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Tech News Today
Episode 527

Tech News Today 527: Will Dish Bring us the Apple TV?

Stop Microsoft! You're killing RIM! From Sharp minds comes Apple TV, the death of screen reflection, and more.

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Discussion Stories

  • Why Windows Phone means the Blackberry is doomed
  • 1st BB 10 phones will not have physical keyboard
    • Ars Technica has a nice writeup - Microsoft is flooding the market with Windows 8 phones. RIM is laying off thousands of workers.
    • BlackBerry Enterprise Server was always a big reason for BB success in corporate world, giving administrators a huge amount of control over RIM devices
    • BB 7 phone sales lagged. Late last year RIM moved to make its BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management platform (next evolution of Enterprise Server) compatible with iOS and Android devices to keep RIM platform in corporations that were letting employees uses device of choice
    • RIM's CEOs departed, new CEO Thorsten Heins focused RIM direction on enterprise customers.
    • Microsoft has its own management platform called System Center 2012 with management capabilities for iOS, Android. Win Phone 8 will have Office Suite & because it has same kernel that runs most enterprise desktops and notebooks, not difficult to build native apps for Windows Phone 8.
    • no keyboard in BB 10 phones at first. not a deal breaker but seems like another excuse for corps to say "eh let's just switch"
    • Ars also notes: while BlackBerry phones are a favorite of government agencies for unclassified use, most of the classified-use mobile phones used by the DoD are based on a Windows platform—albeit an older one.

"Happy Thursday, TNT Crew. I liked the show yesterday, and had a few quick comments on the Windows Phone opportunity.

I think that MS can definitely make headway in the corporate world. Most employers I've talked to lately won't allow VPN or MS Exchange access through Android phones due to rooting and other security loopholes. That isn't to say WP and iPhone Can't be rooted, just that corporate tech departments have a tendency to trust Microsoft because that is what they run for their systems, servers, Word Processing, Email, and many security features in house.

If Blackberry really wants to save themselves, they should sell out their server technology to Microsoft in a buyout, and sell their keyboard hardware to the feature phone ""quick messaging"" arms of Nokia and Samsung, and their tablet tech to Amazon. 3 sales for 1 company isn't as bad as bankruptcy and selling out for patents.


  • Top Developers’ Can Now Respond to App Reviews on Google Play
  • Google Aims to Smooth the Path for Android Developers
    • Google is allowing top developers to directly to respond to user reviews on Google Play in a threaded view
    • This isn't something available on Apple's App Store
    • Google is only allowing ""top developers"" at first.
    • Developers will be added to Google Play's discretion
    • App Annie - analytics firm says iOS makes $2.45 for every $1 made on Android
    • “We’re being noticed more now than we ever were in the past,” said Billy Rutledge, director of developer relations for Android. **What impact will this have on the Play market?
    • Schmidt said that Android get apps first, will this kind of thing bring in developers?
  • Sony develops film that renders screen reflection almost non-existent
    • At the Society for Information Display, or SID conference, Sony demonstrated a conbo of conductive film & low-reflection film that makes screen reflection almost non-existent in devices like smartphones and tablets, one of the downsides when outdoors and inferior to e-paper
    • image from show: top is traditional conductive film, lots of reflection. middle shows off new conductive film, which is better. bottom is new conductive film with a ""moth-eye"" low reflection film. key to low reflectance is formed through an uneven surface, tiny bumps that cover the entire film. means that light won’t just bounce back off the screen creating a reflection. " "- Typically, the gap between a display and its touch panel is filled with optical clear adhesive (OCA), which also helps cut down on reflections. Sony demonstrated that the low-reflection film does just as good a job as OCA in cutting reflections, but also that its new film works with OCA if required.
    • compare to new MBP, two sheets of glass layers that are different sizes, leaves off third layer of cover glass that adds to gloss in other models
  • LCD TV shipments fall for the first time ever
  • Sharp set to deliver Apple TV parts to Foxconn in Q3?
    • NPD DisplaySearch shows tv shipments worldwide down 8% compared to Q1 2011, with LCD shipments specifically down 3%.
    • LCDs take up almost 85% of the TV market ownership. CRTs are a distant 2nd at 10% of the market, & plasmas under 6%.
    • Samsung was the only TV maker to see shipments increase at all... it now holds 26% of the worldwide TV market.
    • What will reinvigorate the TV market? Apps? Gestures? Siri?
    • B&W --> Color --> HD --> 3D --> SmartTV --> Gestures/Voice
    • Form factor changes: furniture piece --> super thin & wide






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