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Tech News Today
Episode 48

Tech News Today 48: Zero Fatalities Per Gallon

Volvo aims for a perfectly safe car, HP loses a CEO, and we invent the word CowyHorse.



News Fuse

On The Calendar

  • Toshiba Libretto dual screen laptop hits Japan August 11
  • Europeans getting single charger for phones in 2011
  • Machinarium offers amnesty sale until August 12


  • Voicemail from Alan about the net neutrality proposals from Eric Schmidt
  • Email from Carey about the Beetle that runs on methane
  • Email from Tom about an electric charging station having a similar logo to TWIT
  • Email from Steven Perry about getting around Apple's blocking of



  • Promo Code tnt
  • Gazelle #5
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Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
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