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Tech News Today
Episode 461

Tech News Today 461: Put The Money Where The Money Hole Is

Windows 8 coming this autumn? Can you bake with the iPad? Why you wish you were British, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Windows 8 to debut on both x86 and ARM devices in October, report says
    • Bloomberg reported last night that Windows 8 will be finalized this summer, and sales of both Intel-based PCs and ARM devices will begin ""around October.""
    • 40 or so Intel-based devices. Fewer than 5 ARM devices.
    • "Microsoft has tightly controlled the number and set rigorous quality-control standards." of the ARM devices
    • Microsoft will talk about its release strategy in April at an event for partner
    • RTM could happen at the WorldWide Partner's Conference in July
  • Visualized: new iPad burns 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor
  • Report: New iPad Burns 10 Degrees Hotter Than iPad 2
  • Apple’s Chilly Response to iPad Heat Complaints
  • Our test finds new iPad hits 116 degrees while running games
    • Dutch site ran GLBenchmark for 5 min on both iPad 2 and new iPad and the latter is 10 fahrenheit degrees hotter based on infrared camera data. New iPad reached 33.6 degrees centigrade (92.5 Fahrenheit), compared to 28.3 centigrade (82.9 Fahrenheit) with the iPad 2.
    • On heels of official word that 3M new iPads sold in 3 days
    • iPad slightly heavier, I've been resting it on my lap, lower left hand side definitely warmer
    • Retina display 4x pixels as iPad 2. GigaOM points out the new iPad also probably has “at least twice as many” LEDs for lighting the display, according to experts at DisplaySearch. The iPad 2 has 36 LEDs, so it’s possible that the heat-emitting culprit is the possibly 72 LEDs that light up that Retina screen. Graphics chip most likelly to blame based on left-hand corner concentration." "Apple's response to ATD via Trudy Muller in PR dept: "The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare."
    • Spokesman for Consumer Reports James McQueen told Bloomberg it's too early to tell if this heat will affect their ultimate recommendation for the device. Preliminary test headline: "Our test finds new iPad hits 116 degrees while running games." DETAILS: When unplugged, the back of the new iPad reached temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It was only when plugged in that it hit 116 degrees. (after running Infinity Blade II for 45 min)
    • BGR says some of its readers claim they're getting the message ”the iPad needs to cool down,” and then shuts off. No specific citations."
  • Exclusive: Hewlett-Packard To Combine Printer and PC Groups
  • HP folding printer group into PC division: AllThingsD
    • ATD reports: HP Imaging and Printing Group, will move under its PC-making Personal Systems Group
    • Vyomesh “VJ” Joshi, long the executive vice president in charge of IPG, will leave the company -- combined group will report to Tom Bradley
    • IPG unit has seen its business decline in recent years. In its most recent quarter, HP reported that sales fell by 7 percent to $6.3 billion while the unit’s earnings from operations fell by 32 percent.
    • Last quarter HP attributed the decline to currency 'headwinds' and Thai flooding

Discussion Stories

  • New York Times cuts free reads in half
  • New York Times Makes Its Paywall Harder to Jump
    • 454,000 subscriptions have been purchased for access to The New York Times and the International Herald Tribune in the last year
    • starting in April readers will be able to access 10 stories for free each month, down from 20
    • The Times reported last year that it had 281,000 paid digital subscribers after its service was available for just three months, meaning it added fewer than 200,000 subscribers in the nine months that followed.
    • The publisher will still let visitors who end up at the paper after following a link from Twitter or Facebook go over the 10-article limit as many times as they want. Google users have a similar but more limited system.
    • In the last quarter of 2011, circulation revenue was up about 5 percent, driven by digital-subscription uptake.
  • Survey: Android programmers shifting toward Web apps
  • Mobile Devs Interested in Google Over Facebook for Social Mobile Apps
    • A survey by Appcelerator says that programmers are increasingly interested in HTML5 mobile development. 67% very interested in HTML5 development
    • 79% say they plan to integrate some HTML5 into their mobile apps this year (not pure web-based apps)
    • For the second quarter, the number of programmers who said they were "very interested" in programming for Android phones declined: 83.3% to 78.6%
    • Same for Android tablets: 68.1% to 65.9%
    • Appcelarator's principal mobile strategist Mike King said that he believes this drop off in interest is due to "fragmentation of the platform as well as the fragmentation of the monetization platform."
  • Other platforms: 89% interested in iPhone, 88% in iPad
  • The same study found that 39% of developers answered that Google's total assets (YT, Gmail, G+, Android) were more important to them than Facebook's social graph. (that still means 61% are picking FB over Google)

News Fuse





"Hey TNT Crew,

I do agree that the transition between Metro IE and desktop IE could be better but I feel like someone should come to Microsoft's defense on some of the Windows 8 UI. Changing UI and/or adding features presents the problem of having users getting used to the new setup. Case in point, the camera features in iOS 5 and pull down notifications in Android. The pull down notifications in Android aren't obvious to everyone. A friend of mine didn't realize it was there and my mother still doesn't understand what to do no matter how many times I explain it to her. Then there is the new camera features in iOS 5. I've shown 5 different iPhones users the double tap the home button to show the camera shortcut feature and that the volume up button is also the shutter button. That 1 is my favorite because people look at me as if I'm their own little personal messiah, especially the volume up button thing. The funny thing is, I don't own an iPhone and never have. I know these might not be apples to apples comparisons and I'm not a Microsoft fanboy trying to poo poo the other platforms. My point is changing UI and adding new features doesn't seem to be easy and with a little patience and a tech geek handy maybe, just maybe, things will work out.

Love the show Steve in Chicago"



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