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Tech News Today
Episode 52

Tech News Today 52: Not in the eyes!

New Sony PlayStation phone, Google's new Android voice recognition, and the danger of green lasers.


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On The Calendar

  • BlackBerry Torch and the DROID 2 officially available today
  • 12-core Mac Pros go on sale today
  • Dell Streak goes on sale tomorrow
  • TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup tentatively for Saturday night September 4


  • Anonymous weigh-in on network neutrality
  • Email from Rich about the possible dangers of unlock pattern smudges
  • Email from Joe about how loud the background noise was in the previous show




  • SB #4
  • Ad times: 00:32-00:41 and 06:58-07:43

Production Information

  • Edited by: erik
  • Notes: CacheFly upload: 4:39-4:52; Mediafly publish: 5:22

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