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Tech News Today
Episode 55

Tech News Today 55: WiFi Made Me Pregnant

Facebook goes local, Whiskey runs your car, and Snapdragon makes Tom excited.



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  • Mike in Wisconsin has a story about smudge attacks in the Navy


Greetings TNT,

I just wanted to pass along this story, I don't think you've covered it yet but it's getting some coverage up here in Canada. It seems that some parents think that the wifi signals in the schools are causing headaches, dizziness and nausea in their children. I wish I could blame some of my problems on wifi in my house, let's make wifi the new scapegoat for everything. Next on Maury: Wifi made me pregnant!

Love the show, Tyler

From @golden7r on Twitter here is a youtube video "when infected with tako virus(yakuza octopus) and ika(elite squid) version, enjoy!? love ur show from Japan!




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