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Tech News Today
Episode 528

Tech News Today 528: I Think ICANN

Apple to overhaul iTunes, Microsoft says YOU killed the start button, Google brings lots of apps to iOS, and more.

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News Fuse

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft's Surface tablet will initially be available as a wifi-only model, according to anonymous sources. For a tablet that's already being touted as the real iPad competitor, it'll start things off at a disadvantage for consumers who count on data connections. The Surface is due out later this year.

If you connect to Facebook, you will see some familiar ads on the right side of the page - the same personalized ads that appear when you'e on Facebook will show up on Facebook issued a statement saying the company will not be showing ads on other sites at this time. However, this move have some thinking this could be the beginning of a greater Facebook ad network.

Google CEO Larry Page is not known for public speaking but he raised a few eyebrows when he skipped yesterday's annual stockholder meeting, where Google announced a new class of nonvoting stock. On top of the Eric Schmidt announced Page would be absent at the Google I/O developers event next week and the Q2 earnings call coming up in mid-July.

Ever comment on someone's Facebook update and then an hour later realize you spelled your best friend's name wrong? Soon, you'll be able to edit comments after publishing... although with a twist. Facebook's also including an edit history to all users that will show the previous versions of your comment. Edit for good, no problem. Edit to troll, and everyone will know.

ICANN's got a new big boss - say hello to Fadi Chehade, he'll be the new CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers starting this October. Right now, Chehade is the CEO of Vocado, a cloud-based administrative software company, and previously worked at IBM. Current CEO Rod Beckstrom is leaving ICANN after three years in July. No word if Chehade got the job by telling himself "I think I can."

Android users, you are deprived no more. Flipboard for Android is out of beta and available to all. The app takes articles from your Google+ feed along with Twitter and Facebook, and adds support for YouTube video feeds as well. In addition to the Google Play store, it's also available in the Amazon Appstore, Nook Store and Samsung Apps.

As expected, AMD announced the Radeon HD 7970 'GHz Edition' for $499 and expected to be available next week. This is the updated version of the HD 7970 from the end of last year but with a GHz board, which puts AMD back in front of NVidia's GTX 680… at least for the moment. Besides the clock speed the new 7970 comes with better ways to boost voltage and over clock as well the claim that it is the "world's first 1TFLOP DPFP [double-precision floating point] GPU."



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