Tech News Today 47

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Tech News Today
Episode 47

Tech News Today 47: Rumors, Denials, And Dung

The next iPod Touch, Verizon and Google net neutrality lies, a car that runs on poop, and more.



News Fuse

On The Calendar

  • Kindle store opens in UK today
  • Back to school sales this weekend
  • Next patch Tuesday to set record


  • Voicemail from Trevor about Facebook Q & A
  • Voicemail from ??? about jailbreaking the iPad
  • Email from Steven about Telus allowing customers to use XBOX 360 to get TV
  • Email from Kim about Streisand suing
  • Email from S.T about Grossman saying IE8 is the most secure browser



Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Mediafly publish time: 5:30
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