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Tech News Today
Episode 501

Tech News Today 501: Shake That Bluetooth

Lenovo ditches the ThinkPad keyboard, AMD launches Trinity, Nvidia might eliminate the need for game consoles, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Lenovo announces 2012 ThinkPad lineup, including Ivy Bridge and revamped keyboards
  • Lenovo intros new Ivy Bridge ThinkPads, including X1 Carbon ultrabook
    • General Specs: Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0 and what's likely to get people's attention: new keyboards. The venerable ThinkPad keyboard now is a chicklet style, but Nate Ralph at The Verge says the keyboard "doesn't disappoint."
    • Lenovo's RapidBoot and Bootshield bring boot times to under 30 seconds (Lenovo says that boot times are 40% faster than typical Win7 machines)
    • RapidCharge: bring battery up to 80% charged in as little as 30 mins.
    • Some come with 4G
    • ThinkPad X, T, W and L series. IdeaPads
  • Standouts: The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
    • 14-inch ultra book. 3 pounds, claim is world's lightest, 1600 x 900 res, carbon fiber roll cage, 3G broadband optional. Price not given, available in summer
  • ThinkPad X230t convertible tablet
    • 12-inch ultraportable, LTE
    • ThinkPad 430s brings Thunderbolt (approx $1400)
  • Facebook’s new IPO range: $34 to $38 per share
  • Facebook IPO: Instagram Closing No Longer Expected in 2Q
  • Facebook approved to trade on Nasdaq days ahead of rumored Friday IPO
  • Facebook is a fad, say half of people polled
  • Facebook “Acqhires” Mobile Photo Sharing Company Lightbox
  • GM plans to stop advertising on Facebook
    • Facebook filed a new paperwork amendment for its IPO:
      • share price range now to as much as $34-$38/share. original $29-$34, back to $100B valuation, FB expected to price its stock Thursday afternoon
      • updated language on FB Instagram acquisition, deal is expected to close in 2012, previous docs said deal would close in Q2 of 2012. As we mentioned previously, FTC had launched a probe into sale, not uncommon for big sales. last week Reuters reported FTC has contacted Google and Twitter in connection with initial review of the merger.
      • analysts weighing in, Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia has a “buy” rating on Facebook, with a target price of $46. (noted mobile growth & chinese market as key areas, could triple rev growth in 5 years
      • Zuck might not ring bell when stock goes public on trading floor
      • Half of the 1K people polled by the Associated Press and CNBC called Facebook a passing fad. 51% have a favorable impression of the company, while 23% unfavorable. Half polled believe the initial asking price is too high, while just a third feel the value is appropriate. BUT those results are based on Facebook's original asking price.
    • Facebook has agreed to pay Instagram $200 million in cash if regulators block the deal
    • Facebook “acqhired” the full team from mobile photo-sharing service Lightbox on Tuesday, snapping up engineering talent before the IPO. All 7 members of the London-based Lightbox will join the company, but Facebook won’t acquire user data previously held by the service. hiring for talent
    • Users will have until June 15 to download their information from Lightbox, after which the company will shut down the service. After that, Lightbox says, the company will be open-sourcing some of its code for Lightbox, and posting it to Github for all to use and see.
    • also bought Glancee last week, passive location
    • ATD notes Lightbox was predominantly focused not just on mobile, but on coding for the Android platform.

Discussion Stories

  • Nvidia announces Tesla K10 and K20 GPUs
  • Nvidia announces the Nvidia VGX, the world's first GPU developed for cloud computing
  • Nvidia announces GeForce Grid: cloud gaming on a distributed GPU, with games by Gaikai
  • Nvidia poised to change gaming with cloud graphics chips
  • 2012 GPU Technology conference in San Jose
  • Nvidia announced two new Kepler based processing units for high-performance computing part of CUDA 5 platform
    • Tesla K10 based on GK104 (found in GTX 680 and 690) available immediately
    • Tesla K20 based on new GK110 core available Q4
    • For pros who want max performance and smart resource allocation with good energy efficiency
  • World's first GPU for cloud computing- Nvidia VGX - implement in data center, employees can access virtual machine from any device - can serve up to 100 users
    • Demo showed iPad with Citrix Receiver connected to VGX running 3D simulation,and Windows Autodesk-- then MacBook Air accessing ILM render farm to make real-time changes to The Avengers and Battleship scenes
    • Planning to bring it to gamers as well
    • Each VGX board itself contains four GPUs, each with 192 CUDA cores and 4GB of frame buffer — it also has 16GB of onboard memory and uses the standard PCI Express interface.
    • Nvidia's partnered with Gaikai, and claims that the GeForce Grid GPU has reduced latency of streaming games to just ten milliseconds by capturing and encoding game frames rapidly, and in a single pass, and promises that the enhanced Gaikai service will be available on TVs, tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS.
    • Showed an unreleased game called "Hawken" that pairs Asus Transformer Prime playing against LG Cinema TV.

News Fuse





"Howdy TNT,

Your show is the only one I hear about the Apple/Proview ipad name lawsuit. I've actually got a working 15" Proview Ipad LCD monitor. As the case is coming close to a settlement seems like a good time to put together some image/joke for feedback on your show.

but . . . having trouble figuring out the best short way to make this funny.

- static image of the ipad home screen on the monitor? - video of me trying to touch the icons from that image? (not a touch monitor) - video of someone actually touching/using an ipad menu on this monitor - craigslist add for 15" ipad (this could be good)

Thoughts? Interested in building a gag here?

Jeff Spencer"



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