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Tech News Today
Episode 508

Tech News Today 508: I'm Not Me

Yahoo makes a browser, Facebook launches Instagram competitor, Jay Leno steals a video from YouTube, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Report details Tim Cook's changes at Apple, for better or worse
  • How Tim Cook is changing Apple
    • Fortune editor Adam Lashinsky (author Inside Apple) has a report on Tim Cook's first 9 months as CEO
    • In his first 3 quarters as CEO Apple is up 42% from an already strong position. Comparison Steve Jobs first three quarters were up 21% from a very weak position
    • One former VP Max Paley who left in 2011 after 14 years: "conservative execution engine" than an engineering-run organization. "I've been told that any meeting of significance is now always populated by project management and global-supply management," "When I was there, engineering decided what we wanted, and it was the job of product management and supply management to go get it."
    • One former Apple employee described meeting a current engineer for lunch, and expecting his former co-worker to rush back to work after eating. Instead, he offered to take time to have a coffee."The outsider's conclusion: 'I think people are breathing now.' It's not necessarily a compliment," Lashinsky wrote.
    • Cook eats with various workers. Jobs always ate with Sir Jonny Ive.

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