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Tech News Today
Episode 498

Tech News Today 498: What's The Iron Price For Semantic Search?

Bing and Facebook team up to beat Google, Google and Mozilla beat up on Microsoft, Harry Potter and Amazon team up to … lend you Harry Potter books, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Bing deepens Facebook integration, connecting searchers with friends
  • New Bing calls on Facebook and Twitter to beat Google's Search Plus Your World (hands-on)
    • Adam Sohn, general manager of Bing. "This notion of a query and Web results can become a conversation with your friends,"
    • Three new columns, Search knows, Bing Knows, Friends Know.
    • Microsoft engineers have created technology to index data from Facebook and then map it to individual user's search queries. It only works when users are signed into both Facebook and Microsoft's Windows Live.
    • A search for Seattle restaurants, for example, will populate the top section of the column, under the heading "Friends Who Might Know," with Facebook pals who live in Seattle. At the top of that list will be those who have "liked" particular Seattle restaurants on Facebook.
    • Also a "people Who Know" section which generates results from Twitter, Blogger and Google+ and soon LinkedIN, Quora and FourSquare
    • Activity will show queries and questions people have been asking.
    • The Bing knows section hasn't launched yet but will have data points, like Maps, reviews, price comparisons
    • Rolls out over the next few weeks
  • Google agrees with Mozilla's Windows RT browser concerns
  • Mozilla: Windows 8 a ‘Return to the Digital Dark Ages’
  • Intel CEO says Windows on ARM will struggle without legacy support
    • Windows RT (ARM) gives IE access to APIs other browsers can't use
    • Only IE can run in "classic mode" Even in Metro mode, IE can access some rich APIs other programs can't.
    • Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s General Counsel, says that Windows RT’s restrictions signal “an unwelcome return to the digital dark ages.”
    • Google: "We share the concerns Mozilla has raised regarding the Windows 8 environment restricting user choice and innovation"
    • Apple does this too, but has no antitrust history. MS aims to have RT on Servers and laptops, not just tablets. Alternate browsers on iOS cannot mimic the functions of Safari and so are often just using Safari in a different shell.
    • Google allows alternative browsers like Opera and Firefox
    • Possible mention: Paul Otellini, CEO Intel to investors regarding Windows 8 on ARM vs. Windows 8 on Intel "We have the advantage of the incumbency, advantage of the legacy support. Not just in terms of applications but devices."
  • Facebook App Center: More showcase than store, actually
  • Facebook launches an app center
  • Facebook Adds “Good Enough” File Sharing To All Groups. Dropbox Should Worry About Growth
    • more of a showcase built on pre-existing app stores for iOS, Android
    • example: Pinterest in FB app store just pointing to the iOS app, purchase completed in iOS store, FB gets no $
    • apps must use FB login to be listed in App Center. more FB logins, more data Facebook has on its users and the more targeted its advertising can be. iOS has partnership with Twitter
    • free web apps too that force FB for login. spotify for example. 3rd party web apps get big promotion on the FB.
    • HTML5 paid apps. FB will take 30% fee for sales. FB gets devs to build HTML5 apps instead of proprietary app stores. gives FB user activity, data, etc. Bypasses a co. like Apple and its rules.
    • currently offering paid apps to developers in a beta test. Up to now developers could have in-app payments on the network but only if the apps were free to access.
    • in short-term, promotion/encouragemnt to buy in originating app stores will be good for apple/android
    • long-term will HTML5 apps take over? FB would love that.
    • Facebook also rolled out file sharing for groups accruing to Mashable
    • A small percentage of groups will have access today with more getting access in the coming days
    • Users can upload most file types up to 25MB -- the same file size limit as Gmail. The exceptions: music files (sorry, old-school Napster fans) and executable (.exe) files (sorry, hackers). But e-books, comics, music videos and other small movies are fair game.
    • Last month Groups for Schools got file sharing

Discussion Stories

PHYS-org reports The seven largest U.S. phone companies, representing more than 95 percent of the market, lost a combined 52,000 subscribers from contract-based plans in the January to March period. No contract plans grew 2 million.

  • Meet Silk, the Semantic Web for the rest of us
  • Example Silk site
    • came out of private beta today.
    • Link a series of pages together with tags
    • From a Dutch team working with seed funding from Niklas Zennstrom’s Atomico.
    • Right now you have to tag everything manually. Silk’s operations chief, Sander Koppelaar said that automatic tags on common words, suggestions for which tags may be appropriate and “instant gratification” when something is tagged are all being worked on for future releases.
    • Current version only works on pages hosted on Silk's servers.
    • To use data in Silk you have to first import it.
    • Koppelaar says that there are plenty of additions in the works, and that while it will always remain a cloud-based service, the ability to bring data in through APIs or other widgets is definitely on the cards.

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  • GDGT Live in Chicago tomorrow




"Hi TNT People,

I heard your suggestion from Richard in Cleveland on TNT 497. In the UK, British Telecom already offers this. I have a BT Infinity ADSL account (45 Mb Down, 12 Mb up - just sayin'). This account allows you to sign up to BT FON, a system where I allow others to log onto my router in exchange for me having access to other routers who have done the same. BT manages it all remotely (which IS a bit of a security concern, as you said), but the upside is that I have been able to log onto FON hotspots all over the country.

Keep up the great work

Mike in the UK"



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