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Tech News Today
Episode 448

Tech News Today 448: Probing The Limit Of The Unlimited

Is Zynga leaving Facebook? AT&T stops throttling you... so much, Japan wags a finger at Google, and more.

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  • Zynga takes its first step toward a post-Facebook future
  • Zynga readies 'private cloud' to run partners' games
  • Zynga’s “Project Z” Revealed: Social Games on Its Own Web Site (Through Facebook, of Course)
  • Zynga to launch and host third-party games
    • Open beta of begins in a few days including CastleVille, Words With Friends, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Poker
    • Games can be continued from or to Facebook and use Facebook credits
    • Zynga Chief Operating Officer John Schappert said players can chat and connect without having ""to look at your family photos"" as they do when playing on Facebook, says .
    • Facebook has exclusive rights to some Zynga games so they must have approved the move
    • Can play against and chat with 'zFriends' which are independent of Facebook
    • There are agreements in place for Facebook in the future to sell advertising on a site hosted by Zynga, according to AllThingsD Tricia Duryee
    • CNET's Rafe Needleman points out Zynga has moved servers back into Zynga in preparation for this: "Our servers are optimized for game performance," CTO of infrastructure, Allan Leinwand told me. "They're not four-door sedans." He says that Zynga's particular architecture, called zCloud, needs two-thirds the machines to run games than AWS does.
    • developers, including Row Sham Bow and MobScience, will be rolling out games on Zynga. Later, Zynga plans to open up its platform and APIs to independent developers, and will provide a version of the software development kit used, so far, only internally.

Discussion Stories

  • Constitutional Showdown Voided: Feds Decrypt Laptop Without Defendant’s Help
    • In 2010 authorities seized an encrypted Toshiba laptop from Ramona Fricosu with valid warrants while investigating her for mortgage fraud. Told her to decrypt it.
    • Big Q- is decrypting HD a breach of the Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination. Her lawyer was suggesting she forgot p/w
    • In Jan, CO U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn ordered her to decrypt laptop by end of Feb & refused to stay his decision to allow her time to appeal.
    • Last week in separate case, 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled an encrypted drive is like a combination to a safe, & unlocking them is forcing testimony. 1st appellate court to issue this
    • Judge Blackburn wasn't legally bound to follow that precedent because he sits in the circuit covered by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals who wouldn't review his decision.
    • HD now decrypted says Philip Dubois, Fricosu's attorney. On Wed police gave him a copy of info they got off the drive. Dubois thinks Fricosu's ex-husband & co-defendent supplied the PW.
  • Lytro pre-orders start shipping, infinite focusing now within reach
  • Lytro review
  • Lytro review (Wired)
    • If you pre-ordered a Lytro camera, they are now shipping. If you try to order one, it is backordered already. $400 for 8GB, $500 for 16GB
    • A bunch of sites have their reviews up
    • Background: Lytro uses "Light Field Technology" which allows you to focus after you take a picture.
    • Image quality: It works well for a particular kind of shot and if it is lit well.
    • Poorly lit images can cause issues with the focus effect
    • Wired explains how important composition is and how extra care is necessary to make these Lytro images stand out
    • Mac only software and moving photos (around 16MB each pic) took a while and is resource intensive
    • JPG versions of the images resolve to 1080 x 1080
    • Lytro plans to release updates later this year allowing for things like genuine tilt-shift focus and native 3-D images from a single lens. Another filter currently in the works will let you place an entire image in focus.
    • Review notes:
      • The Verge and Wired both had issue with the touch sensitive zoom control. Wired's John Bradley accidentally hit the shutter button.
      • David Pierce thought the design made it strange to use as a camera and took issue with some of the design choices like the zoom control - which blends in with the design, but the touch sensitive bumps are hard to distinguish. Overall, the design was simple and clean
      • The Display is 1.46-inches and doesn't have good viewing angles

News Fuse





"I definitely think that facebook numbers are overblown. Many of us out there have more than 1 facebook account. I know a lot of people who have 2 accounts 1 for themselves and 1 for their pets.

I have an account for myself and I also have an account for my pet bird Persephone Decimus Moulton. My friends and family want to know what's going on with Persephone. Like when she used to be named Perseus until she laid an egg then got the name Persephone. Facebook is the perfect forum to inform the world about the changes in my birds life- like now she is laying on a lug nut and a big D20 to take the place of the unfertilized eggs.

-Guy Tampa"

"Hey TNT people!

I just wanted to make a quick observation about Google+ over the last few months. My stream has actually gotten way more interesting and that may be why Tom doesn't see as many comments on his posts. I never see his posts anymore because my stream is filled with tons of great stuff. His posts just whizz by. Also, I'm circled by new people every day and am up to over 500 people circling me, so I don't think it's a ghost town.

Keep throwing that tech news down and beating out some sense!

Jeff Pomona, CA"

"Hi TnT

By redirecting, the united states has just extra-territoriallyseized the assets of a Canadian company, one operating in canada and doing something that was legal under canadian law. If this was anything other than a domain name it would be an international incident.

Worse, the united states isn't even against gambling, this is a protectionist law sponsored by real life gambling interests in the US.

That, coupled with the fact your congress and senate are happily trying to pass laws enabling them to seize domains without due process and for flimsy offences and you can see why the rest of the world is getting a little freaked out.

It's time to get the domain registration system out of the United States,it isn't mature enough to manage it.

Thanks, Rob in Canada"



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