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Tech News Today
Episode 512

Tech News Today 512: Flaming Crazy Books

Windows 8 Release Preview is here, Google or Facebook to buy Vevo? iPhone goes prepaid, and more. US conducting cyberwar, Google tries to out-map Apple, Microsoft pisses off advertisers, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Google wins crucial API ruling, Oracle's case decimated
  • Hands On With Windows 8 Release Preview: It’s All About the Apps
  • Download Windows 8 Release preview
  • Microsoft reveals Windows 8 upgrade path
  • Microsoft reportedly working to block apps that re-enable the Windows 8 Start button
    • Win8 Release Preview is available for download today (originally expected in June)
    • Wired tested it out using a PC MS loaned them and says its smoother than the CP
  • What's different:
    • Updates to RP include new apps for Sports, travel and news pinned on the start screen. Apps are still in beta according to Jensen Harris Director of Program Management for the Windows User Experience,
    • Mail, Calendar, Photos, and IE get updates. Photos is snappier and accesses photos from your drive and other apps incl. Facebook and Skydrive, Mail gets a 3 pane view
    • Multitasking via the Snap View (2 apps up at once) is improved
    • Still buggy multitouch, brings reverse scrolling (which cannot be turned off in RP)
  • Desktop:
    • “The way that we think about the desktop is as this wonderful additional app that you have on your PC,” Harris said. Wired showed an img of the desktop taking up the majority of the screen while another app was split on the side
    • Cannot boot directly into desktop
    • Paul Thurrott reports that the company has been "furiously ripping out" legacy code in Windows 8 recently that lets third parties bring back the Start button, Start Menu, and other legacy parts of the desktop interface.
    • Thurrott claims that several well-known UI hacks that enabled the Start Button in the Consumer Preview do not work on the Release Preview.
    • If you buy an eligible Windows 7 computer between June 2, 2012, and January 31, 2013, you'll be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99.

Discussion Stories

  • Ari Emanuel: Let's change the paradigms in Hollywood
  • RIAA Accuses Google Of Not Doing Enough To Fight Piracy, But May Be Guilty Of Not Doing Enough Itself
  • Google execs on piracy: It's not a technical problem
  • RIAA wants to issue unlimited takedowns to Google
  • Ari Emanuel at d10
    • Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor spoke at ATD and lashed out at Google for piracy "They filter child pornography. Because that's not right. That's a bad thing." They should do the same for content theft.
    • Susan Wojcicki (SVP of ads) of Google addressed the issue calling Emanuel "Very misinformed."
    • "Identifying copyright is very difficult. It's not child porn, where you see it and you know it." "Ask a bunch of lawyers, who owns this content, and I'm sure they won't agree."
    • Sundar Pichai (SVP of Chrome) added "It's a tough thing to scan through a video and know if it's copyrighted. We've spent $30 million on this project."
    • RIAA Executive VP Brad Buckles said in a blog post that Google places artifical limits on the number of queries that can be made by copyright owners to identify infringements
      • Google throttles suspicious search activity no matter where it's from. It's a security measure.
      • Google Limits the number of links they can be asked to remove each day
      • Google denies ever imposing limits according to SEL. They do have safeguards against accidental flooding of the system. IN the transparency report Google issued RIAA was 5th in claims with 44,000, less than 10% of Microsoft.
      • Ars point sout how one of Google's Webmaster tools allows only for 1,000 URLs per copyrighted file, and allows ten such files per notice (for a per-notice total list of 10,000 URLs).
  • Sean Parker: Apple may have tried to block Spotify in U.S.
  • Parker: Apple tried to keep Spotify out of the U.S.
  • Sean Parker at d10 regarding Apple and Spotify
    • At ATD Sean Parker was on stage with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Spotify and said "There was some indication that might have been happening."
    • "We are always in negotiation. We're in constant renegotiation. In that process, you hear things. There's a sense that Apple was threatened by what we were doing."
    • It took Spotify two and a half years to enter the U.S. market amid complicated licensing discussions with record labels, and Apple played a role in trying to keep the company out of the country
    • Ek reinforced this. "The music industry has declined from $45 billion to $15 billion," he said. "But consumption of music is at an all-time high. There are half a billion people illegally file-sharing music. That's a huge addressable market."
    • Greg Sandoval at CNET reported in 2010 that Apple was talking smack about Spotify’s business model in discussions with record companies, implying that it could hurt sales of downloaded music.
  • Google, Facebook vie for stake in Vevo
    • Vevo — a joint venture of Universal Music Group and Sony Music along with the Abu Dhabi Media Co. — is valued at about $1 billion on revenue of $150 million, according to industry sources.
    • NY Post says: Both Google CEO Larry Page and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are exploring an investment in Vevo as part of a broader partnership with the music-video service
    • Vevo licenses its content to a number of partners, including Google’s YouTube and, in addition to streaming videos at and through mobile apps.
    • Vevo’s current deal with YouTube to host its videos in exchange for roughly one-third of the ad revenue is up at year-end. While it negotiates with YouTube to accept a smaller cut of ad sales, Vevo also has opened talks with Facebook.
    • Vevo has hired investment bank Allen & Co. to explore its options, including bringing in a new investor, selling outright or going public.
    • Vevo is YouTube’s top partner channel, garnering 48 million unique viewers in April, according to ComScore. Overall, Vevo is the third-biggest online video destination, trailing only Google and Yahoo!, while Facebook comes in fourth.

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