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Tech News Today
Episode 51

Tech News Today 51: The Hammers Root Our Show

A virus hist Android, the stress of identity theft, and sounds of construction!


Top Stories

Other Stories

News Fuse

Kickers and Weird Science

On The Calendar

  • Code for America fellows application August 15
  • IFa Sept 3rd in Berlin to September 8th


  • Voicemail from Dave about Google-Verizon Open Internet proposal
  • Email from Todd about the discussion regarding the louder keys on older keyboards
  • Email from Mike about how Apple will deal with voiding the warranty if you jailbreak the iPhone by exploiting a security hole



  • offer code TNT
  • Carb #3
  • ad times: 00:34-00:45 and 10:55-12:22

Production Information

  • Edited by: Erik
  • Notes: Mediafly publish time: about 4:45 (exact data lost by lock-up)
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