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Tech News Today
Episode 491

Tech News Today 491: The Future Has Four Legs

Can gestures and Cascades save RIM? Donate your organs on Facebook, Twitter uses your friends to stay relevant, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Facebook Is Urging Members to Add Organ Donor Status
  • Facebook's 'life-saving tool' -- an organ donor feature
  • Zuckerberg’s Dinners with Girlfriend Help Spur Life-Saving Facebook Tool
    • FB announced plan to encourge users to advertise donor status on FB pages,+birth dates, + schools. Little peer influence to get more to sign up for organ donation.
    • ripple effect to more official signups at motor vehicle departments or online registries. Also provides proof/evidence of consent for family members when deciding to donate organs
    • Fewer than half of adult Americans have signed up to be an organ donor.
    • FB donor status will appear in new section called Health and Wellness. includes updates like recent weight loss or broken bones.
    • US & UK rollout for now, other countries down the road
    • 112k in US needing organ donation
    • Dr. Andrew M. Cameron, the surgical director of liver transplantation at Johns Hopkins Hospital says most people who die waiting for organs do because aren't enough organ donors, not because of any shortcomings in medical technology. “The math will radically change, and we may well eliminate the problem.”
    • Cameron went to Harvard with FB COO Sheryl Sandberg. At a reunion last May, she told him she thought she could help in the organ donation effort.
    • Zuck's girlfriend in med school to be a pediatrician, meaningful to them
  • Google's Street View 'Engineer Doe' Identified
  • The New York Times, quoting an anonymous former investigator for a state that was doing its own probe:
    • The Google engineer behind the software code used to collect wireless network data and personal information in connection with the company’s Street View program has been identified as Marius Milner who has been with the search engine giant since 2003.
    • He also created software called NetStumbler, which is designed to detect WiFi networks and collect information on them, including their signal strength and whether they’re secure. He wrote that NetStumbler is the “world’s first usable ‘Wardriving’ application for Windows” and that it is now a “de facto wireless security tool used by hundreds of thousands of people.”
    • Previously we mentioned that the engineer in question at least twice told colleagues, that this payload data was being collected."

Discussion Stories

  • Samsung pulling away from Apple in smartphone market
  • Samsung Is The New King Of Mobile
  • HP tops Apple again in PC shipments
    • IDC numbers are out now and Samsung is winning in these numbers too
    • Samsung shipped 42.2 million for 29.1% market share
    • Apple shipped 35.1 million for 24.2% market share
    • Juniper Research today stated thatApple shipped 35.1 million iPhones during the period, the research firm asserted that Samsung actually shipped 46.9 million devices, earning it 33 percent market share.
    • During the first quarter, Nokia saw its shipments plummet 50.8 percent year over year to 11.9 million units. Research In Motion's BlackBerry device shipments fell 29.7 percent, while HTC was down 23.3 percent. Combined, the three companies could not match either Samsung's or Apple's market share. Comscore also has its numbers out.
    • Samsung accounted for 26% of smartphones used in the US, LG second at 19.3% Apple 12.4%
    • 9% increase in smartphone use over previous quarter
    • Android now has a 51 percent share of the market, compared to Apple’s 30.7 percent and RIM’s 12.3 percent. WinPhone and BB declined
    • mobile web remained nearly at parity, with apps usage, with mobile web browsing 49.3 percent compared to apps usage at a full 50 percent.
      • These numbers jive with the shipping estimates last week from Strategy Analytics and IHS iSuppli
    • In the PC numbers game, Canalys, which started allowing iPads to count as PCs released new numbers. Apple fell back from the #1 slot 40,000 behind HP. Apple shipped 15.8 million PCs, 11.8 million of which were iPads.
  • Twitter pumps up Discover feature with social signals
  • Twitter tweaks 'Discover' tab to offer more personalized story recommendations
  • Discover better stories
  • Image of the redesigned Discover Tab
    • Twitter announced the Discover tab is going to show personalized content tailored to your interests
    • The Discover tab was introduced in December 2011 and makes it easier to find popular content on Twitter
    • Starting today: You'll see stories that are popular with people you're following and people they're following
    • The Discover tab is also redesigned. At the bottom of each story, you'll see icons of who tweeted the story
    • If you want to see why a story is popular, you can click on the "View tweets" button to see related tweets. You'll see those tweets right on the same page as the story. Right now, clicking "View Tweets about this" kicks you out of the discover tab.
    • You'll also be able to click "Tweet this story" if you want to spread info
    • The redesigned Discover section is coming to iOS and Android as well. Roll out is over the coming weeks.
  • Android's new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu
  • Study explains how retailers stop Linux from entering the market
    • Jason Hiner has a follow-up piece on Ubuntu for Android today
    • Canonical showed it off at MWC in February
    • Shares the Linux Kernel w/ Android on the phone but allows the phone to be booted as an Ubuntu desktop
    • Shares calendar, contacts,websites and WiFi settings, can launch android apps, use phone and text message, shares social networking credentials
    • Works with any Android phone without changing Android in any way
    • Since MWC, Canonical said that virtually all of the major Android phone makers are considering Ubuntu for Android.
    • Not a download for consumers. Will take close cooperation with handset makers to optimize for hardware
    • Richard Collins, product manager for Ubuntu for Android thinks we may see it on high-end Android phone by end of the year
    • Side note: Portuguese Open Source Business Association (ESOP) has published a white paper explaining why Linux has a difficult time getting into the retail channel.

News Fuse






"On your recent episode of TNT, you were asking if there is a service to allow you to view all of your cloud content in one place.

Check out This site seems to make this possible

I also use the Goodreader app on my iPad to access files I have from multiple cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and others.

You also mentioned the Box promotion which gave away 50Gb of cloud storage. There was a catch. I uploaded tons of photos and music files and have to download them one at a time unless I upgrade and pay for a minimum of 3 accounts. I recently sent them a complaint about doing this to customers. It would cost me $45/month in order to download whole folders at a time.

Love TWIT, especially TNT and iPad Today.

- Dion Norman"

"Rory also recommended connects up to 3 cloud storage solutions for free and lets you browse them all at once.

"Just wanted to take the opportunity to educate on sound dampening from an engineer's point of view. In layman's terms, every 3db of increase or decrease in sound level represents either doubling the level or cutting it in half. So 4db of sound dampening is cutting the sound level by more than half. Quite an accomplishment, in my opinion. Thanks, Scott Martin Belpre, Ohio"



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