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Tech News Today
Episode 500

Tech News Today 500: Game Of CEOs

Yahoo's latest CEO, New Apple MacBook and Windows 8 rumors, Plus a new solution to piracy that breaks BitTorrent, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Apple upgrading iCloud with new photo-sharing features, says the Wall Street Journal
    • WSJ reporting iCloud will get new features probably to announce at WWDC as part of iOS6
    • A way to share galleries of photos with other iCloud users
    • photos would be open to comments by other iCloud users you share with and would be separate sets outside of a user's standard Photo Stream
    • Web interface will begin to sync reminders and notes
    • A video-sharing feature is also expected

Discussion Stories

  • Buffalo beats others to the 802.11ac WiFi punch, ships 1.3Gbps router and bridge
  • Dawn of a new wireless: first 802.11ac router available today
    • We've got the first 802.11ac WiFi product that's actually shipped and available: The Buffalo Airstation router & matching bridge. uses new ac wireless standard but backwards compatible with 802.11 devices
    • theoretically 3x 802.11n, hits 1.3Gbps peak speed on the 5GHz band for computers or mobile devices that can handle it. Also supports 2.4GHz/450Mbps WiFi option, has 4 Ethernet jacks. Both the router & bridge are $180.
    • Buffalo based in TX, previously announced these products for summer, but beat Netgear who also announced 802.11ac product for May.
    • The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) expected to ratify the standar next year, current phones, tablets, laptops don't benefit from the 1.3 Gpbs wireless promised in this router. Companies like Broadcom, Qualcomm, and Quantenna are manufacturing chips to make devices 802.11ac-compatible by the beginning of next year, so this is like an 802.11n router upgrading to an 802.11ac router before your eyes
  • Pirate Pay torrent 'blocker' backed by Microsoft
    • Microsoft-backed Pirate Pay working with Disney and Sony among others to stop thousands of downloads
    • Poses as a bit torrent user and attempts to confuse the network and cause disconnections
    • Pirate Pay was awarded one million rubles (£62,000, $100,000) from a seed investment fund set up by Microsoft Seed Financing Fund
    • started three years ago when the developers were building a traffic management solution for Internet providers.
    • Recently blocked 44,845 attempted illegal downloads of a Russian film “Vysotsky. Thanks to God, I’m alive,” made by Disney
    • Richard Clayton from the University of Cambridge told the BBC peer-to-peer networks would eventually adapt, sharing information about "bogus" peers.

News Fuse







Great show.

I will say that you missed the real reason that people will want to prioritize their posts. Weddings! Births! Graduations! All those special days that come once (or twice) in a lifetime. Think about your feed, how fast everything flies by. If someone posted an engagement, within hours it could be a screen or two down the line. For just a buck or two Facebook will hold it towards the top so your friends can know what's going on. While I don't think many people will use this, I think that for the special moments it is truely needed.

Thanks and keep up the GREAT show!




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