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Tech News Today
Episode 439

Tech News Today 439: A Delicious Dish Of Spectrum

Mountain Lion OS X comes to Mac devs, is Android 5 coming? Facebook verifies famous people, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google may launch Android 5.0 in 2Q12, say Taiwan makers
  • Making Sense of the Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" Timeline
  • Android 5.0 launching in Q2/ We're more than a bit skeptical
    • Digitimes sources say that Android 5.0 known as Jelly Bean will launch in the 2nd quarter of this year
    • Citing Taiwan-based supply chain makers - 5.0 will be more tablet friendly and should "integrate its Chrome system functions to push dual-operating system designs."
    • Brand vendors can either choose to adopt only Android 5.0 or add Android 5.0 to Windows 8 devices with the ability to switch between the two OSes without the need to shut down the computer.
    • ReadWriteWeb wrote a post wondering about the timing. 4.0 was announced in 2011 Q2 and this year's Google I/O is scheduled for June 27-29th.
    • also expects to see 4.1 or 5.0 at I/O as an announcement and says devices with the next version will land in Sept/Oct.
  • Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms
  • Facebook Launches Verified Accounts, Allows Nicknames for Some
  • Facebook's Subscribe Suggestions page
    • now allowing prominent public figures to verify accounts & opt to display a nick instead of their birth name. Verified accts get prominent placement in Facebook’s “People To Subscribe To” suggestions.
    • birth names will still be shown on profile's About page. Ensures people don’t subscribe to public updates of impostors.
    • starting today some users with many subscribers will be notified through their profile of the option to verify their identity. chosen by FB, no way to opt-in
    • if chosen must submit gvmt-issued photo ID, deleted after verification. May enter an “alternate name” that can be used to find them through search, displayed next to real name, or replace real name
    • Unlike Twitter or Google+’s verification programs, verified Facebook accounts won’t show any sort of badge or denotation
    • maiden names or name in an alternate language already viewable on profile and via search, but not across the site like a verified alternate name.
    • In 2010 FB stopped allowing the use of special characters in names.
    • FB user base 8x Twitter's... subscribe numbers growing rapidly.
    • FB statement to PC Mag: "This update makes it even easier for subscribers to find and keep up with journalists, celebrities and other public figures they want to connect to."

Discussion Stories

  • Intel to postpone mass shipments of Ivy Bridge processors
  • Intel 'Ivy Bridge' chip delayed, Windows 8 in September, report claims
  • Windows 8 set for 4th quarter? Fujitsu thinks so
    • According to Italian blogging site NetbookItalia, Fujitsu showed a slide in a press conference yesterday that indicated Windows 8 is coming in Q4 2012
    • The slide also suggested Fujitsu is prepping a Windows 8 tablet
    • Digitimes reporting Intel will still announce Ivy Bridge products and ship a small volume of the processors in early April, while mass shipments will be delayed until after June, according to sources from notebook players.
    • The report atributes the delay to concerns over high Sandy Bridge inventories
    • the notebook vendors still believe the PC replacement trend is unlikely to start until after September, when Microsoft launches Windows 8,
    • CNET's Brooke Crothers points out that peak production of new Intel chips typically doesn't to happen until a few months after the official technology announcement.
  • Falcone, LightSquared Say Interference With GPS Can Be Solved
  • LightSqured grasps at straws, slams FCC in a statement
    • Philip Falcone said his LightSquared Inc. venture remains committed to finding a solution to interference problems that led U.S. regulators to reject the proposed nationwide wireless service.
    • “This was not a decision based on science or technology but was a politically motivated decision fueled by special interest groups in the GPS and telecom industry,” Falcone said in an e-mailed statement today. “There are solutions to this problem that can and will address the needs of the GPS community.”
    • Wall Street Journal reported that firm was now making a last-ditch effort to revive hope, by attempting to exchange its wireless licenses for ones similar to those operated by the Department of Defense.
    • Philip Falcone claims that filing for bankruptcy would be off the cards, defiantly stating "there are other ways around this." As to what these other ways include we're as yet to see, but we admire the optimism.
  • Apple's 4Q Global Tablet Market Share Falls To 57% From 64% In 3Q
  • Amazon Passes Samsung for No. 2 Spot in Tablets Behind Apple
  • iPhone 4S Impacted iPad Market Share More Than Kindle Fire
    • iHS iSuppli reports Apple's fourth-quarter iPad shipments were 15.4 million, up 39% from the third quarter, but the device's share of the global media-tablet market fell to 57% from 64% in the prior quarter.
    • Rhoda Alexander, senior manager of tablet and monitor research for IHS said "The rollout of the iPhone 4S in October generated intense competition for Apple purchasers' disposable income, doing more to limit iPad shipment growth than competition from the Kindle Fire and other media tablets"
    • Amazon shipped 3.9 million Fire tablets in the fourth quarter, giving the company 14.3% of the market, and making Amazon the world's second-largest tablet shipper, surpassing Samsung Electronics Co.
    • Samsung shipped 2.14 million tablets, a 16% rise from the third quarter, but its market share fell to 8% from 11% in the prior quarter.

News Fuse






"Hi TNT crew just finshed watching your great show 437 and i was interested about the part about you were talking about having to use many items of hardware to get what needs doing done. The comment from Tom about not being able to multi task on mobile OS devices sparked my old grey cells in to life and i remembered reading about a company that wanted to bring that very feature to mobile OS's.

Here is the link to the company and their software solution to this problem - - i think it has now become an open source project which could see it intergrated in to an Android rom at some point in the future.

In fact here is a link to a story about Cyanogenmod possibly looking into using this software in its CM9 roms -

Now this idea may go the way many other projects but thought i would let you know about it in case it became a reality in the future and that you maybe able to go mobile one day.

Thanks and keep up the good work as your podcasts of the show stop me from being bored at work here in the UK.


"Hi y'all-

Thanks for the internet law news. Here's a link to read more about the proposed Georgia broadband legislation.

Although the push for the law is to 'get rid of tax redundant spending' and encourage infrastructure growth by the large companies, it's a bit like killing a fly with a shotgun. In the rural areas where I've had a chance to talk to local small ISPs no one has ever said that the large companies have ever been helpful. Mostly they've tried to squash the local guys without providing a viable solution to rural ISPs issues.

In the city of Savannah (my home) I can't say the big companies have done much better. Comcast recently spent 4 days in town hall meetings because they screwed up their xfinity rollout so much the local government had to step in to quell the issues.

If you live in Georgia or anywhere that broadband laws like these are on the books take the time to write an official about it.




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