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Tech News Today
Episode 503

Tech News Today 503: Hide Your Grandfathers

Edward Saverin's renouncing his citizenship and US senators say pay up, Comcast ditching Data caps- temporarily, Yahoo's suing, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Met Police uses 'quick' mobile data extraction system against suspects
    • London's Metropolitan Police Service has begun a system to allow officers to extract data "within minutes" from suspects' mobile devices while they are in custody. Radio Tactics' ACESO data extraction system is a touchscreen desktop interface, can be used across 16 boroughs in the capital.
    • could come in handy in case of riots last August, coordinated largely via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), though RIM promised to cooperate w police then.
    • classic case of "it's only for ppl who are suspected of criminal activity" vs. "spying/privacy tool"
    • Met says current costs for with traditional methods of processing evidence (send to forensics lab) can create months of delays, particularly for "low level criminal cases"
    • What happens to extracted data off a suspect's mobile if he or she is not charged with an offence after being arrested?
    • the Metropolitan Police Service employs more than 32,500 officers together with about 14,200 police staff, 230 traffic wardens and 4,300 Police Community Support Officers. The MPS covers an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2M.
  • Japan’s Rakuten Wins the Heart of Pinterest in $100M Funding Race With $1.5B Valuation
  • Why did Rakuten invest so much in Pinterest? Integration
    • Tokyo-based e-commerce site Rakuten will invest around $50M in Pinterest's $100M round of funding- puts Pinterest valuation at $1.5 billion.
    • Pinterest founded in 2008. prior to this round, Pinterest raised about $40M. last October Pinterest valuation was $200M
    • no new VC firms included on latest round. CEO Ben Silbermann reportedly wants a partner to move forward, solidify global presence
    • Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce co in the world, largest in japan, with a flagship site Rakuten Ichiba. founded in 1997, did $4.7 billion revenue on 2011
    • previous acquisitions: (US), Priceminister (France), Ikeda (now Rakuten Brasil), Tradoria (now Rakuten Deutschland) and (UK)

Discussion Stories

  • Even as Settlement Hopes Appear, Facebook Blames Shoddy Checking in Answer to Yahoo Patent Fraud Claim
    • Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn is contacting top execs at FB, looking for settlement in patent-infringment lawsuit Y! launched under Scott Thompson
    • Yahoo initially filed patent lawsuit in March, but took issue with FB counterclaims in late April, claiming 2 of the 10 FB patents are unenforceable due to inequitable conduct and are "tainted, retaliatory"
    • at issue is an inventor affidavit FB filed with the US Patent Office: Yahoo claims these patents do not list Joseph Liauw as an inventor and that there is no sworn statement by Mr. Liauw in the Patent Office records explaining his omission. FB says it's all in the Patent Office records. FB lawyers say Yahoo had “no coherent theory or facts suggesting deceptive intent.
  • Comcast Ditching 250GB Data Caps, Exploring New Options
  • to start charging heavy downloaders extra
  • Comcast to Replace Usage Cap With Improved Data Usage Management Approaches
    • Comcast announced it will dump its 250GB data cap for residential customers (in place since Oct 2008)
    • two approaches being tested over the next few months: a 300GB monthly cap for basic service and higher caps for more advanced levels of service, plus $10 for an additional 50GB; or 300GB for all tiers of service and $10 for 50GB more.
    • "In the vast majority of our footprint," the data cap will be suspended while we conduct the tests, David L. Cohen, Comcast executive vice president said during a conference call with reporters.
    • Those test will begin as soon as Comcast has "operational readiness" and is able to notify customers
    • Comcast has more than 18 million high-speed data customers
  • Researchers Tackle Android Fragmentation, Find 4,000 Devices
  • Here's what Android fragmentation really looks like
    • for 6 mo OpenSignalMaps has been collecting data about Android users who have downloaded its app. Of the 681,900 devices catalogued by the firm, researchers "spotted 3,997 distinct devices"
    • based on model, brand, API level (i.e. the version of Android) and screen size
    • Samsung Galaxy S II - reached 20M in global sales back in February - was the most-popular device, with 61,389 owners downloading OpenSignalMaps in the last 6 mo.
    • 270,144 Samsung devices overall, HTC was the second most-popular brand, followed by Sony and Motorola. Overall, OpenSignalMaps picked out 599 separate brands.
    • "one complication is that custom ROMs can overwrite the variable that we use for the device model," OpenSignalMaps said, prompting "a staggering 1,363 device models appear only once in our database."
    • obscure brands: 10.1-inch Hungarian tablet called the Concorde Tab, a dual-SIM Indian phone known as the Lemon P1, and a Spanish entertainment tablet, dubbed the Energy Tablet i724. There were even two Fusion Garage-based tablets.
    • Android Gingerbread is still the dominant version of the OS, with 55.4%, down from 65.6% last year.
    • According to recent data from Google, 64.4 percent of all Android devices are running Gingerbread. Slightly less than 5 percent are running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.

News Fuse





"TNT Crew,   So I am a Washington DC commuter. Anyhow, today a Blackberry bus pulls up to the Pentagon and says they’ll take 20 of us to our origin lot.  We jump on board and they start passing out Blackberry Playbooks and Bolds, along with free bottled water and Blackberry schwag.  I used a Blackberry Playbook for the whole ride, and just like every other review I’ve read, I liked the hardware and performance, but was unimpressed with the App World selection.  I have used iPads and various Android tablets, and the Playbook just does not compete with either, mostly due to app selection.  Also, I cannot see a compelling need for a tablet in my life right now.   Perhaps the new Windows RT tablets may be able to compete; we’ll see in the fall.    Just thought you’d like to know about the lengths that Blackberry is going to for new customers. 




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