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Tech News Today
Episode 447

Tech News Today 447: Touch The Guts Of A Computer

Just how fast and fluid is Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Facebook pulls a Twitter, Verisign can apparently seize any .com, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Windows Store launches for Windows 8
  • Introducing the winners of the First Apps Contest
  • Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5
  • Windows Consumer Preview: The Fifth IE10 Platform Preview
  • Windows 8 on ARM Tablets, PCs Ships to Developers
  • Microsoft Won’t Support Some Business Features on ARM, but Will Offer “Windows to Go”
    • Windows Store for Windows 8 is live in the Consumer Preview: Metro versions of Kindle, Vimeo, Cut the Rope, and for the duration of the Consumer Preview all of the apps are free
    • MS also announced the winners of its First Apps Contest, which includes Elements (a weather app), PuzzleTouch (a jigsaw puzzle app), and Cookbook (duh, a cookbook app).
    • Microsoft released Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which is available now. (available to devs before)
    • Microsoft posted a video shows IE10 showing some whiz-bang HTML5 animation at a significantly higher framerate (between 30 and 40 FPS) compared to the same animation in Chrome (which runs at about 5 FPS).
    • In fairness, other browsers have been more HTML5 friendly for a while. Expect them to catch up soon enough.
  • WOA
    • PCWorld reports that developers are getting ARM based Win8 Tablets
    • MS is sending Tegra 3 machines to software devs and Qualcomm is sending the Snapdragon S4 based ones.
    • More WOA news in a "Windows 8 Consumer PReview Product Guide for Business" document
    • WOA won't have the same manageability features avail in the 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but MS explained "Windows To Go" which allows businesses to offer workers access to Windows 8 and corporate apps on a thumb drive.
    • A worker could boot from the Windows To Go drive and the PC's OS cannot access the WTG installation. Works on Win7 and Win8 machines.
  • iPhone photo-slurping loophole sparks app privacy fears
  • iPhone Security Flaw Gives Developers Access to Photos (REPORT)
  • Fix reportedly coming for iOS photo uploading loophole
    • NY Times: Once an iPhone user grants permission for an iPhone or iPad app to access location information, the app can copy their photo library without any further notice or warning
    • Same bug we already knew about: following the Path address-book-uploading controversy, 9to5 Mac pointed out that iOS developers not only have access to your entire contacts database—they also have access to your photos, music, movies, calendars, and more with their associated geotags.
    • Message asks for “access to location information in photos and videos,”-- "but really what it is doing is accessing your entire photo library," said John Casasanta, owner of iPhone app development studio Tap Tap Tap. "The message the user is being presented with is very, very unclear."
    • Android users who give permission for an application to modify or delete SD card contents are equally opening up their photograph albums, along with everything else, often without the user realising it.
    • The Verge reported on Tuesday evening that its sources said Apple is aware of the bug and is "likely planning a fix" as part of an upcoming update to iOS.
    • Settings > Location Services and turn off location services for the Camera app

Discussion Stories

  • Facebook launches Timeline for Pages
  • How To Use Facebook Timeline For Brand Pages: New Feature Details
  • NYT's Facebook Timeline
  • Facebook will put ads on mobile news feed and logout screen
    • pages for companies/brands now have option to update to Timeline, will become mandatory 3/30
    • Opinion site Sodahead polled 1327 ppl on 1/27, 70% said they hated new Timeline
    • Covers may not display calls to action or features like “Like this Page”, deals like “40% off” or “Download at our website”, or contact info. FB Product Director of Ads Gokul Rajaram says too much promo is a turnoff
    • Pages can no longer set default landing tab for non-fans when first visiting Page, must show main timeline. Like-gates are still permitted but users can't be taken directly to them.
    • "Offers," new story type that lets businesses share discounts and promotions directly through pages. FB says this business tool can reach 50% of page's fans on a weekly basis as opposed to 16% without them.
    • Private msgs allowed if user initiates, new customer service channel without discussing publicly on your Page’s wall / Timeline.
    • You can select to pin one of your best new or old posts to the top left spot of the Timeline feed for seven days at a time.
    • Starting today, ads bought through "Premium on Facebook" can show up in mobile news feed; ads also displayed on desktop logout screen starting April. Previously ads on the sidebar and the desktop news feed.

News Fuse






Google made a switch to require every user of an android phone to sign up for a Google account (including +). I know because a ton of not-tech friends of mine have been showing up on Google+ (NOT a welcome thing, as I was enjoying the tech-exclusivity of it) for no good reason. If their only interaction with + is the auto-upload of their photos and the occasional search, that might explain it. Google managed to boost their subscriber base substantially, but by including so many non-using users, diluted the engagement numbers.

Just a though,

Rob Maxwell Damascus, MD"



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