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Tech News Today
Episode 514

Tech News Today 514: Be a Smart Glass

The crazy world of Computex Windows 8 tablets, Xbox brings back WebTV, Facebook for kids coming soon, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Nintendo finalizes Wii U: revised Gamepad, new Pro Controller, and 'Miiverse' online services
    • Wii U's gamepad (the tablet looking thing) new NFC reader and writer, motion and gyroscope sensors, and fully-independent infrared TV remote functionality.
    • Wii U Pro controller looks al to like the Xbox 360's controller.
    • Wii U supports all older Wii accessories, smart move
    • Miiverse - your mii lives there, miss on your system, your friends miss and miis who speak your language. Gives devs API access so games can have social elements built in
    • Online component: can post your mood on your Wii U gamepad. Ask questions to others playing the same game.
    • Can see those posts on a phone b/c it's browser based, other devices will have access, but not at launch
    • Gamertags instead of numbers
    • Video chat via the gamepad's built in camera
    • Is the the Pro controller a sign that Nintendo will make a push for serious gamers?
    • What about Nintendo's online strategy: bringing a social element into gaming isn't something Nintendo's been very successful at, but the move to what looks like gamer tags looks promising as well as the fact it's browser-based.
    • With the Wii U gamepad fully formed, is this going to win over gamers (esp in light of MS's announcement)?
  • Facebook Explores Access for Younger Kids
  • Should 11-year olds join Facebook?
    • Mark Zuckerberg said at a public forum a year ago that he believed that children under 13 should be allowed to use Facebook at some point. sources tell WSJ that FB is testing ways of connecting under-13 kids' accounts to their parents'. help parents control whom their kids can "friend" and what apps they can use.Facebook and its partners to charge parents for games and other entertainment accessed by their children
    • Facebook bans users under 13. kids lie about their ages to get accounts. federal law requires sites to obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting personal data from children.
    • Facebook's concerned of regulatory issues from children already using the service despite its rules, better to establishing controls for the inevitable
    • of FB's 900m, Consumer Reports last year said 7.5 million children under the age of 13 were using the site, including more than five million under the age of 10.
    • Microsoft Research released last fall found that 36% of parents were aware that their children joined Facebook before age 13 and that a substantial percentage of those parents helped their kids in the effort.
    • some child-advocacy groups are concerned: "We don't have the proper science and social research to evaluate the potential pros and cons that social-media platforms are doing to teenagers," said James Steyer, chief executive of Common Sense Media, a child-advocacy group based in San Francisco. "The idea that you would go after this segment of the audience when there are concerns about the current audience is mind boggling."
  • Yahoo May Settle With Facebook On Patents, But CEO Levinsohn Has Another Legal Wrangle On His Hands
  • Facebook, Yahoo Reportedly Near Deal To Settle Patent Spat
    • ATD reports execs at Yahoo and Facebook are moving forward with a deal end their patent infringement litigation with a settlement coming in the next few weeks.
    • details: huge cross-licensing of patents, deeper integration of Facebook into Yahoo and Yahoo into FB, which Yahoo needs for engagement
    • FB may be interested in buying some of Y patents, but already paid Microsoft $550 million to both buy and also license key patents Microsoft acquired from AOL, and sources said it is unlikely to do the same for Yahoo.
    • patent war started by Y under Scott Thompson... now that he's out, interim CEO Ross Levinsohn & board members including newly appointed Dan Loeb, look to be trying to wrap it up
    • FB incentive to get some good momentum after the IPO bad press





"Hi TNT show,

I got a little scoop for you, at least I think so.

I recently reconnected with an old friend from high school and in doing so, I learned they now work at AT&T. In shooting the breeze, they told me that AT&T has shared data plans coming and is pretty sure they will be here by the end of the year. I confirmed they were referring to all the devices on a single account can use one single data plan. Its about time!

Keep up the great work!

Chris -- South Bend, IN"



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