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Tech News Today
Episode 521

Tech News Today 521: Glued, Not Screwed

Commercials come to Skype, generic top-level domain madness, Android - iOS nerd fight, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • .blog, .lol, .foo: Google, Amazon top list of global TLD applications
  • The new internet names: a plain english explanation
  • List of TLDs applied for
  • How Tech Giants Are Playing The Icann Domain Game
  • G+ thread on favorite names
  • 1,930 applications announced today
    • $185,000 application fee (non-refundable, show you are qualified to administer it, pay annual fee of $25,000
    • Multiple applications for the same TLD result in an auction. 731 applications conflicted with another applicants request.
    • 11 companies applied for “.app”, nine applied for “.art”, seven for “.news”,
    • Google submitted 101 applications, Facebook none at all. Donuts (a domain name registry service) submitted 307 applications.
    • 60-day period of public comment followed by 7 months for companies to bring formal objections. ICANN and WIPO will resolve disputes.
    • New TLDs go live in early 2013
    • Vint Cerf brings up the question, do we need these? “Hundreds of new brands and generic names to add now ? I see no benefit in that. Many companies fear that they will soon must follow hundreds of new Internet extensions to ensure that their names never be abused. They have a point.”
    • ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom “The Internet is about to change forever,” Beckstrom said, claiming that the new gTLDs would create a “solid foundation of greater choice and competition.” --Some companies fear they now have to make defensive registration
    • .google, .android, .chrome, .gmail, and .youtube. But others were more generic (such as .cloud, .car, .map, and .mail), or targeted at lifestyles or demographics (.dad, .kid, .baby, .family, .mom), or simply “creative” (.lol, .love, .fun, .foo, and .boo). Amazon was close on Google’s heels, with 76 of its own applications—some of them (such as .cloud, .mail, and .app) in conflict with Google’s.
    • Is Amazon really looking to develop its own mobile phone? Look, it’s registered mobile, calls and talk. Is Google looking to move into more focused content plays around a specific vertical like the family? Look, it’s registered baby, kid, mom, dad and family.
  • WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook: Threading Social Through the Blogosphere
    • earlier this week Automattic (parent co. of Wordpress) introduced FB plugin for or hosted wordpress sites
    • features: publishers cross-post WordPress content to FB Timelines, Pages and activity feeds, adds widgets such as “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons, recommendations bar and a FB-integrated comment system.
    • yet another company using FB social graph to make logins easier, help drive traffic and discussion
    • Wordpress platform almost 10 years old and just last year started bundling in social features
    • In 5 years Tumblr has grown to hosting nearly 60 million blogs. WordPress powers around 74 million blogs. About 50% are hosted by
    • Tumblr integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph in April, their numbers are only trending upward. Tumblr saw 2.5x growth during the month after integrating with Open Graph
    • Automattic projects $45 million in revenue this year, VIP service & other products available for purchase. Tumblr introduced first paid advertising in May after CEO David Karp said he wasn't interested in ads
    • 3rd party comment systems are threatened... Disqus, Livefyre, etc. How can they compete w FB?
  • Roku CEO: Blu-ray will be finished in 4 years
    • Roku CEO Anthony Wood spoke at the TV of Tomorrow show in San Francisco: “Will people use Blu-ray players in four years? I don’t think so"
    • also says streaming performance on Blu-ray players doesn’t compare to the experience on a dedicated set-top-box like the ones his company sells.
    • could there be Blu-ray player built into Roku’s platform?
    • right now a lot of streaming happens on game consoles, but Wood says “New customers don’t go out and buy game consoles to stream video""
    • Roku sees growth in next-gen roku boxes and smart tvs
    • Roku made $100 million in sales last year, Wood says number of devices sold tripled year-over-year. BUT the company missed its projected sales goal by 500,000 units.
  • AMD Adds ARM Processor as It Looks Beyond x86
  • AMD's mountain: how the second-place PC chipmaker hopes to build cheaper, better laptops
  • Microsoft charges Tablet OEMs a whopping $85 for Windows RT
  • AMD announced it is integrating ARM processors in its upcoming x86 chips
    • Starting next year, AMD chips will integrate ARM's Cortex-A5 processor with TrustZone security technology
    • AMD has ambitions in the tablet market, but a spokesman said its use of the Cortex-A5 will be solely for security purposes.
    • TrustZone is a set of instructions that help secure mobile devices, mobile payments and streamed content.
    • The ARM license is also AMD's way to catch up with Intel, which is integrating security features gained from its acquisition of McAfee last year.
  • AMD's marketing director for Fusion APUs, PCs, tablets, low-power embedded John Taylor talked to TheVerge about the company's strategy
    • says Intel's ultra book initiative is forcing homogenization of the laptop market, hard to differentiate
    • TheVerge suggested that since AMD is lower cost, couldn't that mean better hardware overall for laptops sporting AMD processors? "I can tell you from a trajectory standpoint, that's what we're pushing for, because it's in our own best interest,"




"Tom, Sarah, Iyaz, Jason, and random excellent guest....

In Tuesdays episode-520- you talked about navigation, and the switch from pnd's to navigation on smart phones. It IS moving to phones, but, out in the cornfields of Northern Illinois, we have areas that have no coverage by either Verizon or ATT.

I have used our Garmin along with my iphone at the same time, and, there have been several times when the phone just plain stopped navigating. The Garmin is way more dependable in that situation.

We have used our GPS Drive app with great success, closer to civilization, but there is still a good reason to have a dedicated device. Would imagine there are tons of areas, like Montana, southern Illinois, Vermont, that are in the same navigation boat...

Always enjoy the show!

-- Tim"



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