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Tech News Today
Episode 57

Tech News Today 57:

Intel gets in the virus game, the PS3 gets hacked, and the most dangerous woman on the Internet.


Top Stories

Facebook Places [1] [2] [3]

Privacy groups, Facebook already facing off over "Places"

How To Disable Facebook Places Tagging

How Foursquare Feels About Facebook Places [VIDEO]

Intel Buying McAfee

RIM to use QNX-developed OS for upcoming "Blackpad" tablet

Other Stories

PS3 Hacked via USB Dongle (VIDEO)

Next gen PSP to have touch controls -- on the wrong side?

Australia Considering IPhone App Censorship

Probabilistic processors possibly pack potent punch

News Fuse

North Korea has created an official Twitter account @uriminzok, shor t for the Korean word for "our people". This goes along with its YouTube account launched last month. I can't wait to see transparent government done right for once

For the 2nd quarter of 2010, Worldwide PC processor unit shipments increased 3.6 percent and revenues rose 6.2 percent compared with the first quarter, according to market researcher IDC. That's better than usual. IDC isn't so excited about the third quarter though, expecting August sales to bring overall numbers down.

According to Millenial Media, iOS pulled in 55 percent of mobile ad requests in July, however that was flat from June and Android saw a steep rise passing RIM to garner 19 percent of the market. But it's not all bad news as all three platforms saw their total number of ad requests grow. reports that Google is set to call the next iteration of its mobile OS Android Honeycomb, following on from the tablet-friendly Gingerbread platform. Few details of what this upgrade will bring are available but it sounds like it may be incremental.

Toshiba announced Wednesday at the Magnetic Recording Conference in San Diego, that it's made a breakthrough in its research of bit-patterned media that could allow for 3.5 inch hard drives of up to 25 Terrabytes. The technology is sadly still in the prototype stage.

Google may cooperate with Motorola for Android 3.0 tablet, says Digitimes Research. This comes on the heels of HTC announcing a partnership with google to build a Chrome Tablet.

Engadget is reporting that the Droid Pro is the global version of the Droid 2, Consumer reports has given the droid 2 the thumbs up, despite rumors of a few antenna issues, and finally in android phone news LG enV Touch 2 will be Android-powered

and finally a Listener named PC sent us a news tip that Net neutrality is being discussed again, no not the FCC, not Google but members of the Open internet coalition like Microsoft and Yahoo who apparently felt a little left out when Google and Verizon got together on their big Net neutrality play date. But being a fickle friend- Verizon did reportedly attend these meetings and we await another controversial and confusing edict on net neutrality

Kickers and Weird Science

Cameron Diaz is McAfee's 'Most Dangerous' Internet Celeb

On The Calendar

HP & Dell reported Earnings

Portal 2 coming February 9th 2011 initially expected to be released in the last quarter of 2010, Windows and Mac OS X, and retail versions for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Lon sent us a note that the FCC is holding a public hearing in Minneapolis tonight on the future of the Internet.

TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4


Voicemail from Kobi: Our video caller has a good theory on NFC in Apple devices

Voicemail from The Etiquette Bitch, answering our question on when to text vs. phoning

Email from Cynthia:

When you were talking about Facebook ads I remembered this from a few months ago I got this ad: Meet Catholic Men who also like Harry Potter


X . This was a dating ad that popped up my Facebook page. Earlier in the day I chatted with a friend about the qualifications of a nun and to some one else about the new Harry Potter movie. I thought it was the funniest, yet scary ad I've ever seen. I wish I would have Grabbed it. - Cynthia

Email from Chris:

Hey Tom

Just a heads up if you read this on the next episode of TNT, it will be the day before the federal election in Australia. I was hoping that you could point TNT listeners to this breakdown by the EFA of the technology policies of the major parties here.


Chris from Australia



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