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Tech News Today
Episode 488

Tech News Today 488: Proprietary iGoop

Did Oracle just lose the Java case?, Is Apple Sony or the Catholic Church, Pay cash for online purchases, and more. Submit and vote on story coverage at


Top Stories

    • TheNextWeb reports Apple filed plans with City of Cupertino to build a Restaurant a short walk from campus. cafe, meeting room, lounge areas and courtyard facilities, as well as a dedicated second floor for restaurant staff.
    • Ken Segall's new book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success - Steve Jobs wanted to dress like Willy Wonka and give a golden certificate to the 1 millionth iMac purchaser"
  • Nintendo Sees Major Loss Thanks to Weak 3DS, Wii Sales
  • Nintendo slides to massive loss as revenue falls off a cliff
  • Nintendo pinning hopes on 3DS sales to turn around historic annual loss
  • By the numbers: in portable gaming, Nintendo's loss is Apple's gain
  • Nintendo announced its quarterly financials
    • Revenue was down 36.2% compared to the previous fiscal year
    • Nintendo reported its first ever operating loss, with a deficit of ¥37.3 billion, or $460 million
    • 3DS Sales over the fiscal year: 13.53M units, 5M sold in Japan (majority of 3DS sold below cost)
    • Wii Sales (fiscal year): 9.84M units
  • What happened?
    • Nintendo blames strong yen, but the 3DS sales ate up profits
    • Software sales weren't so hot either. Nintendo blames the weak economies of the US and Europe for that.
  • What's the future?
    • The Wii U won't be released until the end of this year and Nintendo predicts sales of 10.5M consoles betw. the Wii and the Wii U in the next fiscal year.
    • Software sales are expected to decrease more than 30% over the next year
    • Nintendo says it expects growth in the 3DS market will help it return to a healthy profitability next year, profits in late 2012
    • TheVerge looked at Nintendo sales vs. iPhone and it def looks like Apple is eating into Nintendo's sales
    • Since 2009, Nintendo has seen drops of 14, 22, and 12 percent in its annual global sales, while smartphone ownership has been growing exponentially.
    • Apple sold more iPhones in the last quarter, 35 million, than Nintendo has been able to sell handhelds in any single year
  • Spotify Said Developing Pandora-Like Online Radio Service
  • Spotify reportedly creating online radio station to rival Pandora
    • Spotify is developing a U.S. Internet radio service that would directly challenge Pandora, said two people with knowledge of the situation.
    • Spotify declined to comment
    • Spotify’s strategy of attracting users with free, ad-supported services who can be converted later into paying subscribers. About one-third of Spotify users have signed up for paid plans offering unlimited, commercial-free music on computers and mobile devices.
    • Spotify founded in 2006, had 10 million registered users worldwide, and 3 million paying subscribers, it said in November. Pandora, started in 2005, has 150 million registered users, with 49 million logging in within the last 30 days, according to the company. Pandora is U.S. only
    • Spotify has content deals with Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music. artists, record companies and publishers receive a cut of ad sales and subscriber fees. Artists like The Beatles. Others, including The Black Keys and Adele, have withheld new releases citing threats to music sales over services such as Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iTunes. a Pandora- like radio service would give Spotify users access to artists who are now withholding their music.
    • Pandora users can’t choose specific songs, they have access to any artist whose music has been published, because the service operates under federal rules. Royalties paid by Pandora and other online radio companies are set by the Copyright Royalty Board, a division of the Library of Congress.

