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Tech News Today
Episode 463

Tech News Today 463: Allow The Idiot Element In

NVIDIA Kepler graphics cards rock pretty hard, hacktivists more of a threat than cybercriminals? Why you should care about the new Photoshop, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Data theft: Hacktivists 'steal more than criminals'
  • Report: Hacktivists Out-Stole Cybercriminals in 2011
    • More than 100 million of the 174 million stolen records Verizon tracked in 2011 were stolen by hacktivist groups, according to the authors of Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report
    • “Doubly concerning for many organizations and executives was that target selection by these groups didn’t follow the logical lines of who has money and/or valuable information. Enemies are even scarier when you can’t predict their behavior.”
    • Hacktivist groups focused on large, high-profile entities that had lots of data, whereas criminal groups have changed their focus in the last two years from large companies to smaller businesses that are less well-defended.
    • The report combines data from 855 incidents that involved more than 174 million compromised records, an explosion of data loss compared to last year’s 4 million records stolen. The increase is due largely to the massive breaches perpetrated by activists.
    • 96 percent — were not difficult to accomplish, suggesting they would have been avoidable if companies had implemented basic security measures.
    • Smaller companies are breached through vulnerabilities and brute force attacks, larger companies were breached through social engineering and phishing
    • Verizon took data from forensic investigations conducted by Verizon’s RISK Team, the United States Secret Service, the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, Australian Federal Police, Irish Reporting and Information Security Service, and the Police Central e-Crime Unit of the London Metropolitan Police.
  • Adobe launches Photoshop CS6 as a free public beta
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 hands-on preview
  • Adobe releases Photoshop CS6
    • 1st time in 7 years Adobe has released a beta version of PS ahead of the formal release...and it's free. Photoshop CS6 beta now available from Adobe Labs in English and Japanese.
    • Official commercial release expected within 1st half of 2012: free with Creative Cloud subscription for $50/month with yearly sub. Standalone prices outside of Creative Cloud not yet announced.
    • CS6 will have regular & Extended version which has more intuitive 3D controls.
    • Adobe says 60% more new features than the prev. version, 65 user-requested enhancements, software acceleration via new Mercury Graphics Engine takes advantage of the graphics processor (GPU) rather than the main computer chip (CPU) to speed up processor-intensive functions.
    • 2 new content-aware tools: Content-Aware Patch: select/duplicate an area of an image to fill in or “patch” a different area of the same image. More subtle than clone tool. Content-Aware Move: select/move an object to a new place in the image, PS fills in the background behind the relocated object.
    • vector layers now allow users to apply dashed lines and gradient strokes. Also includes searchable layers.
    • Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Photoshop’s senior product manager. “This is a very user-directed release and we’re encouraging people to download the beta, experience it, and provide feedback.”
    • Updated Creative Cloud: Adobe Touch Apps/Adobe Creative Suite® software integration in cloud"

Discussion Stories

  • Pinterest Has Hired The Man Who Came Up With The 'Blueprint' For Facebook's Monetization
  • Is Pinterest the next Facebook?
    • In March the site registered 17.8 million users, according to Comscore, a 52% jump in just one month -- and it isn't even open to everyone (would-be "pinners" must still request an invitation to join).
    • In February Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn (LNKD), and YouTube combined.
    • The company in October raised $27 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in a deal that valued Pinterest at a reported $200 million.
    • Pinterest just hired Tim Kendall, who spent many years as Facebook's director of monetization, to build out the business.
  • Nokia takes Apple to task over nano-SIM proposal: 'does not meet all of the pre-agreed requirements'
  • Apple vs. Nokia, RIM and Motorola On Nano-SIM Standard
    • Financial Times' reported awhile back that that Apple is seeking to get its nano-SIM proposal approved over a competing proposal from Nokia, Motorola, and RIM
    • Next week, the ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) decides on the 4FF (Fourth form factor). Measuring approximately 12 millimeters by 9 millimeters, the new SIM will be about 30 percent smaller than the micro-SIM. The thickness of the cards has been reduced by about 15 percent, according to Giesecke & Devrient. The nano-SIM is also approximately 60 percent smaller than traditional-size SIM cards.""
    • Nokia objects to Apple's design: Apple's proposed card is the same length as the width of current micro SIMs and so would risk jamming, leading to card and product damage.
    • when combined with the associated mechanics needed in the phone, we don't believe it represents a significant reduction in size.
    • Our option allows for more design options for the type of card reader.
    • Nokia's total nano-SIM package (including phone components) is smaller and doesn't require a tray. We'd previously heard from the FT report that Apple's proposal would require a drawer of some sort, and this seems to back that up.

News Fuse






"bummer....but not surprised....

C.J. Land"

SUMMARY - Tom sent out a request to a contact who passed it along to former ILM VFX artists. They were universally skeptical. Joanathan Ltyons wrote a blog post where he points out easy ways it could have been done, and suspicious focus shift on takeoff and blurriness on landing. Sam Edwards wrote "I see a lot of tire tracks on the ground, suggesting that there was a tow vehicle and they did a bunch of takes." - The jury is still out



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