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Tech News Today
Episode 494

Tech News Today 494: BS In CS Is BS

Yahoo's CEO is a liar, Microsoft hates DVDs, the FBI wants to tap your everything, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Yahoo’s Board Will “Review” Resume Discrepancy of CEO
  • In 2009 Interview, Yahoo CEO Does Not Deny He Has a CS Degree, and Calls Himself an “Engineer” (Audio)
  • Tech world is out for blood -- Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson's
  • Yahoo’s Board Will “Review” Resume Discrepancy of CEO
  • Loeb Demands Yahoo Board Fire CEO by Monday Over False Resume
    • 2 days ago Yahoo issued a letter to investors- made clear disgruntled shareholder Dan Loeb, 6% owner of Y, bigger than any current board member should not get board seat.
    • YAHOO QUOTE: “The board continues to believe that Mr. Loeb himself does not bring the relevant skill set and experience to the board, particularly in comparison to the candidates selected by the board"
    • yesterday Dan Loeb sends letter to Yahoo board claiming CEO Scott Thompson added a computer science degree to his resume.
    • Thompson went to Stonehill College, near Boston, from 1975 to 1979. Stonehill confirms Thompson graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (Accounting). No CS degree offered in his years there
    • “Scott received a bachelor’s in accounting and computer science from Stonehill College,” both Yahoo and eBay (previous co) bios. in Yahoo’s regulatory SEC filings include it too, tho eBay SEC papers didn't
    • Loeb called into q amount of vetting done by board member Patti Hart on the CEO choice. Claims Hart changed her degree from Illinois State College from business administration to economics and marketing.
    • Yahoo's 1st response: inadvertent error. By last night new statement: “In connection with the statement the company made earlier today about Scott Thompson, the Yahoo! board will be reviewing this matter, and upon completion of its review, will make an appropriate disclosure to shareholders.”
    • Today Dan Loeb writes new letter to Yahoo board, Loeb and his shareholder firm Third Point call for Y! to disclose details of Thompson’s vetting process, reveal who if any Y directors knew about his resume. Loeb calls to fire Thompson and director Patti Hart.
    • Third Point will consider it grounds for further action if the Board does not take the following steps by Noon EDT on Monday, May 7th
    • Meanwhile audio intvw from TechNation radio show in 2009 when Thompson was president of PayPal surfaces. Moira Gunn asks: “Your bachelor’s degree is in accounting and computer science. Now, from both of those, I mean that’s, that’s pretty obvious that’s PayPal. What are the most important things you learned?” “Yeah" says Thompson, no correction. Goes on to speak of tech training at Stonehill College and calling himself an engineer.
  • Oracle vs. Google jury reaches partial verdict
  • Oracle Judge May Accept Partial Verdict in Google Java Suit
  • Oracle-Google copyright case has partial verdict
  • Oracle-Google: Prospect of a partial verdict or mistrial looms
  • Judge says Google's Android lost money in 2010
    • The jury has now notified Judge William Alsup that it has reached a unanimous decision on all but one question.
    • The jury foreman was just about to reveal which question it was. But Judge William Alsup cut him off before he could do so.
    • Alsup told the jurors that if there was the possibility for a decision to still be reached in the normal course of affairs, "we should take advantage of that hope and spend one more day deliberating."
    • The jury was then sent home, with the judge hoping that on a "fresh, bright Monday morning" a complete decision may be reached.
    • Oracle is in favor of a partial verdict, Google opposes it. The Judge has said he would receive a partial verdict.
    • It seems that the jury can agree on the infringement question but not on the fair use question
    • Oracle has asked a judge to bar Google from using testimony given by former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz in the companies' intellectual-property suit over the Android mobile OS, saying it has "no legal and factual predicate." It was a yes or no question and Schwartz volunteered an opinion.
    • Google Inc's Android mobile platform resulted in a net loss for the company in every quarter of 2010, despite generating roughly $97.7 million in revenue for the first quarter of that year, a U.S. judge said in court.

