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Tech News Today
Episode 510

Tech News Today 510: Bring Out Your Devs

Facebook making a phone.... still? Worst malware ever attacks the Middle East, new Google Chrome machines, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say
  • Super-powerful Flame worm could take YEARS to dissect
  • Kaspersky uncovers massive state-sponsored cyber-attack
    • Known as Flame but also Skywiper, Viper and Flamer, consensus most elaborate malware yet and likely state sponsored
    • Research conducted in cooperation with UN International Telecommunication Union
    • 600 targets (from individuals to businesses academic and govt institutions) from within Israel, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (Key Logging, pacet sniffing, screen shots, audio recording…)
    • Iran National Computer Emergency Response Team posted security alert
    • Flame is 20 MB, made up of multiple files and multiple modules, including a SQLite library
    • Kaspersky told BBC Flame has operated since August 2010 - Hungarian security researchers at the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS) told The Register Flame may have been active for somewhere between 5 to 8 years
    • Symantec: "However, initial evidence shows the victims may not all be targeted for the same reason. Many appear targeted for individual personal activities, rather than their company of employment. Interestingly, in addition to particular organisations being targeted, many of the attacked systems appear to be personal computers being used from home Internet connections."

Discussion Stories

  • Samsung says delay in some blue Galaxy S3 smartphone orders
  • Samsung Music Hub: Samsung's streaming iTunes service debuts on Galaxy S3, has eyes on your TV and fridge
  • Samsung Launches Music Hub, Offering the Ultimate Mobile Music Service
    • Galaxy SIII launched today in Europe
    • The "Pebble Blue" variant of the Galaxy S3 is delayed for 2-3 weeks - and when it is available it'll be in short supply, the white version isn't impacted.
    • If you've got a S3, Samsung's Music Hub launched today
    • Two versions, Music Hub Store - which lets you buy songs from a 19M song library. Purchased music appears on all your devices
    • Music Hub Premium costs 10 pounds a month. Lets you upload and access your music anywhere and unlimited streaming of music in the Music Hub catalog and a recommendation engine
    • Music Hub gives you 100GB for unmatched songs
    • Web component - music library accessible at
    • Launching initially in the UK, France and Germany
    • Hub is coming to other mobile OSs
    • Will be available on Samsung devices moving forward and to older Samsung devices like the S2 and Note "very soon," but it won't stop there.
    • Samsung SVP of Media Services TJ Kang told Pocket-lint that MusicHub will also be available on its SmartTV line and Samsung wants it on audio docks, fridges and as many places as possible.
  • Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app with 3D mapping is coming this summer, and we have photos
  • Duh: Apple doesn’t want Flattr money flowing through its apps if it can’t take a cut
  • Black and white next-gen metal iPhone backs, mini-dock, taller screen, moved earphone jack present
    • BGR got photos of Apple’s Maps app from a source: new navigation bar (silver, not blue). is apple shifting toward silver color scheme in iOS 6?
    • floating "locate me" button in bottom left. 3D mode (via C3 Technologies) flip back lower right corner to enable. switch in and out of 3D by tapping a 3D icon in lower left.
    • 9to5Mac posted photo of reported new back plate for iPhone 5, + black and white versions of the next-generation iPhone backs. Heavy metal use on back with color trim.
    • metal antenna band appears molded into the metal backplates, likely to create a unibody enclosure. thinner, lighter, stronger
    • smaller dock connector, headphone jack moved to bottom corner, speakers redesigned, new opening between the camera lens and the LED flash. possibly the 2nd mic for video recording.
    • apple rejected a new version of Instacast HD (podcatcher) for Flattr integration
    • Flattr allows people to donate to sites, blogs, apps they like through clicking a Flattr button on page
    • Apple rules: The collection of donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS
    • TNW notes: micro-payments could become the preferred method of commerce and mask itself as a tip. A company could then turn on features for a tip of a certain amount, thus replacing the in-app purchase model completely.
    • How Flattr works: you want to spend $5/month. see Flattr button on a blog or website that you like, click it. Flattr count up all of your clicks at the end of each month and distribute your monthly spend.
  • Dell launched 3 new All-in-one PCs today
  • Dell Introduces Three New All-in-One PCs
  • Goos screen shot
    • Dell XPS One 27 - 27-inch WLED screen, 2560x1440, widescreen, optional Nvidia graphics card, Infinity speakers, metallic silver, "clutter free" cord design, Intel core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge quad core, USB 3.0, HDMI -- $1399 available today in Asia coming weeks in US
    • Inspiron One 23 - Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 or i7, 23-inch 1080p WLED screen, USB 3.0 -- $749
    • Inspiron One 20 - Pentium dual core or Sandy Bridge Core i3,, 20-inch WLED 1600 x 900 screen -- $529

News Fuse






"Team of Tech News Today,

Love the show

Just a note about the 80 inch and Windows 8

We sell the Sharp PN-L702B 70 inch touch screen with Windows 7 (soon an 80 inch) I was the fortunate one in our IT department, and got to setup the first one, also after going through all features and touch screen software to come up with a training class for our sales department. Of course I installed Windows 8 customer preview on the included PC and Windows 8 worked flawlessy with the touch screen, very cool experience. It had no driver issues, no screen resolution difficulties. Unfortunately, I had put back to Windows 7, which works just as well.

I am very surprised TWIT does not have the Sharp PN-L series monitors to use on-set.

- Robert Matthews"



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