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Tech News Today
Episode 513

Tech News Today 513: Sexy Stuxnet

US conducting cyberwar, Google tries to out-map Apple, Microsoft pisses off advertisers, and more.

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Top Stories

  • Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it
  • How Obama Was Dangerously Naive About STUXNET and Cyberwarfare
  • Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
    • Report in NY Times today called "Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran" by David Sanger is an excerpt from his book "Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power"
    • Report confirms US and Israel's governments developed Stuxnet
    • It was targeted specifically at Iranian nuclear centrifuge equipment in the Natanz facility and used to break the equipment and set back Iranian nuclear development
    • The program (Olympic Games) first authorised by president Bush - used some beacon code to map out network connections within plant
    • Natanz was not networked, so how to get it in? . “That was our holy grail,” one of the architects of the plan said. “It turns out there is always an idiot around who doesn’t think much about the thumb drive in their hand.”
    • Program worked as intended, disabling centrifuges, but in 2010 got out on the Internet. It was not supposed to be capable of that.
    • Technology Review's Christopher Mims notes that once Stuxnet got out hackers began to learn more about how to infect industrial control systems
    • "I think this undercuts the Internet Freedom agenda in a big way," Chris Bronk, a former State Department official, the former State Department official, added. "(It shows that the US) is willing to use the digital agora as a weapon whenever we need to. I think that’s playing both sides of the fence."

Discussion Stories

  • Microsoft turns on 'do not track' by default in IE10
  • Microsoft sets 'do not track' as default on IE10, ruffles feathers
  • Microsoft ticks off advertisers with IE10 'Do Not Track' policy
    • IE 10 will require users to opt-in if they wish to be tracked
    • IE9, Firefox and Chrome all require users to turn do not track on, or opt-out
    • "This decision reflects our commitment to providing Windows customers an experience that is 'private by default' in an era when so much user data is collected online," said Dean Hachamovitch, head of Internet Explorer, in a blog post
    • The US executive branch asked in February for browser makers to implement a do not track button
    • Association of National Advertisers, a consortium of 450 companies, strongly opposed Microsoft's plan, calling it "irresponsible."
    • "Microsoft's decision, made without industry discussion or consensus, undercuts years of tireless, collaborative efforts across the business community," said Bob Liodice, CEO of ANA. "We reject efforts by any provider or other group to unilaterally impose choices on the consumer in this critical area of the economy."
    • Microsoft doesn't yet support the feature on its own websites
  • Acer, Toshiba To Take On IPads With Windows 8 Tablets
    • Acer, Toshiba, & Asus will release Windows 8 tablets next week at Computex in Taipei Taiwan, people with knowledge of the matter said. the show runs June 5-9
    • Toshiba to show a tablet and a notebook-type device
    • Asustek to show tablets with detachable keyboards similar to its current Transformer model
    • iOS and Android tablets together own 91% of tablet market
    • ARM-based chips in Win8 tablets a big change from Intel & AMD exclusively providing chips for Windows machines. Intel has over 80% of the PC-chip market.
    • Asustek will demonstrate tablets based on an Nvidia Tegra chip and another powered by an Intel chip for comparison, the people said.
    • The Acer (2353) tablet is built around an Intel chip, while Toshiba is using Texas Instruments ARM chip.
    • Qualcomm, the world’s largest maker of mobile-phone chips, will demonstrate a test device running Windows 8 based on its Snapdragon processor
    • Microsoft VP Steven Guggenheimer is set to show off Asustek devices in a presentation at the show on June 6
    • The tablet market is poised to grow 70% a year on average through 2015, according to estimates from Evercore Group LLC

News Fuse



  • Best Buy Connect no longer accepting new activations, service to end June 1



"Hi guys, Just thought I'd remind you that in episode 408 Tom predicted that Windows phone will have 17% market share by June 1!

Love the show, Andrew Brackin"

"I think it's worth pointing out that people that are used to the desktop aren't just old school power users. It's not just people being cranky geeks.

In the corporate world, think of all the otherwise not computer/smartphone/tablet using workers who know the desktop interface exclusively for how they use it at work. Microsoft's idea of thinking people are used these types of interfaces on their phones/tablets is extremely youth and consumer centric. I can't imagine trying to train a bunch of folks in a corporation how to do their job in the windows 8 transition.

I don't see this being popular among large companies.

-- Kai Fuller"



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