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Tech News Today
Episode 453

Tech News Today 453: Holey Optochip!

Chrome pwned and made more secure, PC sales falling and/or rising, Apple ditches Google Maps, and more.

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  • Apple in antitrust crosshairs over e-book pricing
  • The U.S. Threat To Sue Apple And Publishers: What It Means
    • WSJ reports The Department of Justice plans to sue Apple & 5 publishers for allegedly colluding to fix the prices of e-books, claiming they violated the Sherman act
    • Simon & Schuster Inc, Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group, Macmillan, & HarperCollins. Some already talking to DOJ on settlement
    • Apple "agency pricing": Pubs sell book at chosen price, Apple takes 30%. Can't sell to another retailer for less. Amazon uses wholesale model: publishers sell to retailers for a price, retailers sell e-books at whatever price they liked, often at a loss to build market share. Pubs complain ppl start expecting unreasonably low priced books.
    • Usually in US anti-trust cases, companies agree to a “consent decree” out of court that lays out a code of conduct & fine. Talk of lawsuit may mean a "consent decree" wasn't successful. If the government sues, a federal judge will have to rule Apple & the pubs violated the Sherman Act by price fixing and impose a penalty. Unlikely the case will go to trial if Apple fights because of bad publicity, $.
    • Amazon wants the wholesale model so ppl buy more books thru Kindle Fires, other devices
    • Pubs want agency model so they can charge higher prices over Apple's 30%
    • Apple has the $$ to lose, but paidcontent points out, if they lose this battle, are music/app models at risk?

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft: OnLive's Windows-on-iPad service violates license
  • Is OnLive Desktop running Windows illegally?
  • Microsoft in dispute with OnLive over Windows desktop-on-iPad licensing
    • In a blog post Microsoft's Joe Matz, VP of worldwide licensing and pricing: "We are actively engaged with OnLive with the hope of bringing them into a properly licensed scenario, and we are committed to seeing this issue is resolved,"
    • Microsoft has licensing options for partners who want to provide Windows in virtual desktop settings, but those options apparently don't cover the OnLive service as it exists today.
    • Microsoft does offer Services Provider License Agreement "SPLA does not support delivery of Windows 7 as a hosted client or provide the ability to access Office as a service through Windows 7. Office may only be provided as a service if it is hosted on Windows Server and Remote Desktop Services." - that requires the end user to have a Windows license

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"Hey folks!

I wanted to send in a quick comment regarding your commentary in ep. 452 about Siri on the new iPad. I would actually be surprised if Siri ever came to the iPad. The reason is that Siri requires an active internet connection to work. This makes the iPhone the ideal platform for Siri as it presumably will have a 3G connection when not connected to wifi. However the iPad still has several variants without 3G as an option, and the versions that do have 3G don't require the user to have a service plan with the device the way the iPhone typically does. IMO, it would be too confusing for Apple to introduce Siri on the iPad and then try to explain that it only works when on wifi or with an active 3G connection etc. I wondered what you thought about this. Thanks for the great show!

Joseph Ward Kalispell, MT"


So I am doing an experiment, we are about to have our second child (literally any minute now my wife should go into labor). We have picked a first and a last name but we can't decide on the middle name, thus I've created a Public facebook poll to help us name our child,

I'd be trilled if the TWIT staff answered and or shared. (PS: I've neve done this before so I am not sure the question will work, although I shared it publicly)

PS: It is worth noting that the first name of child is Lennox because my wife and I being both Tech ppl and we started calling the baby Linux as a JOKE before we knew the sex, well it turns out that when you call something a name for 4 months, it tends to stick, my wife and I didn't feel comfortable with sticking with Linux directly since it isn't a name, so we found the closest thing.

Love the show!!!

Jose C Gomez"

"I was just listening to yesterdays podcast #452 and you were discussing Amazon creating original content. The information is not easy to find on the Amazon website but I know that Amazon is creating movies and with my prime membership, I'm "beta testing" their movies. I have not seen any original series. Here is a link to the Amazon original content.

I thought this might be of interest to you. Thanks for the great show.

Jennifer from VA"



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