Discussion Stories

  • ‘iPad 2,4’ comes with better battery life
  • Apple tests Samsung 32nm process on A5-equipped iPad 2 and Apple TV
  • The iPad 2,4 Review: 32nm Brings Better Battery Life
    • Chipworks notes Apple is now shipping some iPad 2 models (and all third-generation Apple TV devices) with a 32nm A5 processor built on Samsung's power-efficient "high-dielectric metal gate" (HK+MG) process.
    • You have to power on to tell and look for designation 2,4
    • To counteract current leakage, Samsung uses a combination of a high-dielectric material and metal to create a more efficient gate.
    • AnandTech reports eveals as much as a 20-30 percent increase in battery life for an iPad 2 with a 32nm A5 compared to one equipped with a 45nm A5.
    • up to 15.8 percent when browsing the web, 29 percent while playing games like Infinity Blade 2, and 18 percent in video playback.
    • it saves Apple significantly on production. With the decrease in size, Apple can get a much higher yield of usable processors on each wafer. Anadntech suspects it's a trial run for 32nm ahead of a new iPhone
  • Nokia facing class-action suit over poor Windows Phone sales and possible fraud
  • Nokia being sued by investor for fraud after share price tumbles
    • In documents filed yesterday (which we’ve embedded below, you’re welcome), certain shareholders are claiming Nokia “told investors that Nokia’s conversion to a Windows platform would halt its deteriorating position in the smartphone market
    • The suit is brought by Robert Chmielinski, a Boston-area attorney who is also a Nokia shareholder. In a brief response, Nokia states, “Nokia is reviewing the allegations contained in the complaint and believes that they are without merit. Nokia will defend itself against the complaint.”
    • Nokia actually reported a huge $1.7 billion lossfor Q1 — CEO Stephen Elop told shareholders much of the loss for Q1 was due to one-time restructuring costs.
    • The lawsuit states Nokia executives who were making wildly positive assertions about the company’s switch to Microsoft’s mobile OS “had actual knowledge of the misleading nature of the statements they made or acted in reckless disregard of the true information known to them at the time… This artificially inflated the price of Nokia’s securities and operated as a fraud or deceit.”
  • FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites -- now
  • FBI Wants Backdoors in Facebook, Skype and Instant Messaging
    • The FBI wants web companies to build in wiretapping back-doors.
    • An FBI law proposal would require social networking sites, VoIP providers, Instant Messanging and Web e-mail providers to alter their products to make them "wiretap-friendly"
    • The FBI proposal would amend CALEA (the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), a 1994 law that only applied to telecom providers.
    • After quiet lobbying of the FCC by the FBI, CALEA was extended in 2004 to include broadband network ISPs, but the FCC didn't grant the FBI's request to cover unmannaged instant messaging and VoIP programs like Apple's Facetime, Xbox Live in-game chat, and Google Plus Hangouts and so on.
    • Since at least 2006 the FBI has been worrying about "Going Dark" - a problem where by surveillance capabilities are diminished as technology advances.
    • The FBI legislation has been approved by the DoJ as a component of the "National Electronic Surveillance Strategy"
    • Meanwhile the White House has yet to send the FBI's CALEA amendments to Capitol Hill
    • The FBI doesn't see the expansion of CALEA as expanding wiretapping law, meaning court orders required today would still be necessary.
    • CALEA expansion has been lobbied against by Industry groups such as TechAmerica, a trade association group represented by HP, eBay, IBM, Qualcomm and other tech companies
    • Similar FBI proposals include a 2010 push for built-in backdoors in encrypted communications providers such as RIM, Hushmail, Skype, and PGP

News Fuse





"Hey TNT crew,

Just finished watching yesterday's episode about using lasers to create an data connection. I remember an old episode of Hak5 where they used a pen laser pointer and amplitude modulation to stream music from a computer to a stereo system. Here is a youtube link to the segment

Love the show, Adam West Virginia"

"Amazon tech support was #1 on consumer reports and i'll tell you how easy it is to get to them. Go to scroll to the bottom and click help, then click contact us on the right side of the page, tell them what you want help with then you get the option of email, live text chat, or phone( where you put in your number and they call you!) more companies should do phone support that way, no annoying hold time just watch tv till they call you

- Steve Honaker II"

"Just a comment from yesterday's "non-tech people's" view on Facebook privacy.

Here's the story. A good friend of mine is about to become a ""Real Housewife"". (different show, but will be on TLC so audience wise same demo) I tried to tell her and her family since airtime is about 6-12 months away, NOW is the time to shift to a strategy to handle the inevitable vitriol and fanfare that the internet is famous for.

Of course she thinks she 'got it under control', so i had a non friend of her look her up and she is not as private as she thinks. Being the nature of the show the amount of negative fanfare is going to be huge, comparing to my limited exp on my totally unoffensive non-sensational podcast, i still got about 30% very hateful, hurtful comments. Being around people in show biz a good portion of my life, I knew to just look for good constructive criticism and not pay attention to the hate for hates sake comments that rule the internet.

So my comment is an example of how 'non-tech' followers, casual users, etc really have no clue of how this whole social media thing works. And my question is, how do i help without being the typical apathetic IT guy? I know for a fact this individual is very sensitive to things like, appearance, weight, etc... So I have to address this with a bit of 'told you so', before I have to say "I told you so"

thanks! -Joe"



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