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Tech News Today
Episode 567

Tech News Today 567: Werther's RT

Twitter's API changes, Square's monthly fees for merchants, Venmo's joining the Braintree, and more.


News Fuse

  • Twitter announced some API changes and boy did it ruffle some feathers. One of the most controversial changes is a new limit on third-party Twitter clients. Third-party apps now must impose a 100,000-user limit on Twitter client software. Apps that are currently in existence will be capped at double their current user base as of yesterday.




E-mail #1

Hey Dynamite Department,

You guys are forgetting one important thing about the rumored Apple set-top cable box: Such a box would undoubtedly be smaller than existing cable boxes. Have you seen most cable boxes? They're ridiculously big! I used to have a Scientific Atlanta non-DVR cable box attached to a 13-inch, 1997-vintage TV in my bedroom. Because there wasn't much space to work with, I had the cable box sitting on top of the TV. It barely fit on there, and generally looked downright ridiculous. Cable boxes with built-in DVRs are even bigger and uglier than that. Also, I've read that cable boxes in general tend to be underpowered to keep costs as low as possible, often making channel changing agonizingly slow.

The sad thing is, most of the cable box I had was empty space -- all the functionality could easily fit into something about the size of the current Apple TV. So if Apple wants to get into the cable set-top box market, I'm all for it. In fact, it seems to be a market in need of a major shakeup -- something Apple is pretty good at.


E-mail #2

Hey TNT Crew,

While not mockbusters, I've spent a number of years making some pretty awful movies (many of which are currently on Netflix). I highly doubt that Netflix is responsible for any hypothetical rise in production. Netflix deals are nice, but it's kind of the video equivalent of a 3rd run theater. At the low end, nobody's making enough money off of a Netflix sale to justify producing anything. These movies are being made for TV & VOD and are simply being seen a lot on Netflix because other content is disappearing off of the service.

Best, -Colin



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