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Tech News Today
Episode 504

Tech News Today 504: Renewable Jackalopes

Facebook IPO - Immediate Poop Out, Yahoo to ditch Alibaba, TPP is the new ACTA, or worse, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Samsung gets 9 million preorders for new Galaxy phone: report
    • Korea Economic Daily reported today Samsung has received 9 million pre-orders for Galaxy S III
    • Samsung official, also said the company's smartphone factory in South Korea was running at its full capacity of 5 million units per month.
    • Rolls out May 29
  • Yahoo Finally Set to Strike Alibaba Share Deal — Half Now, Then Half of What’s Left After Eventual IPO
  • Yahoo shares climb 5% on Alibaba stake sale report
  • Levinsohn’s Management Moves at Yahoo (Internal Memo)
    • ATD reports that Yahoo and Alibaba are finally set on a deal that will include a multibillion-dollar share buyback to Yahoo investors & set up Alibaba for an IPO. announcement possible by Monday
    • Alibaba Group owns e-commerce, b2b, online payment properties
    • Yahoo will sell 50% of its 40% or so stake in Alibaba. Yahoo’s portion is worth about $7 billion, 20% of Alibaba’s $35B total valuation. Alibaba is raising money to pay for the sale.
    • Of Y's $7B, will have to pay 35% long-term gains taxes, then remaining $ can be used to buy back Y's own shares, which could lead to shareholder dividend, possible $ for future acquisitions
    • Yahoo agreed to sell the remaining 25% of its current holdings when Alibaba IPOs, leaving Y with 10% stake of Alibaba, which it could sell at any time after the IPO.
    • Yahoo & Alibaba been at this for a while, squabbled over Alipay when Jack Ma spun it out of Alibaba as an affiliate owned by him
    • Alibaba considered Yahoo takeover options with help from private equity firms
    • 4-month CEO Scott Thompson visited China, helped new deal along
    • Yahoo considering selling its 33% stake in Yahoo Japan in separate agreement
    • interim CEO Ross Levinsohn announcement mgmt changes via memo:
      • OUT: commerce leader Sam Schrauger (thompson hire from PayPal)
      • OUT: Thompson's chief of staff Marta Nichols replaced by Michel Protti.
      • IN: Mickie Rosen, who headed Americas media, now heads global media & commerce; Mollie Spillman, was co-running commerce with Schrauger, now head of marketing (replacing Penny Baldwin who worked under Carol Bartz).

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft: No Windows Phone 'Mango,' No Marketplace
  • Have you updated to Windows Phone 7.5?
  • Two Marketplace changes and how they affect you
  • MS Update central
    • Microsoft is reminding folks that if they want apps for Windows Phone, they better get on the upgrade train.
    • MS announced via its Windows Phone blog that you'll need Windows Phone 7.5 to buy, download, or update apps from the Marketplace
    • "We’re now doing the final work needed to turn on this new requirement, so I thought it would be a good time for another friendly reminder"
    • Applies to both the phone and web storefronts
    • Initially announced in April 24th
    • MS has a checklist available on how to prepare for the update.
    • "Why are we doing this? Marketplace is growing fast. It now has over 80,000 apps overall and is available in 54 (soon to be 63) countries around the world. Requiring Windows Phone 7.5 is part of a larger effort aimed at improving Marketplace performance and security, and paving the way for even faster growth and more new features."
    • If you don’t update to Windows Phone 7.5, you’ll still be able to browse Marketplace.
  • RIM, Motorola told Apple they could find a nano-SIM compromise: here it is
  • GameStop To Sell SIM Cards
    • Today RIM and Motorola submitted an updated proposal for the 4FF nano-SIM
    • 80% Apple 20$% RIM
    • Will still be backward compatible with larger SIM, added a notch that allows tray less insertion,
    • The next meeting of the working group responsible for the standard takes place on May 31st and June 1st in Osaka, Japan
    • We've told you previously of the competing proposals from Apple and RIM-Motorola-Nokia
    • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is responsible for SIM standards
    • Back in march Nokia complained that Apple's proposal would get jammed
    • RIM's design broke contacts on adapters used with larger SIM slots
    • Informal vote had 8 members worrying Apple's design would jam, while 23 members believed the RIM design would jam. Apparently the vote was along party lines, as members of the committee also back the Apple design in many cases.
    • Motorola and RIM proposed merging the proposals, Samsung went along but nobody else." GameStop Mobile is, in short, an unlimited data and voice offering for $55 a month (down to $20 a month for pay-as-you-go plans.) GameStop is just selling SIM cards and service and is running on AT&T’s network
  • Exporting copyright: Inside the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership
    • Cyrus Farivar has an excellent write-up on Ars Technica about the TPP
    • Trans-Pacific Partnership a secret free-trade agreement with a commitment "to ensure an effective and balanced approach to intellectual property rights among the TPP countries.”
    • In latest round of negotiations with 9 countries: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States. (Japan, Mexico, and Canada are trying to enter the negotiations as well.)
    • Last version of the intellectual property section was leaked a year ago, included copyright of life plus 70 (minimum) and the corporate 120 year law, treated temp copies as copyrightable, ban on enabling or facilitating circumvention of DRM, no definition of fair use or public domain
    • Only shown to Industry Trade Advisory committees, with members for IP like ATT, Verizon, RIAA, Cisco but no academic or consumer-minded groups.
    • On May 9, 2012, 30 legal academics wrote a letter to USTR's Ron Kirk “to express our profound concern and disappointment at the lack of public participation, transparency, and open government processes in the negotiation of the intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).”

News Fuse



  • Apple, Samsung CEOs to Talk Patent Settlement Monday 5/21




"Hey Twit-dudes and dudarinas!

Regarding the android-fragmentation story you discussed yesterday, i feel that i want to add to it from a developer standpoint.

I'm in a small startup where we have a mobile app both for IOS and Android.

Apple have really done all they can to make development as easy as possible. They think about things like screen sizes, doubling it evenly so that it scales automagically, and you don't have to have multiple layouts and graphical resources since they also scale evenly. You can move components and images around with pixel perfection, making development smooth and the end result great.

On Android, i have to work with relative layout managers, percentage resolutions, scaling of images, different screen sizes, and not least important, all the different OS versions, hardware etc. This makes the app look ""kind of crappy"" on all devices, at least for the time i have to work on it, and it takes waaaaay longer than on IOS.

To sum it up: I have fun and it's smooth coding for IOS, every time i have to update the Android app i end up on the floor hugging myself, crying. ;)

Love the show! /Mathias from Stockholm"



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