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Tech News Today
Episode 58

Tech News Today 58: Sleek, Sexy, Slippery, And Just A Little Evil

The Dell Thunder prototype, the Google movie, and we discovered why gran wants a PSP


Top Stories

Dell Thunder prototype preview (video)

Report: Trojan a factor in fatal Spanair crash? [1]

HP confirms webOS tablet for 'early 2011'

Other Stories

Nokia to acquire mobile analytics firm Motally [2]

Google Wi-Fi Spy Lawsuits Head to Silicon Valley

German Photog Wants to Shoot Buildings Excluded From Street View

Software Update to Address iOS 4 Performance Issues on iPhone 3G 'Coming Soon'

News Fuse

Google's Nexus One is out of stock! The Android phone has been limited to sales to Google Developers since July, but has already blown through inventory. In a blog post Thursday, Tim Bray reassured hungry developers slavering for the phone that they're back-ordered from HTC and they're "working hard to restock the virtual shelves"

Yesterday Google announced video support for Google chat in Linux browsers. Google's voice and video chat supports Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distros. RPM support will be coming soon.

Sony mobile devices just got a huge design boost. Sony just announced the development of a "single wire interface technology" that replaces the 22 or so cables used for power, control signals, audio, (the ones tucked away in the hinge or rotating parts) with a single copper wire cable capable of transmitting data at 940Mbps.

Chang Ma, LG's vice president of marketing for its mobile-devices division, told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that his company's tablet will be better than Apple's offering. The Optimus tablet will run the Android OS, but there are few other details. Well, except that Ma says it will ROCK.

Belgian ISP Telenet posted to a discussion forum that between July 4 and August 6 of this year,their largest user slurped up 2.7TB of data. He was followed by downloaders who transferred 1.9TB, 1.5TB, and 1.3 TB. This was not an attempt to shame the users, but rather show how much data could be transferred and promote their more expensive usage plans. They do things different in Belgium. Waffles.

Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley posted to Twitter that yesterday was @foursquare’s biggest day ever in terms of new user signups. Looks like the halo from FaceBook Places is helping them... for now!

Amazon has filed for a patent on placing advertisements in the Kindle prompting a Houghton-Mifflin editor and a business professor to proclaim that advertisements can and should come to eBooks near you. It would be a way for Amazon to give more money to publishers without raising prices.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 leaves beta, includes cheaper apps and new payment options

Kickers and Weird Science

Google Founders Sergey Brin And Larry Page Get Feature Film Treatment

On The Calendar

August 28 is International Read Comics in Public Day!

Thanks to Jason P. for tipping us off that the Microsoft Kinect is now available for pre-order. I found it on NewEgg and Amazon.

Polls are opening in Australia as we record, so if you're interested in the fiber rollout Australians, cast your vote!

TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4


Voicemail from Anonymous wanting everyone to calm down about Facebook Places

Voicemail from Mike warning about putting controls on the back of the PSP

Email from Simon:

Hi Tom, Becky, Dr. Kiki, etc.

Can I add my own speculation as to what the rear touch pad on the rumoured PSP might be intended for...?

One of the problems consoles have is controlling the camera independent of the player's movement in first person games. PCs traditionally use the keyboard for player movement and the mouse to look around, which seems to work well. But for some reason using the Playstation's left and right analogue sticks for the same purpose often feels like patting your head while rubbing your tummy (to me, at least!) And anyway, so far ever PSP model has had only one analogue stick! The PS3 has a six-axis controller now, which makes camera control a little more natural, and I think the rear touch pad is intended to do the same for the new PSP.

It's tempting to assume the touch pad is intended as a fine-grain input for an on screen cursor, but I think perhaps it's main purpose will be a coarse (low resolution) input for camera control in first person shooters.

Just my 2c. Keep up the great work, Simon

(Liverpool, UK)

Email from Patrick:

Hi Tom & friends,

As a Dish satellite subscriber, I received an e-mail survey today regarding their upcoming Google TV offering. From the sounds of it, they want to sell you a box for a flat amount and ding you for a monthly fee. They're trying to find what people are willing to pay, contemplating everything from $0 up front + $15/month to $99 + $10/month to $299 + $0/month. They ask questions like ""At what level is it too expensive?"" and ""If it were offered today, what plan would you prefer?""

Personally, I had completely forgotten about Google TV's affiliation with Dish. Just what I want to MORE for TV.

Kind regards, Patrick Schommer Sun Prairie, WI

P.S. In the comments at the end, I noted that my iPad can do most of what they're touting with Google TV. And I can do it without interrupting whatever I'm watching.



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