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Tech News Today
Episode 437

Tech News Today 437: You Got Your Mango In My BlackBerry

How many iPads are coming March 7? Yahoo-Alibab deal off, Why you'll pay for free TV on the Internet, and more.

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Top Stories

  • But their might be no iPads to sell: Proview calls for iPad export ban without a hint of irony
  • iPad Import/Export Ban Application In China Could Hurt Or Cost Apple
    • Apple and Proview Shenzen (computer display maker) have been in a trademark battle for 2 years over the iPad name. Apple sez it bought Proview's worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 10 different countries several years ago and Proview refuses to honor their agreement in China. Proview says it's not bound by a deal made by its Taiwanese affiliate to license the name.
    • in 2010 Apple sued Proview, claiming ownership of iPad name. They were rejected last November. They appealed and lost in December in a Chinese court.
    • Proview can demand seizure and ban of iPad exports Chinese counterfeit good prevention laws that also include clothing, movies, and music. iPads are assembled in China. No exports, no iPads.
    • Proview is facing financial troubles, you could read this as the ultimate bluff to get a huge settlement. In December, Xinhua News Agency reported Proview could seek 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion).
    • yesterday reports came in that iPads were being confiscated from a retailer in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province.
    • Proview lawyer told the AP the co "has asked authorities in more than 20 cities to investigate and to destroy promotional materials that violate its trademark."
    • still no sign of iPads being pulled from Apple stores in China, but Proview has filed a trademark infringement case against Apple in Shanghai trying to halt iPad sales at Apple’s own stores in China. That case is scheduled to begin Feb. 22.

Discussion Stories

  • Aereo launching streaming broadcast TV service in NYC on March 14th
  • New Service Will Stream Local TV Stations in New York
  • Aereo Official Site
    • Aereo [Air-reo] is launching on March 14th
    • Formerly known as Bamboom labs, the service will stream NYC-based television to NYC-based users on an HTML5 compatible browser
    • $12/ month Beginning March 14, members will be entitled to a 30-day free trial
    • The technology is simple - lots of miniature antennas and each are dedicated to one user.
    • You would get ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and a cloud DVR
    • How it knows where you are: You must have a NYC billing address for your credit card and it looks at your IP address to determine your location. If that IP address is outside of the NYC area, it allows you to geolocate your position via GPS to confirm that you are in fact in NYC. - Aereo spokesperson via email
    • The CEO also showed a demo sending a video from his iPhone to the Apple TV
    • Roku will be supported as well
    • Legal stuff: Aereo cites as precedent a 2008 ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The ruling upheld the right of Cablevision, a cable distributor, to deploy thousands of DVRs at a remote location. Cablevision then essentially rented one DVR to each subscriber who wanted one.
    • Chet Kanojia, CEO and founder of Aereo said "technically, we're actually providing a use license for the antenna and the cloud DVR," so customers aren't paying for the content itself
    • Barry DIller is also financing the venture. He's one of the guys who created the Fox broadcast network and USA broadcasting - so he's definitely familiar with television networks and how they handle content. He's on the board of Aereo.
    • Aereo TV is backed by Diller’s IAC digital media company, which also owns College Humor, Vimeo,, and other notable web properties.

News Fuse



Twisted Metal hits the USA today, exclusively for the PS3.. $60

INCOMING Voicemail Ekello calls about myspace and Timberlake

Email "Tom and Sarah,

I make licensed collegiate apparel and all collegiate licensee must be members of the FLA, so I have a little knowledge about how membership in the FLA works.

Membership in the FLA entails an entire organization and all its suppliers throughout its supply chain.

It is not a pick and choose which factories you want covered. If you have a vendor, their labor conditions must meet FLA standards. It requires full disclosure of manufacturing sites and suppliers. FLA is about transparency.

Membership IS voluntary but compliance is not.

As a collegiate licensee, membership is not voluntary. If you want to make officially licensed collegiate merchandise you must be a member and be compliant.

That said, my own person view is that Apple's membership in the FLA is a move to get the thumbs up from institutions of higher learning to entering into deeper hardware relationships with them.

Not being a member of the FLA would not fly.

I do not know this for a fact but I would bet that all existing textbook manufacturers have good labor conditions (they are probably domestic) even if they are not members of the FLA.

I wrote about that on my own website if you have any interest in reading just a little more

Love the show, keep up the good work (and spend an hour on the FLA website ( ) to better understand how important it is AND the huge positive impact Apple membership will have for tech labor worldwide.

- Demian Dellinger"



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