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Tech News Today
Episode 520

Tech News Today 520: Dripping POS

Verizon shared data plans reviewed, Facebook is dying, Antivirus is dead, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Facebook audience growth is slowing, ComScore says
  • Facebook Says the Facebook Ads It Didn’t Sell Work Great
    • Comscore study: Facebook Inc.’s audience growth in the U.S., along with time spent on the site, is slowing because the market is saturated
    • visitor #s rose 5% in April from a year earlier, down from a 24% surge in the same month of 2011. The average time spent on the site by each vistor climbed 16%, less than the 23% increase a year earlier.
    • gets about half of its revenue from the U.S. and Canada. Seven in 10 Americans using the Internet in April visited Facebook.
    • people are buying from brands that they're interacting with on FB - but that's via the messages that Facebook users share with each other, not the ones brands pay Facebook to promote.
    • General Motors announced before the social network’s IPO that it would continue to spend money on its Facebook presence, but would stop paying Facebook for ad space.
  • Apple, Google Just Killed Portable GPS Devices
  • How Garmin Failed to See the iPhone Threat
    • Wired says Apple and Google have killed the dedicated portable GPS citing Apple's new built-in turn by turn directions in iOS 6 and Google Navigator
    • Described GPS units as "superfluous"
    • Garmin says “We think that there is a market for smartphone navigation apps, PNDs [Personal Navigation Devices] and in-dash navigation systems as each of these solutions has their own advantages and use case limitations and ultimately it’s up to the consumer to decide what they prefer.”
    • Is that true? Are there use-case scenarios that call for a dedicated GPS for the general public? Is this like tablets/PCs/smartphones where use case scenarios keep each one viable or this the PDA/mp3 player situation?
    • Yesterday, Garmin shares fell 8.5 percent to close at $38.20. TomTom shares rose more than 11 percent today in Amsterdam, trading on word of its relationship with Apple.
  • When governments write malware, your security software becomes useless
  • The Antivirus Era Is Over
    • Tom Simonite writing in Technology Review.
    • Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle wrote a blog post follow-up
    • Flame operated for two years without being flagged by antivirus.
    • Nicolas Christin, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. “We need to move away from trying to build Maginot lines that look bulletproof but are actually easy to get around.”
    • Is it time to demote antivirus?
    • Dmitri Alperovitch, chief technology officer and cofounder of CrowdStrike "We need to focus on the shooter, not the gun—the tactics, the human parts of the operation, are the least scalable."
    • Is a social response to malware the better option?
    • Alperovitch: "Hacking back would be illegal, but there are measures you can take against people benefiting from your data that raise the business costs of the attackers," he says. Those include asking the government to raise a case with the World Trade Organization, or going public with what happened to shame perpetrators of industrial espionage, he says.
    • Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, showed last year that income from most of the world's spam passes through just three banks.
    • Can security companies raise the cost of malware?
  • Sprint Reportedly Prepping Digital Wallet
    • Android Central has gotten ahold of slides that detail Sprint's NFC-based Google Wallet competitor. only on Sprint network
    • Touch Wallet will be unlocked by entering a four-digit passcode before a screen of options opens. If the phone is tapped on a credit card reader, get a list of available credit cards to use. When payment is complete, the wallet locks again.
    • Slides suggest Sprint Sprint partnering with big companies: McDonalds, Starbucks, Target, and Macy's
    • bank partners? release date? security for those wary of Google Wallet?
    • How Google Wallet works: enter PIN, wave the phone at the reader, transaction is complete. phone gets stolen, thief still needs PIN to make purchases. Google Wallet locks down after 5 bad PIN guesses. vulnerability discovered in Feb lets that thief extract the Google Wallet PIN from a rooted phone without making any bad guesses.
    • Visa's launching this fall in the UK, France, and Spain;
    • American Express will work with Isis, a joint venture by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, in US later this year;
    • MasterCard's PayPass Wallet, coming to US this year
    • PayPal Here is on the way
  • PayPal to Offer E-Commerce on TV Sets With Comcast, TiVo
  • TiVo and PayPal pair up for purchases through TV
    • PayPal is working with Comcast and TiVo to let TV viewers purchase items and donate money via a remote control as early as the fall
    • If you saw an ad, you could purchase a good, get coupons sent to you electronically, make a donation to a nonprofit or political campaign or have info texted to your phone
    • This will work on TiVo Premiere 4-tuner DVRs
    • Comcast's involvement is "in the very early stages" according to Tony Werner Comcast exec VP and CTO
    • PayPal found in a survey of cable subscribers that about 49 percent of them are open to the idea of making purchases through their TVs.
    • What do we think of this kind of interactive ad? Does this seem like something that'd interest you?
    • What do you think of the business move for TiVo which has been floundering for a while now?



  • Tomorrow is National Juggling Day and National Lobster Day




"Hello TNT peeps. I'm a full time college student (all online classes.. first semester pursuing a Computer Science degree... oy vey), working full time and full time husband and father of 2. If it isn't apparent to you.. time at this moment is at a permium in my life. I first heard about Britannica results in bing from your show and I was surprised to hear you all respond so "meh". I can tell you that this will ABSOLUTELY effect the way I use the internet. I am giddy with anticipation just imagining the possibilities of how much time will be saved by having britannica a few key taps away. As you know wikipedia hasn't gotten the love from educational establishments so having Britannica available... #Winning. - Brian"

"Hello Tom and TNT crew

I don't know if you missed this update or if you just had to cut it because of time constraints, but DELL updated their XPS line monday as well, introducing their new line of Ultrabooks with carbon fiber hull.

They have 13 and 15 inches displays and solid drive technology and the cheapest is at U$999 - clearly intending to be an Mac Book Air competitor

Claudia from Brazil"

"Power efficiency is the key to mobile, and Intel have been saying their next chips will be more efficient than ARM for as long as I can remember - back as far as the Acorn Archimedes PC in 1987 in the UK. Comparing Android multi-threading performance to Intel processors is meaningless, like comparing watching a video on YouTube to a Core i5 CPU. If Intel want to play catchup for another 25 years they should keep spouting this kind of marketing rubbish, and they'll never be more than a footnote in mobile.

Thanks for the show, its how I start my day.




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