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Tech News Today
Episode 444

Tech News Today 444: Goatees Are Not Metro

Google rumours, how to successfully sue AT&T, Motorola stops email, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Proview Takes a Shot at Apple in California Court
    • According to Reuters Proview filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of California in Santa Clara County against Apple's use of the trademark iPad.
    • The suit was filed on Feb. 17, According to ATD, the very day Li Su, chairman of Hejun Vanguard Group, a consulting company representing Proview’s creditors, said it was “selecting from three American law firms to sue Apple in the United States for $2 billion in compensation.”
    • the suit accuses Apple of fraud for using its IP Application Development subsidiary to purchase the iPad trademark from Proview. Apple acted “with oppression, fraud and/or malice,” Proview alleges.
    • They sold the name for the equivalent of $55,000
  • German iPhone users can no longer use iCloud's push e-mail—for now
    • Motorola is now enforcing an injunction against Apple's iCloud push email notifications in Germany, meaning the service has been shut down for users in the region.
    • "Apple holds the patent to be invalid and [plans] to submit an appeal," Apple said in a translated statement.
    • Consumers have to return to the days of 2009 when they were required to set their email to check for new messages at a pre-defined interval.
    • The patent at issue relates to older pager designs, but Motorola was able to convince a German court that it applied to Apple's implementation of push e-mail that syncs across devices via iCloud. The injunction went into effect on Thursday of this week, requiring Apple to disable push e-mail syncing in Germany.
    • This not considered an essential patent and therefore doesn't involve FRAND
  • Study: We're getting less friendly on Facebook
  • As Privacy Concerns Grow, More Social Media Users Are “Unfriending”
    • Pew Internet & American Life Project phone survey conducted in 2011 of 2277 adults show 44% respondents deleted comments from social profiles in 2011, up from 36% in 2009. Over 60% said they deleted people from their friends lists,
    • 67% of women set their profiles to friends only. Men 48%. 62% teens and 58%of adults restricted access to friends only.
    • 2% of social media users described privacy controls as "very difficult to manage."
    • 56% of users 18-29 said they have deleted unwanted comments, 40% 30-49, and 34% 50-64.
    • 15% of males said they posted something regrettable, 8% female. 15% 18-29 regrettable, 5% over 50 regrettable.
    • Pew doesn't specifically name FB but with 850M users it's the biggest network
    • The data about teens came from a separate phone survey Pew conducted with teenagers and their parents.

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft Office 15 apps to include 'touch mode' with easy typing and enlarged ribbon
  • A closer look at Microsoft's Office 15 Technical Preview
    • MS already announced that Office will be included with WOA and said they would be desktop apps - not Metro
    • Mary Jo Foley reports that Office 15 will offer a touch mode button
    • This image of the technical preview version of Word 15 — was shared by one of MJ's contacts with access to the Office 15 technical preview — shows off that button
    • Images of Office 15 match ones posted on The Verge.
    • Currently this button doesn’t really function, according to my contact, who requested anonymity.
    • However, Microsoft’s intention is to enable the Office UI to switch to something more touch-friendly when Office 15 apps are used, my contact said.
  • " Google may enter tablet market with 7-inch design
    • The Google Operating System blog reports the upcoming Google Drive release will add support for third party apps and Google will also include a SDK for developers.
    • you'll be able to open the files stored in Google Drive using non-Google apps.
    • BAsed on source code mentioning 'SDK' several times and "Say goodbye [to] email attachments and hello to real time collaboration. Drag anything shared with you to My Drive for easy access."
    • ALSO: Speaking with CNET, DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim stoked the fire, noting that the Google slate will enter production in April and the initial run will yield between 1.5 million and 2 million units.
    • 7-inch Nexus-branded device that will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and compete with the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet at $199.
    • Shim also said that the Nexus Tablet will feature a high-resolution 1,280 x 800-pixel 7-inch display, besting Amazon’s 1,024 x 600-pixel panel.

News Fuse





"Hey guys, love TNT and watch every day. This looks like an interesting new form of e-comerce that I would love to hear your opinion on. But I think they mention they built it on Flash, which makes me groan with annoyance :-O

Best, Eric in Virginia"

"Beside Brian Brushwood's humerous suggestion to wear Google glasses while driving in order to read email. etc., there is a potential use for them while driving that could be useful, even life saving. Paired via bluetooth to a capable phone. a heads-up display of the road ahead and any potential dangers would be a great help where weather or darkness hampers visibility.

I watch every show (except this Monday's. which was missing without explanation on Roku). Keep it up. Tony"

"Tom and Posse,

Is there any licensing restriction that would stop OnLive from creating a Desktop that goes to Mac OS X instead of Windows? Apple likes to lock down their OS, but if OnLive pays for it, would it be possible? I know you can't virtualize OS X on Windows, but could you have a server running OS X setting this up? Although since you'd have to have all Apple hardware running this might not be financially viable for OnLive, the thought is interesting to consider.

Love da sho,

Rich in Lovely Cleveland"



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