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Tech News Today
Episode 466

Tech News Today 466: Smack The Magnet

Google Drive on its way? Sony stops hating itself, Xbox no longer just for video games, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook
  • Google Drive: Finally coming this April
    • OM Malik reports Google may finally launch the long-awaited GDrive some time during the first week of April
    • Google is going to offer 1 Gb of storage space for free, but will charge for more storage.
    • Google’s product will come with a local client and the web interface will look much like the Google Docs interface. Interestingly, it will launch for Google Apps customers and will be domain specific as well. Google has also built an API for third party apps with this service so folks can store content from other apps in the Google drive.
    • Google is about to launch a new commenting system that will tie into the search giant’s Google+ platform, web services and web search, a source close to the product’s development confirmed with The Next Web -- also Google + vanity URLS
  • Sony Shakes Things Up Under New CEO, Reorganizes For The Post-PC Era
  • Sony reorganizes into 'One Sony', prioritizes digital imaging, gaming, and mobile
  • Sony Establishes New Management Structure
    • April 1 Kazuo Hirai will replace Sir Howard Stringer as Sony’s president and CEO.
    • New corporate organization called One Sony: Sony sees digital imaging, gaming and mobile devices to be the three cornerstones of its electronic business.
    • Hirai will be in charge of Sony’s home entertainment division including HDTV. Separate medical-related divisions within Sony will be consolidated into one unit.
    • Kunimasas Suzuki, currently Executive Deputy President of Consumer Products. & Services Group, in charge of UX and Product Strategy group . unifying Sony products and creating a better user experience across the company’s product and service line. He's the guy talking up Vita as a cross-device OS.
    • Shoji Nemoto will be in overall charge of technology strategies. R&D
  • LulzSec Reborn Claims Military Dating Site Hack
  • Hackers steal passwords from military dating site
  • Pastebin ASCII art
    • A group identifying itself as "Lulzsec" & "Lulzsec Reborn" broke into the database for a military dating Web site called, stole passwords, e-mail addresses, etc from around 171k accounts, dumped email db & 13mb user data file to Pastebin. Tweeted by Operation Digiturk (@odigiturk, anonymous news Turkey)
    • ESingles owns commented in an article of the breach on "We at ESingles Inc. are aware of the claim that someone has hacked and are currently investigating the situation. At this time there is no actual evidence that was hacked and it is possible that the Tweet from Operation Digiturk is simply a false claim."
    • response: "I compared the database in the .rar file to the 'online members' pictured on your home page and the entries in the data dump correspond to those usernames."
    • LulzSec Reborn tweeted Monday: "Stupid Administrator 'There is no evidence militarysingles is hacked' Well guess what?" and linked to a page on the website which read: "lulz is sb."
    • on Tuesday Operation DigiTurk tweeted: You will see the full database of military singles which includes priv messages etc soon :) follow @lulzboatR
    • photos weren't loading on site for a time, error said "Slideshow data cannot load due to security issue."
    • users should change p/w on & anywhere else it's also used
    • some confusion over the group's plans, a 3/8 video posted to YT showed activity, another claimed 4/1 would be the "launch date" of the group's return, twitter account repping Lulzsec Reborn disputed that
    • Tuesday another Pastebin dump, 500-k zip file of CSS Corp website files, surveys, contact information for CSS media relations personnel, & a "users" file w u/ns, email addresses, p/w for 9 CSS employees.

Discussion Stories

  • After Alpha Attracts 1M Users, BlueStacks Goes Beta To Bring 450K Android Apps To Your PC
  • Latest BlueStacks ARMs your PC
    • BlueStacks launched its Android App Player as a beta today
    • This is the software that lets you run Android apps on your Windows PC
    • New to the beta: "LayerCake" technology (patent pending) that allows apps written for ARM processors to run on x86
    • LC: Graphics intensive apps run using hardware acceleration
    • LC: can handle pinch to zoom on trackpads and accelerometer functions like tilting are possible using arrow keys or mouse.
    • Apps are directly downloadable from BlueStacks' software. Apps can be synced to your device and texts are receivable.
    • Apps can run in full screen or windowed version
    • BlueStacks App Player is available now for download at
  • Apple faces Australian legal challenge over 4G label
  • Apple's iPad '4G' advertising labeled misleading by Australian watchdog, may be banned
  • New Wi-Fi iPad Cleared for Sale in China
    • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released Tuesday, the agency will seek orders against Apple in federal court this week for “alleged contraventions” of Australian Consumer Law.
    • promotion of the new iPad as a tablet with “WiFi + 4G.” The agency said that it alleges this label is “misleading” because the iPad cannot connect to the 4G networks in Australia.
    • CNET notes that the Australian version of the Apple store notes that the iPad is not compatible with Australian 4G networks.
    • “The iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G model can roam worldwide on fast GSM/UMTS networks, including HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA. When you travel internationally, you can use a micro-SIM card from a local carrier,” the site says.
    • The China Quality Certification Center recently approved the Wi-Fi version of the new iPad for sale in the country, granting it the Compulsory Certification necessary for Apple to sell it in China."

News Fuse






"Hey guys,

Listening to your Incoming tonight, Simon said that HTML5 couldn't keep up with native apps as it's still centered around documents and not UI elements. While that's technically true, pretty much all interesting UI in apps - web, mobile and desktop alike - build their own UIs. For example, Path's great icon menu was custom-built - and somebody ported it to CSS3 just a few days later! (

The truth is that no platform, whether it's governed by a standards body (like the web with W3C) or a company (like Apple with iOS) moves fast enough to keep up with UI conventions and innovations. This isn't just a mobile thing either: back when Microsoft introduced Office 2007 with its new Ribbon interface, that was something the Office team built which was not provided by Windows (and still isn't!). HTML5 does have some inherent limitations compared to native apps, but UI ain't one of them.

-- Allen"

"Hi T.N.T. Crew,

I work in engineering for a major cable company/ISP in Canada and wanted to mention why the exclusion [of Comcast's VOD traffic against your bandwidth cap] would make sense even in the face of congestion.

The cost of routing data through the internal network is next to nothing, however routing traffic though foreign (external) networks is not, especially if you are on the far side of the route to the servers of a company like Netflix, which throws off the balance of peering arrangements that are in place. The idea of keeping both data, and revenue, in-house are reasons enough to make it an attractive solution... Not to mention when customers call about the video stream being poor, it's not about Netflix which we can usually do very little about, but we would be supporting our own potential service and connection troubles.

-Additional sort-of related info FYI The Video on Demand server equipment is typically located in the ""hub site"" (analogous to a phone company's Central Office) which is also where the equipment that provides the modems connection (CMTS) resides as well. The ""Nodes"" (where the optical network converts to coaxial) is where the congestion primarily takes place.

Tim in Canada"



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