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Tech News Today
Episode 452

Tech News Today 452: Tweet Me A Beer

Intel pumps up cheap ultrabooks, the new iPad, Netflix partners with cable companies, and more.

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  • Intel Sets Sights on Ultrabook Adoption
  • Ivy Bridge benchmarks: CPU boosted 5-15 percent, onboard GPU handles Skyrim
  • Acer: $799 ultrabooks make no profit, aiming for $499 price nonetheless
    • Intel expects that by the end of 2012, 40% of all notebooks shipped will be ultrabooks.
    • test results of a Core i7 3770K CPU, courtesy of AnandTech.
    • 5-15 percent boost in CPU performance for the same money as Sandy Bridge, not to mention lower power consumption and the ability to run the latest games on the HD 4000 integrated graphics.
    • Acer Global President Jianren Weng has been quoted at CeBIT today reiterating something he said at the beginning of December: ultrabooks will drop to the crazy-low price of $499 in 2013 and compete directly against Apple's iPad.
    • the current $799 / €699 price for the Aspire S3 is too low for Acer to actually generate any profit from it.
    • Christoph Pohlmann of Acer's laptop team efficiencies in production and cheaper components could drag the price down, but he was generally dubious on the idea of a sub-$500 ultrabook.

Discussion Stories

  • Anonymous attacks security firm as revenge for LulzSec arrests
  • Everything incriminating has been burned: Anons fight panic after Sabu betrayal
    • Members claiming association with Anonymous hacked over 20 subdomains owned by Panda Security overnight to add a YouTube video of both exploits and apparent u/n and password details of over 100 Panda employeees, claiming revenge for the LulzSec arrests earlier this week, & a Panda Security post from this week titled "Where is the lulz now?" (post now offline), & accusations that Panda Security is working with law enforcement to arrest more
    • Panda employee/Author of "lulz" post Luis Corrons has been tweeting about the hack, denies Panda's helping catch anyone but "I would have loved to be involved in that."
    • Official Panda response on FB: "The attack did not breach Panda Security's internal network and neither source code, update servers nor customer data was accessed. The only information accessed was related to marketing campaigns such as landing pages and some obsolete credentials, including supposed credentials for employees that have not been working at Panda for over five years."
    • A hacker known as "Avunit" left LulzSec last year before the group dissolved, says he doesn't know if he's been exposed, unindicted so far. Chatted with Ars Technica via IRC, says he's a "bag of nerves" and is ending his Anonymous participation. "[I'm] on a new laptop I bought today and everything else that could be incriminating has literally been burned."
    • Avunit split with LulzSec after their attacks on government servers/FBI operations. Now he's working the AnonOps collective within Anonymous, where he has restricted himself mostly to working on denial-of-service tool development and guiding new recruits.

News Fuse






"Hello TNT!

I’m writing because I, and I assume many other people, am slowly becoming trapped in ecosystem hell!

Recently apple’s competitors have started creating and implementing their own iTunes-esque systems. Google Play, windows 8, amazon cloud – yet in spite of their good intentions, I find myself now in the worst kind of ecosystem hell. Having bought content from Microsoft, amazon, Google, and yes even apple, I have content scattered across devices, websites, cloud servers. If I want to watch a movie on my TV I have to try and remember where I bought it first, was it Zune on the Xbox, or amazon on my roku, or did I buy it on Google TV? Well of course I didn’t buy on Google TV because no real people have them, but again you get the idea.

My question and hope for discussion is this, how will players like Microsoft, Google, and amazon help consumers get previously purchased content in one place? For music or documents I can just upload everything, but that becomes a problem with things like movies. Will anyone ever solve this or is it just time for me to choose a team and say goodbye to old content?


Scott the camp director in California"



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