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Tech News Today
Episode 496

Tech News Today 496: License To Not Drive

Yahoo CEO is sorry you're mad, Google self-driving car got its license. ROAD TRIP! And Comcast in trouble for packet prioritization, and more.

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Top Stories

  • CEO Says Sorry to Yahoos for Borked Bio “Distraction” — But Will Mea Culpa Work Without an Apology for Error? (Memo)
  • Exclusive: Yahoo Director in Charge of Botched CEO Vetting to Step Down From Board
    • Yesterday afternoon ATD reported Yahoo CEO Scott Thomson sent a new memo
    • “As I told you on Friday, the board is reviewing the issue and I will provide whatever they need from me. In the meantime, I want you to know how deeply I regret how this issue has affected the company and all of you,” he wrote. “We have all been working very hard to move the company forward, and this has had the opposite effect. For that, I take full responsibility, and I want to apologize to you.”
    • Yahoo officially said it was forming a special committee to look at Thompson's bio snafu and the circumstances around his hiring.
    • ATD reports sources say: Patti Hart — the Yahoo director in charge of the search that resulted in the hiring of Scott Thompson as its CEO, — will not stand for reelection to the board at the next annual meeting
    • Hart, who came to the Yahoo board in 2010, has been head of its corporate governance and nominating committee." -
  • Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car
  • Google driverless cars still require double drivers
    • Google received its first DMV license from the state of Nevada to test self-driving cars.The 2011 Legislature passed the US's 1st law permitting on-road testing. State laws require a person behind the wheel & passenger’s seat during tests.
    • Google has equipped a test fleet of at least 8 vehicles — six Toyota Priuses, an Audi TT and a Lexus RX450h.
    • License plates issued for driverless cars will have a red background and feature an infinity symbol on the left side.
    • tech: artificial intelligence software, a global positioning system and an array of sensors to navigate its way through traffic.
    • The DMV says other companies have indicated their desire to test and develop autonomous technology.
  • All WP-devices are also getting
    • Rovio - The company is building a dedicated development team to create titles for Nokia Lumia and the wider Windows Phone ecosystem. Angry Birds Space is coming.
    • EA: bringing FIFA, Madden, Tiger Woods and more
    • More notable apps: PayPal, Time, Daily Beast (Newsweek), Box
    • Then Nokia introduced its own "City Lens" augmented reality app for Lumia. Available for Lumia 710, 800 and 900 via Nokia Beta Labs
    • Crawford Del Prete, EVP, Chief Research Officer, IDC said that: “With new and exclusive apps launching on a regular basis, and Nokia Lumia rapidly expanding into new markets, Nokia and Microsoft are demonstrating meaningful differentiation for consumers, developers, operators and retailers.”

