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Tech News Today
Episode 517

Tech News Today 517: My keyboard is leaking

More passwords are getting hacked, possibly a new iPhone case, a touchscreen with disappearing physical keys, and more.

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News Fuse

Discussion Stories

  • Megaupload: while FBI defends seizure overseas, MPAA is 'sympathetic' to users who uploaded legal files
  • FBI FedExed copies of MegaUpload data without permission
  • FBI Illegally Pirated Kim Dotcom’s Data Out of New Zealand, File-Sharing King Charges
    • The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) says that it is "sympathetic" to users that stored "legitimately acquired or created data" on Megaupload's servers, but points out that the file-sharing service's terms of use "clearly disclaimed any guarantee or continued access to uploaded materials."
    • EFF filed a brief with Eastern Virginia District Court on behalf of a user who wants their non-infringing data back
    • ALSO FBI in some hot water over what they took:
      • Kim Dotcom's lawyers claim the FBI illegally removed data from the Megaupload servers
      • Under international law, the FBI has no right seize property and take it back to America without permission from New Zealand's Attorney-General.
      • FBI didn't take the actual drives but it did clone 7 of them and FedExed the copies back to the US
      • According to Stuff, John Pike, a lawyer representing the Attorney-General asserted that the FBI acted legally as the copied data did not amount to physical material. Pike said that "(information) may be the most valuable thing we have, but it is not scooped up by the act — nothing of the physical items have gone overseas and that was our undertaking."
  • Tactus Technology unveils touchscreen prototype with appearing and disappearing keys (hands-on)
  • Source video
    • Tactus Technology has unveiled a tactile layer component that creates dynamic physical buttons that rise out of the surface of the screen. The haptic user interface lets users see and feel the buttons for the experience of operating a physical keyboard.
    • Showed the tech off at SID Display Week 2012 in Boston
    • Based on microfluidics - channels underneath the surface with small reservoir of fluid (usually an oil) - can pump the fluid to raise a deformable membrane covering the screen
    • or now, the channels need to be made in a predetermined patter — say, an outline of a QWERTY keyboard for a tablet — The long-term goal would be to have much finer control over a wide-ranging variety of patterns
    • Nathan INgrham of The Verge said the feedback wasn't much and he could see where the keys were supposed to be after they disappeared
    • Customization of resistance and feel should be possible
    • Tactus believes it will bring its new haptics to shipping products in 2013.



  • Geek Dad Day is June 17.



"Hi TNT Gang, I heard you guys talking about the "How the Internet Works" video on Wednesday's show, and I just wanted to share with you a similar video I've been showing for almost a decade now. Its called "Warriors of the Net."

I'm in a position to mentor high school aged kids in a pursuit of Computer Science and networking from time to time, and every one of them watches this video. Not only is it informative, but nerd-hilarious and somewhat campy.

Thanks for the great show, I listen to you on my morning commute every day.

-- Andy Hull the Network Engineer, Michigan"

"Hi TNT crew, I just listened to you talking about the offline google maps on episode 516. I´m currently studying in Spain for two months and I am already using the labs feature of google maps on my ICS phone that lets me precache maps. I can´t afford the £4 a megabyte roaming fees for data, so the feature has stopped me getting lost many times because it means I can navigate by GPS without data. What it is missing, and I hope they fix, is that the data needs to be redownloaded every month, so if I don´t pay attention I may find the rug pulled out from under me.Lastly, if you need to find a place while offline, you need to look manually since it cannot search the cached data, it can merely show the map.

Depending on how big the map files are, this could (finally) be the death of the dedicated sat nav, because with these features my Galaxy Note can do anything a satnav can. Hasta Luego.




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