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Tech News Today
Episode 486

Tech News Today 486: It's Not A Beta, It's A Preview

Google Drive is real, so is Google selling phones again, so is Asteroid mining, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Introducing Google Drive... yes, really
  • Google Drive Apps
  • Google raises storage prices with launch of Drive
  • Gmail, now with 10 GB of storage (and counting)
  • Google Drive vs. the competition: pricing plans and perks, compared
    • Google Docs built in to Google Drive
    • Install drive on Mac or PC, Drive app for Android. App for iOS coming soon.
    • 5GB - free
    • 25 GB $2.50/month
    • 100 Gb $5/month
    • 1TB $50/month
    • New plans raise prices over old plans. Old plan subscribers are grandfathered in.
    • Paid accounts expand Gmail to 25 GB. Free email storage raised from 7.5GB to 10 GB
    • Attach photos from Drive to G+, soon you can attach files to Gmail.
    • Drive can even recognize text in scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
    • Image recognition: ex: Grand Canyon trip into Drive, you can later search for [grand canyon] and photos of its gorges should pop up. This technology is still in its early stages, and we expect it to get better over time.
    • Working with 3rd party vendors on faxes, video editing, website mockups. Lots of other apps in Chrome store. Like Lulu!
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    • Engadget's Dana Wollman laid out Google Drive vs Sky Drive vs Drop Box vs iCloud
  • Windows 8 Release Preview Set For June
    • Windows 8 release preview/candidate is set for the 1st week of June, according to Windows group Steven Sinofsky. He announced at a technology conference in Tokyo Tuesday and tweeted the news aftterward with an attached pic of himself on stage.
    • Tweet reads: "Announce...Windows 8 Release Preview first week of June. Here's the announce from Japan's Windows 8 Dev Days #thankyou"
    • If release preview is June, Microsoft may be preparing to ship a final version of Windows 8 by October, with Windows 8 devices on the market shortly thereafter.
    • Windows 7 Release Candidate dropped in May 2009, and the final version of that OS was released in October 2009.
    • Last week we got specifics about Windows 8 versions. 3 desktop editions (Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise) and a version built for tablets (Windows 8 RT) running ARM chips. Win8 RT preinstalled in tablets, Office 15 bundled in
    • Windows 8 lineup represents a streamlining of sorts by Microsoft. By comparison, Windows 7 was available in six editions, including Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Microsoft did not release pricing details of the various Windows 8 versions."

Discussion Stories

  • Tech Billionaires Plan Audacious Mission to Mine Asteroids
  • Planetary Resources: the new asteroid mining project backed by James Cameron and Google executives
  • Plans for asteroid mining emerge
    • Planetary Resources, Inc., plans to send swarms of robots to space to scout asteroids for precious metals and set up mines to bring resources back to Earth, in the process adding trillions of dollars to the global GDP
    • Co-founded by Eric Anderson (Space Adventures) Peter Diamandis (X prize Foundation)
    • 9,000 asteroids (>150 feet diameter) orbit near earth. Some could have more platinum than is mined on Earth in a year.
    • Backed by big names, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Charles Simonyi (MS chief architect), Ross Perot Jr.
    • Advisers include James Cameron, astronaut Tom Jones, JPL engineer Chris Lewicki, planetary scientist Sara Seager
    • LEGAL: Who has mining rights in space? Could be similar to international seabeds
    • MONEY: platinum-group metals — which include platinum, palladium, osmium, and iridium 1 asteroid could yield $6 billion worth of platinum
    • TIMELINE: 18-24 months hope to launch 2-5 Arkyd-101 space-based telescopes (few million each) to scout
    • 5-7 years swarm of spacecraft for prospecting and mapping a valuable asteroid $25-$30 million.
    • MINING: Robots to arrive mine and return. No plans made public. Up till now only the Hayabusa spacecraft by JAXA has returned a handful of dust from asteroid 25143
    • Could nudge an asteroid into orbit (estimated to cost $2.6 billion)
    • May also take water from asteroids and break it down into Hydrogen and Oxygen to make a fuel depot in orbit
  • Android chief Andy Rubin said java.lang APIs are copyrighted in 2006 email
  • Google Challenges Oracle Copyright Claim
  • Oracle technical expert struggles in Android trial, Andy Rubin begins testimony
  • Android founder Andy Rubin grilled by Oracle lawyer on Java e-mails
    • Final witnesses for API copyright part of Google-Oracle trial
  • Andy Rubin
    • Oracles David Boies. Brought up emails where Rubin expresses opinion that Google needed a TCK license and that java.lang APIs were subject to copyright. Pointed out that Rubin had written a clean room implementation was unlikely.
  • Eric Schmidt
    • Oracle's David Boies questioned him about emails regarding the need for a license for Java. Presented emails and presentations Schmidt did not recall.
    • Google's Robert Van Nest asked about interaction with Sun employees who did not express concerns about Android.
    • Schmidt said the "must take a license from Sun" referred to the coffee cup logo for Java. Congratulatory email from Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun talks about Sun getting behind java development for Android.
    • Schmidt was asked by Judge Alsup about API. Schmidt suggested in his testimony that APIs are not subject to copyright like an implementation of an API.
    • Schwartz will be called as a witness in a few days.
    • Both sides have submitted briefs on why or why not they think the APIs are subject to copyright. The judge not the jury decides that part of the case.
  • Apple Q2 2012 earnings: $39.2 billion in revenue, net profit of $11.6 billion
  • Apple reports Q2 2012 results: 35 million iPhones, $11.6 billion profit
  • New iPad’s First Quarter Not a Blowout with 11.8 Million Tablets Sold
    • New iPad sold 11.8 million, below expectations of over 12 million (151% increase over Q2 2011)
    • Apple sold 35 million iPhones passing estimates of 31-31 million (88% increase over Q2 2011)
    • Macs stayed largely consistent, up 7 percent to 4 million. iPods once again were in decline, 15 percent to 7.7 million units sold.
    • $11.6 billion in profit from $39.2 billion revenue — a huge increase from the $5.99 billion profit and $24.67 billion revenue reported in Q1 2011.
    • Tim Cook: “The new iPad is off to a great start, and across the year you’re going to see a lot more of the kind of innovation that only Apple can deliver.”
    • "We expect Mountain Lion to be available in the Mac App Store in "late summer" of this year." On the convergence of notebooks and tablets: "You can combine a toaster and refrigerator, but those things won't be pleasing to the user." - Tim Cook

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"Hey TNT Crew

Something about the Adobe announcement. I am a young person who aspire to be a Graphic Designer. While still trying to save money for Adobe Master Suite, that will take awhile, this is an opportunity for people like me not to splurge on the expensive software. I can just afford to to go $20 per month on Photoshop for a year commitment to hone my skills before i get to sign up for school and get the student discount. Hoping other young people like to do this than pirating Photoshop altogether.

Love the show

- Faust"



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