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Tech News Today
Episode 442

Tech News Today 442: Tilt Head To Click

Spectrum wars have begun, Microsoft attacks Google in Europe, Nokia to announce new Symbian phones, and more.

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Top Stories

  • T-Mobile asks FCC to block Verizon-cable deal
  • T-Mobile wants FCC to block Verizon's spectrum deals with cable industry
    • In filings late Tuesday, T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS said the Federal Communications Commission should stop the AWS spectrum deal between Verizon Wireless, Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc., Bright House Networks and Cox Communications because it would place an "excessive concentration" of wireless spectrum in Verizon's hands.
    • Ten public-interest groups filed their own motions to block the deal on Tuesday, ahead of a filing deadline on Wednesday.
    • Sprint said the agency should look closely at the wider implications of the deal, including the provision that Verizon Wireless and the cable companies market each other's products in their stores.
  • Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End
  • Google's HUD glasses expected to go on sale this year
    • NYT reports that Google's readying its augmented reality glasses for sale by the end of the year.
    • NYT cites "several Google employees familiar with the project who asked not to be named" and the pricing will be about the same as current smartphones at $250 to $600
    • Specs of the glasses: Andorid based, a small screen visible, 3G or 4G radios, GPS and motion sensors, a low res built in camera
    • NYT says Steve Lee, creator of Google Latitude is a key figure in the glasses
    • How it works:
      • uses Latitude to share location
      • uses Google Goggles to search
      • Maps to show other things nearby
    • Availability:
      • An experiment for people to join, but Google doesn't have a business plan plotted out (think CR-48)
      • This project has been rumored since December by 9to5Google
      • Being built in the Google X offices

Discussion Stories

  • Sony's Vita arrives just as market may be fading
  • Select' PS Vita apps hit the US PlayStation Store: Netflix, LiveTweet and Flickr (Update: video hands-on)
  • PlayStation Vita launch floats boatload of new games and more
    • $250 for a wifi Vita. - requires proprietary external memory cards for $20-$100, needed for most games. - Sony PlayStation Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller told Cnet that piracy was a major contributing factor for proprietary Vita memory cards.
    • AT&T 3G Vita for $300. - Engadget has a hands-on video- in Playstation store: Netflix, LiveTweet and Flickr. Noticed the 20-mb cap for downloads over 3G denies access to Netflix.
    • Gartner Research Director Michael Gartenberg says Vitas would be flying off the shelves at $79 or $99 each.
    • Nintendo's 3DS released last March. By summer price was cut $80 from $249.99 to boost sales.
    • $50 million marketing campaign, cross-promotion with Taco Bell awarding a Vita every 15 minutes.
    • Jack Tretton, U.S. CEO of PlayStation: "The target consumer is a PS3 owner, and there's 60 million of those out there. He's also male and in his early 20s." Tretton says he'd be "very pleased" to sell 500k Vitas in US in next 3 weeks. Sony sold the same number in Japan since December.
    • Vita users can play opponents on a PlayStation, & buy versions of games that let them play between Vita and PlayStation.
    • Sony says 3-5 hours gameplay on a single charge.
  • Acta: EU court to rule on anti-piracy agreement
  • As ACTA support falters, treaty referred to European court
    • The European Commission, the EU's executive branch, announced plans to seek an opinion from the European Court of Justice about ACTA's constitutionality.
    • Viviane Reding, the EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights, and Citizenship, said the EC has decided to ask the ECJ for an opinion to "clarify that the ACTA agreement and its implementation must be fully compatible with freedom of expression and freedom of the Internet."
    • "I believe that putting ACTA before the European Court of Justice is a needed step," Commissioner Karel De Gucht wrote in a Wednesday press release explaining the move. "This debate must be based upon facts and not upon the misinformation or rumor that has dominated social media sites and blogs in recent weeks."
    • Acta is set to be debated by the European Parliament in June.
    • Several key countries, including Germany and Denmark, have backed away from the treaty amid protests in several European cities.
  • Nokia Prepping Low-Price Windows Phones: Report
  • Nokia rumor roundup: new Windows Phone, Symbian models coming
    • Bloomberg reports Nokia to introduce new low-priced Smartphones at MWC
    • “camera-focused phone” based on Symbian and a set of “lower-price, entry-level” smartphone
    • According to Reuters, one of the Windows Phone handsets from Nokia set to be announced at MWC is a low-cost model, the Lumia 610. Rumors surrounding the phone suggest its specs will be modest (256MB of RAM has been bandied about as one spec point), but the price will also be very low for a smartphone at ₤100 ($157) without a contract.
    • the Nokia 803 will have a large imaging sensor that will be Nokia's big step up to 1080p video, according to PocketNow. With a 4-inch AMOLED screen
    • A global version of the Lumia 900 is also set to be unveiled at MWC.
    • A third Windows Phone device, the Lumia 719, is also rumored to appear at the show. A leaked document at Unwired Review shows the phone's detailed specs are the same as the Lumia 710 (3.7-inch Clear Black display, 5-megapixel camera), and its target regions are Asia, North America, and South America.

News Fuse





"Guys and Gal,

I was listening to the February 21st edition of Tech News Today and you talked about the rumor of MS Office for the iPad. The only way I see this happening is if it is tied into the Microsoft's SkyDrive and it is limited to what you can do with the web-based product. In fact, it would not surprise me if it is the web-based version optimized for tablets. So that it can work on both the iPad and Android tablets. If Microsoft, could do that it would be a big punch in the gut to Google.

Paul Franz Reading, PA"

"@msftnews "Great respect for The Daily but regrettably someone is giving them bad info, and that’ll be clear in the “coming weeks.”

"Hi guys:

In TNT 441 you had a story about how the electrical grid could be taken out by online attacks. It would take a massive co-ordinated attack by a large number of people because there is NO electrical grid in the U.S. What exists is a large number of local, state, and regional electrical grids, of which some (but not all) are linked together. The powers-that-be have been using the propaganda scare tactic of attacks against the ""electrical grid"" for several years now since they know that very few people know or understand this fact.

While there may be some electrical grids operated/maintained by state and/or local governments, the vast majority are owned by private companies (although many are publicly traded). The U.S. government does not own, maintain, or operated any electrical grids whatsoever.

-- Ed. Hillman in Virginia"



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