Discussion Stories

  • Former Sun CEO says Google's Android didn't need license for Java APIs
  • Google tries to destroy Oracle's case, asks for judgment on Java copyrights
  • Google tries to win on a technicality, claims Oracle's Java copyrights were filed wrong
  • Judge to Oracle: No, you can't assert another patent against Google
  • Oracle and Java were no match for Android, Google says
    • Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz took the stand as a witness for the defense. Schwartz resigned from Sun on January 27, 2010. The day Oracle took control of the company.
    • Google's lawyer, Robert van Nest, asked Schwartz whether, during his tenure at Sun, Java APIs were considered proprietary or protected by Sun.
    • "No," Schwartz said in explaining the nature of open software. "These are open APIs, and we wanted to bring in more people...we wanted to build the biggest tent and invite as many people as possible."
    • Schwartz said that Sun wanted Google to pay a big license fee to call its phone a Java phone, and join Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry (RIM) and others in developing apps that run across all the platforms.
    • In cross-examination, Oracle's lawyer Michael Jacobs pointed out Schwartz was talking business strategy not legal strategy which Schwartz agreed with. He also asked about a document referencing Sun's approach for granting intellectual property rights for independent implementations of Java, such as Android and Apache. 
    • Schwartz responded that as long as Google, Apache or others creating independent implementations didn't call their product Java, Sun had no problem. "In order to get the brand, you had to get the TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit)."
    • Today Google asked to introduce two documents into evidence from the US Copyright Office that show there's no record of what code Oracle submitted in connection with the registration of Java 2 SE 1.4 and 5.0. 1 Disk is blank and the there's no record of the other being submitted.
    • One day after Oracle asked for the right to assert a third patent against Google in the ongoing Android/Java intellectual property trial, Judge William Alsup has ordered that it is too late to introduce the patent into the case.
    • Last night Google asked the court for a judgment that would invalidate at least a portion of the copyrights Oracle claims over Java APIs.
    • Closing arguments in the copyright portion of this case are expected Monday. Once copyright issues are decided by the jury, the sides will argue over Oracle's claim that Android violates Java patents.
  • Quad-core processor confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung announces 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad as basis for Galaxy S3
    • The next Samsung Galaxy smartphone will pack a 1.4GHz quad-core 32nm processor called Exynos 4 Quad (according to AnandTech), Samsung announced Thursday.
    • A5 and A5X processors used in the iPhone 4S and the new iPad are still made using Samsung's 45nm process
    • Exynos 4 Quad pulls 20 percent less power than the Exynos 4 Dual, and twice the processing power thanks to its High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) low-power technology.
    • Exynos 4 Quad is pin-to-pin compatible with the Exynos 4 Dual (the brains behind the Galaxy S II and Note), Meaning it's a low-impact design change for other handset manufacturers.
    • Slashgear reports that the US version of the Galaxy S III may instead have a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. The European and Korean versions of the phone would have the Exynos chip, and access to LTE networks only in Korea
  • Lets You Pay With Cash When Shopping Online
    • is launching today “Pay with Cash,” a new feature that enables users to place orders online and then pay for them at a nearby Walmart.
    • customers purchase items online and then have 48 hours to go to a local Walmart store or a Walmart Neighborhood Market to pay for the order. Once the order is paid for, the items will then ship.
    • Joel Anderson CEO of - only 15 percent of our transactions are done in the form of credit at our stores means there’s a large percentage of Walmart customers who are dependent on cash to transact online.
    • Tricia Duryee at ATD points out PayNearMe allows people to make purchases at various online retailers and pay for them at 7-11’s, where a clerk scans a barcode and collects the cash.

News Fuse






"On episode 487 there was a call about local storage versus cloud storage. The conversation went in the direction of privacy. I think the caller was really talking about the fact that phone data plans are sensitive to data usage. Cloud storage and music streaming can consume your whole plan. With local storage you wouldn't need to use any data to access that data. This would free your data plan to serve dynamic, real time data.

As carriers move to enforce these data caps, we need to find ways to manage the data usage. Cloud and streaming go in the opposite direction.

Thanks, Don"

"Hey TNT crew,

A question which popped up after the announcement of the Google Drive was whether one's google docs would count against the storage cap.

What about Google Music? I'm possibly one of the few people who finds the service really helpful. And guess what? It does not count against the 5GB storage limit I have with Google Drive.

So now I can upload any music/podcasts I have to Google Music without sacrificing any space on Google Drive. Also Google Music has no storage caps (at least none that I know of).

Just a nifty observation which I thought I would share with you and the rest of the TNT viewership.

Cheers, Ashank"

"Looking at this case seems to make it look very close to the Sun-Microsoft lawsuit. Sun sued Microsoft over their Java VM because Microsoft extended it beyond the sun vm and made an platform that ran java code and would require the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine to run.

Google seems to be doing the same thing they wrote an JVM that while it ran java code it was extended so that if you used the android sdk to write an java program it would only run on their os and not any other. Google seems to have the altitude that they will put out an product then deal with the legal issues later. Oddly apples JVM was left alone until they stopped updating it and handed the support to oracle.

Jeffrey Allentown,PA"



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