10/month 50 gb
    • WSJ reported this back in 2007. At the time Google had 1 gb Picasa storage,10gb/$20 per year, to 400gb/ $500 per year & wasn't even shared via Google Docs yet. competitors were Microsoft's SkyDrive, AOL's Xdrive, and Apple's iDisk.
    • Google has strength in numbers, look at Google+. also could offer attractive biz bundles
    • in January error msgs on changed, suggesting work being done. Techcrunch noticed
    • Google I/O dev conference isn't until June"

Discussion Stories

  • WSJ: Google working on a home entertainment center
  • Google building "home entertainment system" for wireless music streaming
    • WSJ reports Google working on a home entertainment center that would "stream music wirelessly throughout the home" and be marketed under Google's name.
    • This would be the first big consumer-oriented device to carry the Google brand.
    • Would fit in with Project Tungsten described at Google I/O last year. This being integrated with Android.
    • The system "would let people download digital media such as music and stream it to Google-made speakers or other Web-connected devices in people's homes," and could be operated using a smartphone or tablet
  • Facebook Details Bonuses for Top Executives
  • Zuckerberg Takes Control, You Get $100
  • Facebook Value Tops $100 Billion Based on Private Market Trades
    • Facebook execs. twice-a-year bonuses of up to 45 percent of their base salaries and other earnings, according to a Wednesday regulatory filing.
    • Zuckerberg, 27, a base salary of $500,000 per year. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg will receive a base salary of $300,000.
    • Facebook Inc.'s privately traded shares have risen 10 percent since filing for IPO
    • SharesPost managed the auction of 150,000 shares of Facebook's Class B common stock at $44, compared with $40 Feb. 2.That values Facebook at $102.6 billion
    • Zuckerberg paid early contributors like Sean Parker $100 to cede their voting rights to Zuck
  • Kodak to Stop Making Cameras
    • Eastman Kodak Company has said it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012
    • They hope to save $100 million
    • expand its current brand-licensing program instead, and that it will continue to produce retail-based photo kiosks, inkjet printers, online photo gallery and apps, and camera batteries and accessories.
    • Kodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy Jan. 19

News Fuse





"At the time of this email Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert of Double Fine Entertainment have raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter in a single day in to create an old school point and click adventure game.

I can't think of a single tech angle to this story but how awesome is that?

- The Moke"



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