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Tech News Today
Episode 525

Tech News Today 525: The Next Instagram

It's Tablet-palooza, but who's winning and who's giving up? Spotify takes on Pandora on the side of humans, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • "Hey TNT Crew,

The Microsoft announcement touted the surface to be "Always on the go", "Light Weight", "Mobile", but there was one missing piece. What about data plans 3g/4g? Granted they have not disclosed the full spec, it surprised me to see that this was not even mentioned. I understand not everyone gets a data plan but from a consumer standpoint this is a big non starter to not be baked into the product.

Keep up the good work, Scottix"

  • A Microsoft spokesperson said the company chose LA because it had good production houses, a great venue (Milk Studios) and was an easier place to keep things secret. A Microsoft spokesperson said the company chose LA because it had good production houses, a great venue (Milk Studios) and was an easier place to keep things secret."
  • Google tablet timing set, says report
  • LG To Sideline Tablet Development To Focus On Smaller Devices
    • Digitimes reports the Google Nexus tablet, jointly developed w/ Asus, will be introduced at Google I/O (starts June 27th)
    • The tablet's rumored specs are: 7-inch form factor, Wi-Fi only, $199 with a July release
    • They won't have competition from LG any more however. Ken Hong, spokesman for LG, said "We’ve decided to put all new tablet development on the back burner for the time being in order to focus on smartphones."
    • LG made the Optimus Pad LTE
  • Spotify Finally Launches Web Radio, for Real. And That’s a Problem for Pandora
  • Watch Out Pandora, Spotify Just Introduced A Free, Streaming Radio Service In The U.S.
    • Spotify has launched free ad-supported radio, via mobile or web. no android support just yet.
    • previously Spotify had artist "radio" but not available via mobile for free, users had to pay $10/month
    • more of Spotify's "we have so many users, some of them will eventually pay" strategy. give away good features, increase total revenue
    • Spotify’s radio service is “DMCA compliant"... same as Pandora, pays performance royalties to any licensed music. no restrictions like spotify streaming. limitied skipping, US only
    • because Spotify also has core biz, subscribers can fast-forward through songs. make playlists of songs they've heard on the radio service
    • key difference: Pandora is algorithmic based on music types. Spotify is social graph, based on ppl's tastes
  • Flipboard becomes prominent Google+ partner
    • on stage at Le Web Bradley Horowitz (VP Google product management, Google+ head) showed off a prototype of g+ running on flipboard. via G+ API
    • no android. iOS only. g+ has iPhone app but not ipad yet
    • no launch date. google i/o next week, makes more sense to launch there than here
    • didn't comment on users, says "hundreds of millions" which is in range of Larry Page's last earnings call quote. Horowitz says "not hypergrowth", says Japan usage is really big
    • big question: who buys flipboard? it's the next instagram that is actually a more more useful property
  • Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'
  • Iyaz's Lawn Art on Google Maps
    • Senator Charles SChumer of New York has written to Google and Apple, concerned about aerial mapping planes
    • Schumer thinks Google and Apple have upgraded their capabilities to aircraft-based photography that can see through windows and capture detailed images with four-inch resolution.
    • "Barbequing or sunbathing in your backyard shouldn't be a public event," said Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) in a statement on Monday. "People should be free from the worry of some high-tech peeping Tom technology violating one's privacy when in your own home."
    • "Detailed photographs could also provide criminals and terrorists with detailed views of sensitive utilities,"
    • SHOULD work with law enforcement
    • AND first, Apple and Google should inform communities when they are to be surveiled; second, they should give property owners the right to opt out of the aerial intrusion; and third, they should blur out images of individuals.





"One other thing about the Facebook purchase is this: if you recall, in March there was a movement where Facebook tried to trademark the word "book."


By buying, they get trademark protections that Face already owns. I wonder how much is.


tim from nashville"



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