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Tech News Today
Episode 451

Tech News Today 451: Hold On To Your Faces

Google gets rid of Android Market, Anonymous beheaded, or was it!?! Music industry making money, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Top Lulzsec hackers' arrested in FBI swoop
  • All the latest on the unmasking of LulzSec leader "Sabu," arrests
  • FBI names, arrests Anon who infiltrated its secret conference call
  • Report: LulzSec Leader Was Snitch Who Helped Snag Fellow Hackers
  • Anonymous Reacts to Sabu’s Betrayal of LulzSec
    • Seven alleged hackers based in the US, UK and Republic of Ireland have been charged with crimes related to computer attacks. five of the men were involved in the group Lulzsec, while a sixth was a "member" of Antisec.
    • Lulzsec's "leader" Hector Xavier Monsegur AKA Sabu pleaded guilty in August to 12 criminal charges, and subsequently cooperated with the FBI in secret. He accidentally logged in to IRC with his own unmasked IP address.
    • Ryan Ackroyd, aka “Kayla” of Doncaster, United Kingdom; Jake Davis, aka “Topiary” of London; Darren Martyn, aka “pwnsauce” of Ireland; Donncha O’Cearrbhail, aka “palladium” of Ireland; and Jeremy Hammond, aka “Anarchaos”of Chicago.
    • Hammond is believed to be the main actor behind the hack of U.S. private intelligence company Stratfor in December
    • AnonymousIRC Twitter: "We're sailing close to the wind, our crew is complete and doing fine."
    • YourAnonNews Twitter: "Anonymous is a hydra, cut off one head and we grow two back."
    • Barrett Brown told the New York Times that he received advance warning of the FBI raid on his home in Dallas, and that he hid his laptops to avoid them being found. Brown promised that "Anonymous will go forward as usual. So will I. We hired an army of lawyers last January. We are prepared for a big slug-out."

Discussion Stories

  • Word 15:
    • includes a Read Mode which removes distractions. The mode also as a Resume Reading function that automatically bookmarks your spot
    • object zoom: double click an object like an image or chart and it'll zoom
    • expand and collapse: lets you collapse paragraphs under its paragraph heading
    • Touch Mode: enlarges ribbon along the way, provides navigation
  • Excel 15:
    • Quick Analysis Lens feature lets Excel 15 users quickly access ways to visually represent data, and
    • Recommended Charts and PivotTables helps surface the best way to visualize certain information based on data patterns.
  • PowerPoint 15 makes 16:9 the default aspect ratio
  • Outlook 15:
    • Peeks: see schedules, details about people you're emailing on the same screen, Weather Bar and Inline replies
    • MS CIO Kevin Turno at CeBIT says Metro will be good for companies b/c it's relatively distraction free.
    • Turno also pushed the "no compromise" angle since Win8 runs on tablets and traditional PCs
    • For those of you not fond of Win8's lack of Start Orb, Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional, it's a thing) created ViStart that gives you a Win7 start menu. Some have reported issues with orb overlapping the taskbar buttons
  • Music Buyers’ Numbers Increased In 2011.
    • back in January, a Nielsen Soundscan report showed digital sales accounted for just over 50% of all U.S. music purchases in 2011. sales only, not revenue.
    • today data from NPD shows the # of buyers is increasing too. 78M Americans bought music in 2011, up 2% more than 2010. 2 years in a row the number has risen.
    • NPD says 45M people paid for music downloads through iTunes and Amazon, up 14% from 2010.
    • direct purchases only, doesn't account for streaming revenue
    • As of today's earnings announcement, Pandora has 47 million active users in its most recent quarter, up 62% year-over-year. In Feb MySpace claimed 25M registered users. in 2010 Spotify claimed 10M, # likely much higher now
    • it might have just been a good year for downloads, in 2011 Adele sold most albums since Usher in 2004

News Fuse





"Hey tom,

Just an FYI. I have a touchsmart which was truly a pain to use. I got it as a way for the kids to kind of have a giant iPad, but it wasn't very intuitive and the interface was cloogy at best.

The new operating system changes a bad windows touchscreen PC into an incredible 25"" windows tablet.

You can get these really cheap on craigslist and I truly recommend it.



"Hey Guys,

When you were taking about Steam's possible hardware in episode 450, you were referring to it as a ""Steam Box"". Surely it should be called the Sauna or kettle, both could be considered boxes of steam... Maybe not.

On a more serious note, a box by Steam would be an interesting way of levelling the playing field in the console vs PC gaming, but would the PC gaming elite feel that this would be a betrayal?

Love the show guys. I should be visiting at the end of May/beginning of June and I am really excited to meet you all.


Fred from Glasgow, Scotland (3Cubed on Reddit)"



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