Discussion Stories

  • T-Mobile commits to Passpoint automatic Wi-Fi access; other U.S. carriers mum
  • Wi-Fi Alliance Pushes Passpoint As A Solution For Customer And Carrier Data Woes
  • Passpoint WiFi tech promises cellphone-like handoff between hotspots
  • 802.11-2012 WiFi freshens up spec with 3.7GHz bands, mesh networking
    • WiFi Alliance coordinated development of Passpoint - will begin certifying WiFi network equipment and end-user devices for the new connection method next month. Based on Hotspot 2.0 Spec.
    • T-Mobile said they would employ Passpoint at some point, ATT and Verizon are in the alliance but wouldn't commit, Sprint the only major not in the alliance said it has no thing to share.
    • Allows users to access WiFi hotspots seamlessly without having to log in, relieving use of data on cellular networks. Uses SIM card to authenticate
    • WiFi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa told Ars. he "would not be surprised" to see Passpoint-enabled WiFi networks available to consumers in the third quarter of this year. It's a software upgrade not a hardware requirement.
    • Passpoint is "pretty much a future dream at this point," said Jack Gold, an analyst at J.Gold Associates. "It's unlikely there will be universal networks that you can roam against. There are probably no phones out there right now that do this ... I don't think it can happen quickly."
    • About 72 percent of those surveyed would even pay more for the ability to connect automatically to WiFi hotspots, and 70 percent said they would switch providers to get such an offering.
    • AT&T has its own system that allows for use of AT&T WiFi without login
    • Ars Technica points out a new revision of the IEEE's 802.11 WiFi standard, 802.11/2012 was announced yesterday and supports faster devices and networks as well as better handoff between cellular and WiFi networks.
  • FCC Chairman: Rejection of AT&T’s T-Mobile Deal Isn’t Causing Higher Prices
  • Verizon CTO predicts 'toll free' data
  • Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski spoke at the CTIA show in New Orleans
    • Pushed his POV that more competition leads to lower prices, disputing ATT's statement that recent price hikes were because they weren't allowed to buy T-Mobile
    • ATT didn't agree “The merger AT&T proposed last year was all about creating more capacity by combining the spectrum holdings and networks of two companies,” responded Jim Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs. “The FCC was within its rights to withhold its approval. But it is incorrect when it denies the impact such decisions have on the price of wireless services. Basic economics, and the law of supply and demand, apply to the wireless industry as to all others. In the case of wireless, without additional capacity, which would have been created by our transaction, prices rise.”
    • Acknolwedge they need more spectrum: “The kinds of challenges we have in mobile are the kind we want — challenges stemming from mobile demand,” Genachowski said."
    • RELATED; Verizon CTO Tony Melone supported the idea of "toll-free" access to customers
    • "As we move away from flat rate pricing, there is room for an 1-800-type of service where certain destinations could offset the cost of the network to get customers to those destinations," he said. "There are Net neutrality issues that have to be addressed, too."
    • AT&T CTO John Donovan: ON why technology doesn't get rolled out faster - "If you're late to the market, customers will punish you and they'll go elsewhere," he said. "If you go too early shareholders penalize you, because you aren't using the network. The hardest task is not selecting the technology, but picking the window of time to deploy it."
  • Comcast Prioritizing Their Video Content Over Competitors Traffic, Here's The Proof
  • Senator questions whether Comcast is following NBC merger conditions
    • Senator Al Franken is urging the DoJ and FCC to investigate whether Comcast has violated the conditions of approval of its merger with NBC Universal
    • Comcast exempts the XBox 360 Xfinity on Demand app from its data cap.
    • Also brought up Sony's recent statements that they are holding off starting a video service because of Comcast data caps
    • Sena Fitzmaurice, VP of government communications at Comcast said “We are not aware of anyone who has taken a contrary view,” she said. “When Comcast streams its own services over the open Internet, such streaming is subject to Comcast’s broadband Internet data usage standards. But the Xfinity app for the X-Box does not stream content over the open Internet.”
    • Dan Rayburn at Streaming Media Blog talked with folks examining packets
    • Packets from MLB, Hulu, Netflix marked CS1 originate from Level3 and Akamai - outside Comcast network. Lowest priority "best effort" --- Xfinity packets marked CS5 - originate from Comcast servers - Maximum bandwidth assurance
    • All traffic from the cable modem termination system to the home cable modem shares the same path. No ""private IP network""
    • No evidence how or if the tags are being used.
    • Rayburn: "if they are using them I think you could then make a reasonable assertion that the spirit, if not the letter, of the DoJ statement is being broken by Comcast."-----SHOULD be delivered over a different VLAN...with a different bandwidth limit. IE, not over the internet.

News Fuse





"Hello tnt crew

As an early adopter of Facebook, I chose it BECAUSE of the privacy options. As I live in Brazil, I was trying to escape Orkut, and the idea that ANYONE could see my profile just scared me.

However 95% of my Brazilian friends were just fine with Orkut's lack of privacy and used it all the time. In the last year most of them moved to Facebook, many attracted by the social games. Facebook's NEW standard account is open, and I observed that all of the recent adoptors have open accounts. When I mention they should look at their privacy settings, many do not even understand WHY it should not be open - Orkut is open, how will people FIND them if they change it????

This might explain at least some of the users who never touched their privacy controls...





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