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Tech News Today
Episode 523

Tech News Today 523: Reach Out and Grab a Puppy

Windows rumors get more interesting, Dropbox changes everything, make a Skype call go to jail for 15 years, and more.

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  • Dropbox updates iOS app, ditches public folders
    • iOS update lets Dropbox users manually or automatically upload photos and video from the phone directly to the cloud using Wi-Fi or cell connection
    • also be able to move and delete sets of files at once and upload files of any size. There's also the option to earn up to 3GB of extra free space for uploading photos, in 500MB increments.
    • In February, Dropbox debuted its new photo features on Android phones, following up in April with a new version for Windows and Mac users.
    • in an email to registered developers, Dropbox announced that as of Aug. 1, new user accounts will be built without the Public folder, which apparently became repetitive after Dropbox added the ability to share any file or folder with a simple link back in April.
    • Those Public folders already embedded in current users' accounts will continue to function as before
    • people are mad.
    • is this a mega upload type scare? or just dropbox way to cut down on server load by keeping ppl from embedding direct links on blogs/sites?
  • A Skype call in Ethiopia will now get you 15 years in prison
  • Why Does Ethiopia Want to Give People 15 Years in Jail for Using Skype?
    • Legislation in Ethiopia criminalizes use of all VoIP services, including Skype, Google Voice and others.
    • Law was passed last month and goes into effect now to combat "Security threats". Penalty for using an illegal phone service can be up to 15 years in prison and heavy fines.
    • Making a phone call over the Internet is punishable by 3 to 8 years in prison plus fines.
    • State-owned Ethio Teleco is the only telecom provider in the country
    • Law gives the telco the power to prohibit video chatting, social media, e-mail, and any other data transfer service capable of communicating information.
    • Ethio Teleco blocks Tor, which implies deep packet inspection
    • Ethiopia is the world's fifth fastest growing economy over the past decade. 8.4% growth 2001-2010
  • Apple Gives Podcasts a Gentle Push Out of iTunes
    • Peter Kafka at ATD reports Apple may push podcasts out of iTunes in iOS6
    • According to Kafka, Apple will give podcasts its own app
    • Laptop and desktop versions of iTune swill still have access to podcasts there
    • AppDevice reports Apple will also move its iTunes U and audiobooks out of iTunes, too.
  • Apple sued after Time Capsule backup loses photos
    • A Surrey, B.C., man is suing Apple for $25,000 after his Time Capsule backup drive crashed, taking with it a year of photographs including those showing the birth of his first child.
    • In his suit filed in B.C.'s small claims court, Perminder Tung says he bought the Apple Time Capsule in June 2009 and used it to back up two MacBooks and an iPhone.
    • he took it back to the Apple Store, he was told the data was lost and irretrievable. also says he was also told at the store that the product had numerous issues related to defects in the design and the power supply.
    • was told Apple had issued a recall notice for the Time Capsule, but his particular model was outside of the recall's time frame.
    • Tung, who is a lawyer, says he's since learned of many other Time Capsule failures
  • NeverSeconds blogger Martha Payne school dinner photo ban lifted
  • UK council reverses ban decision, will allow nine-year-old girl to blog about her school meals
  • NeverSeconds blog
    • In May nine-year-old Martha AKA VEG (for Veritas Ex Gustu, truth from tasting in Latin) started a blog where she posted a picture of her school lunch a brief explanation of what she thought of it and some ratings.
    • She had permission and support from the school and some obvious help and support from her father who's mentioned a lot in the blog.
    • Children arpoudn the world started senfing pictures of their school lunches. The blog became very popular.
    • She has raised £45,719.46 pounds for Mary's Meals, which sets up school lunch programs in impoverished areas.
    • The Argyll and Bute council which funds the school decided to ban the blog and June 14th (yesterday) VEG posted a goodbye post.
    • The tenancy said they made the decision because the staff fear for their jobs and the blog misrepresented the choices available.
    • Today on BBC Radio 4' The World at One, Roddy McCuish, leader of the council said he has "instructed senior officials to immediately withdraw the ban on pictures from the school dining hall." Saying that there's no room for censorship in his council and "there never will be." And will meet with VEG's father
    • A new post has not yet been made on NeverSeconds
    • Argyll and Bute Council wholly refutes the unwarranted attacks on its schools catering service which culminated in national press headlines which have led catering staff to fear for their jobs. ... this escalation means we had to act to protect staff from the distress and harm it was causing. In particular, the photographic images uploaded appear to only represent a fraction of the choices available to pupils.





"Hello TNT Crew.

I just wanted to comment on episode 522 on what Nokia could do as a come back in the United States. I think Nokia should look at what made them popular in the first place in the States in the late 90s- The Nokia 5100 series. They should make a mid-range Windows 8 smart phone priced at $149 that has removal face plates (or back plates) and include Snake on every phone. The 5100 series was on all the major US carriers (even Sprint) was inexpensive, you could buy a faceplate anywhere to customize it and who didn't like Snake?

Have a great weekend!!!

-- +R.J."

"Hey TNT crew,

I have one of those pizza vending machines on my uni campus and all i can say it makes good pizza, its edible and quite tasty, once you pop in some money all you end up is staring at the machine while it cooks like a mosquito to a flame... also good when you're drunk or high and can't cook for jack it a life saver lol.

from momo london, university of greenwhich"

"You mentioned on the show yesterday that Skype credits actually expire. That's not entirely true, despite what Skype tells you via those email warnings. I bought Skype credit in 2010, and I hardly ever use it, and so I wanted to find out how to keep the credit I paid for active.

To clarify, credit never expires and goes away forever, it just becomes inactive after 180 days of not being used. If that happens, you can easily log into to Skype's website and use a simple link to reactivate the credit. All this, including the link to click on to reactivate credit, is detailed here in the Skype support section.

I just wanted to clear that up and stop any one from having to keep calling themselves every few months in fear of losing their credits.

- Dan (Calgary, Alberta)"



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