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Tech News Today
Episode 54

Tech News Today 54: Lose A Term Paper, Gain A Squid

The dreaded Squid virus, Verizon hits 1 Gbps, and legislated FM radios.



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News Fuse



Voicemail from Don in Wisconsin on the ubiquity of text over voice


Yes, wikileaks founder Julian Assange is going to write the odd article for "Aftonbladet" (which means Evening Paper)

Straight from the horses mouth:

(And strangely enough Google translate won't translate the page - but you could always cut and paste if you don't read Swedish ;) --HateBadDesign

Hey guys just wanted to comment about the Android smudge attack you mentioned last week.

It would seem the simplest defenses against this attack is to clean your screen well or play games that produce non-password smudges.

Also, someone mentioned biometric security so I thought I'd let you know that some Japanese feature phones included fingerprint scanners or facial recognition for years.

Thanks for the great show,

KyleHase Tokyo, Japan

Hey TNT, I know of a video game solution that can help Tom out!! I know he wasn't as lucky as me to be born in the early nineties before the Internet bubble but hey, that doesn't mean he shouldn't go out and get himself a copy of Typing Of The Dead for Dreamcast or PC! And maybe it could be a great experiment to see if it actually helps him learn to type overtime, like SEGA claims ;) . Imagine Tom, armed only with his keyboard, saving the world, typing zombies into oblivion!

"The Typing of the Dead is an offbeat first-person puzzle-action game for the Dreamcast and PC that lets you fight hordes of gruesome zombies by quickly typing out words that appear onscreen."

--Trent Sunny Seattle!!



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