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Tech News Today
Episode 502

Tech News Today 502: He Of The Hoodie

Apple gets HTC phones seized, Google's answer to Bing's social search, Pirate Bay under attack, and more.

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  • Google Revamps Search Results Pages With 'Knowledge Graph'
  • Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings
  • Google bringing new smarts to search with Knowledge Graph
    • Google Knowledge graph -Starting today with English-language signed in and eventually to all English language queries.
    • Summary box on right side with key information on many queries. (500 million people places, things with 3.5 billion attributes trigger)
    • Crawled hundreds of broad fact sources like Wikipedia, CIA Fact Book, etc.
    • Disambiguation - Search 'Andromeda' and the box allows you to narrow: TV show? Galaxy? Swedish Metal Band?
    • Summary boxes have details about the search topic: Great for people
    • Related facts int he box are clickable and lead out to other fact boxes
    • Report a problem lets you help improve results
    • Jack Manzel, Product Management Director of Search at Google told Rafe Needleman at CNET: "We do continue to work on how to make search semantic,but talking about it brings out the crazy people."
  • Bigger iPhone Display: Why Apple Has No Choice
  • Latest iPhone Rumor Points to 4-Inch Screen (Again)
  • Rumor: Apple's 7.85" iPad will use thin-film touch technology
    • WSJ reports the next iPhone will be "at least four inches diagonally"
    • Reuters's sources also say the next iPhone will have a larger screen - also mentioning a 4-inch diagonal
    • The displays would be from companies including LG, Sharp and Japan Display [made up of Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba] (no specific mention of Samsung here - makes the iPad screen)
    • Production would begin next month
    • iPhone's had a 3.5 inch display since 2007
    • Digitimes reports the 7.85-inch iPad is launching in the 4th quarter
    • it'll use ""G/F2"" thin-film touch technology (glass, film)
    • means thinner and cheaper b/c current tech is "glass/film/film"
    • Technical: The G/F2 structure places the electrode on the top and bottom ends of the ITO [indium tin oxide] film, which will then be laminated onto the cover glass.

Discussion Stories

  • Facebook increases IPO size
  • Facebook ups IPO again -- this time with more shares
  • Google exec to Facebook: Uh, your users aren't really shoppers
    • Facebook revised S-1 registration statement with SEC this AM, offering more Class A common stock, raises IPO number by almost 25%
    • FB now offering 421.2M shares of class A stock in Friday IPO. Increased amount of shares it will allow for overallotment from 50.6M to 63.2M. TOTAL: 484.4 million shares when it goes public.
    • But FB offering 180M shares of common stock in the IPO. stockholders get richer: that overallotment # will be offered by selling stockholders. called the "green-shoe" -- # of extra shares underwriters can sell if the deal is oversubscribed. The proceeds from the sale of shares by stockholders will be retained by stockholders, not FB.
    • EXAMPLE: Venture capital firm Accel Partners, for example, has increased its number of shares being sold in the IPO from 38.19 million to 49 million.
    • yesterday FB upped IPO price range from high of 34 to range of $34-38
    • if all 484.4M shares are sold, generates up to $18.4B. pre-S-1 revision it was $14.7 billion. would make this largest-ever technology IPO. The current leader is AT&T Wireless, raised over $10 billion in 2010.
    • General Motors' decision to stop its paid Facebook ads (WSJ estimates $10M of $1.1B in all U.S. ads), has some talking. Product leader of Google's *European* display-ad business Jason Bigler tweeted: ""Seriously folks, did you really expect consumers to be in transactional mindsets on Facebook?""
    • Nicholas Carlson at Biz Insider compares FB to TV: "Facebook does the same inexact thing: It sells ads targeted based on the kinds of people who will see them." vs. Google search-based ads which are obviously more targeted
    • David Hamilton at Cnet says it's all about social word of mouth and ads/campaigns & many more potential views
  • Turns Up Social Volume Again
    • called "fastest to 1 million users" in commerce is known for social features
    • One of 2 e-commerce outlets to roll outFacebook “Action Links,” which enable users to “Fav” Fab items they see on Facebook.
    • In December rolled out a "live feed" - Now you can filter the live feed by Facebook friends
    • Added price of items to live feed as well - can add to cart right from live feed
    • Swapped out Google + buttons for Pinterest buttons

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