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Tech News Today
Episode 511

Tech News Today 511: Yes, There's A Flashlight

Google+ now Zagat Approved, Mary Meeker's state of the Internet, is Intel's free WiFi dangerous, and more.

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  • Zagat goes free with launch of Google+ Local
  • Google Places Is Over, Company Makes Google+ The Center Of Gravity For Local Search
  • Google+ Local launches today
    • 80M Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages.
    • new:
      • “Local” tab within Google+
      • free Zagat reviews (its entire archive across categories). Google’s star ratings being replaced by the Zagat 30-point rating scale (for user reviews as well).
      • Google+ Local pages across Google properties (search, Maps, mobile)
      • circles filter to find reviews/recommendations from friends/family/colleagues
      • discover the new Google+ Local pages in several ways: through a search on or Google Maps, in mobile apps or through a search on Google+.
      • like Foursquare: sort and filter search results by “your circles,” shows places “touched” by friends (reviews and posts now, check-ins eventually?)."
      • "Marissa Mayer tells SEL Zagat scores are better b/c they contain separate scores for food, service and atmosphere vs. a five star scale, which is forced to factor all those considerations into a single rating (read: Yelp). also keeps everything from being average
      • Orkut and G+ are merging. Orkut's days numbered
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: Steve "taught me that the joy is in the journey"
  • Apple’s Tim Cook promises ‘incredible’ products, offers no details
  • Cook on Ping: 'Will we kill it? I don't know'
  • Apple's iPhone, iPad 'engine' made in U.S., says Cook
  • Video clips of Tim Cook on Steve Jobs, Apple TV, patent wars, and more
    • Tim Cook spoke at All Things D conference on Tuesday
    • On Jobs: "When he called me to his home to talk about being the CEO and subsequently the discussions we had, he told me, 'I witnessed what happened at Disney when Walt passed away,'" Cook said. "He said that people would go to meetings, and all sit around and talk about, what would Walt have done? How would he view this? And he looked at me with those intense eyes that only he had, and he told me to never do that, to never ask what he would do. Just do what's right. And so I'm doing that."
    • On patents: Claims standards-essential patent system is broken and that Apple never sues not hose patents. "The problem is, if you add up what they say the patents are worth, nobody could be in the phone business. So, it's gotten kind of crazy,"
    • On Television: "It's an area of interest" Doesn't believe Apple has to own a content business to make it work.
    • On Ping: "We tried Ping and I think the customer voted and said this isn't something that I want to put a lot of energy into. Will we kill it? I don't know, I'll look at it."
    • On Facebook: "Facebook is a great company. I have great appreciation for them. We have great respect for them. I think we can do more with them. Just stay tuned on this one."
    • On Manufacturing: "This is not well known...but the engine for the iPhone and the iPad are built in the U.S. in Austin, Texas. The glass is made in a plant in Kentucky."
    • Doubling down on Siri.

Discussion Stories

  • Zynga CEO Mark Pincus: Don't get all aflutter about mobile
  • Zynga May Talk About Leaving, But It's Still Playing Games With Facebook
    • Zynga CEO Mark Pincus at All Things D
    • "Let's not be too quick to jump on mobile," he said. "People still spend massive amounts of time on the PC at work ... and on boring conference calls."
    • Mobile is at the early stage, trying to build audiences
    • Too early to say if acquisition of OMGPOP and Draw Something was successful.BUT "They innovate on user-generated content. We didn't buy for the short term. We thought it'd be important in the long run... We built our company on franchises."
    • "There's nothing stopping us from putting games in all kinds of places, as we find opportunities," he said. "We're just seeing Android and iOS having the potential to be there," he said, speaking of alternative platforms for Zynga's games.
  • Doom 3 BFG Edition' will deliver the full Doom back catalog plus new levels
  • Doom 3' in virtual reality: we check out John Carmack's prototype head mounted display
    • Doom 3 BFG Edition
      • When asked about Doom 4 Id's Tim Willits says "If one were working on that," he says, "it would be a perfect precursor."
      • Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil and a brand-new, "lost" mission for Doom 3 with seven new levels, a new boss and two-to-three hours of content.
      • Native 3D graphics support brand-new control scheme on Xbox 360 and FINALLY on PlayStation 3.
      • ALSO the game will include new support for 3D TVs and head mounted displays. Ross Miller has a great piece about John Carmack of id's obsession with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display
      • New Doom 3 "Lost Mission" will put players in the boots of "Bravo Team," the company of space marines players were originally sent to save in Doom 3.
      • No release date or price
  • Intel to offer ‘free’ Wi-Fi in its ultrabooks, tablets
  • Intel Ultrabooks Will Get Free Wi-Fi Almost Everywhere and Auto-Update from Your Bag ~dk (security!!)
    • Intel signed a deal with Devicescape that'll bring no-login access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots
    • Ultrabooks and tablets will come with Devicescape software preloaded
    • It'll work with Intel Smart Connect and your email and feeds will be refreshed w/o you taking your notebook out of your bag (even in standby mode)
    • So when your device is w/in range of a Devicescape hotspot, the connection should be automatic.
    • Devicescape refers to itself as a "curated virtual network" (CVN) — out of the approximately 100 million open Wi-FI connections in the world, about eight million are part of the Devicescape network.
    • How it works: Devicescape does that using a specially-formatted DNS query
    • That query is addressed to Devicescape's servers, and comes embedded with details of the Wi-Fi point.
    • The server then responds with tailored instructions on the steps necessary to get some free connectivity, and the software works through them to establish an internet connection.
    • DK:
      • Perhaps spoofable. Won't know until this debuts, but you know we'll be all over it.
      • What's actually most interesting about this is that Devicescape uses DNS queries for the authentication. This is a hack.
      • The only reasonable way for this to work, seeing that new networks are setup all the time, is for the ultrabook to try to authenticate with Devicescape's servers for every WiFi network is connects to.
      • There are plenty of tools out there that let you abuse DNS packets and setup special DNS servers that allow you to tunnel traffic. It's called DNS Tunneling.

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"Hello Tom and crew,   Listening to Leo on TWiT and the Tuesday TNT #510 I started thinking about how I use Facebook, particularly on mobile, and if I would use a Facebook phone.  The short answer - I already have a facebook phone, it is the Samsung Focus Flash (windows phone).   Late last year I finally traded in my Samsung Jack (blackberry ish phone) for a Samsung Focus Flash (windows phone).  With the new phone I finally got a live account so I can use all the functions on Windows Phone.   Once I got the new windows phone all set up and tied to my different accounts (including Facebook) I was shocked with how integrated Facebook is on this phone.  All of my Facebook friends are now in my contacts - information is now available even if I did not enter it, including my friend's pictures, their email and address (depending on how much they use FB).  Facebook messenger now shows up like a text message.    From my perspective - windows phone would make a great os for a Facebook skin.  Sounds goofy, I know - but I really do use FB a lot more since I have started using windows phone.  I wonder if this was on purpose and if both companies meant for this to happen?     Tony in Napa CA"




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