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Tech News Today
Episode 59

Tech News Today 59: Heart: #alive

Apple's nefarious jailbreak plans, Dual core on the netbooks, and North Korea does NOT socially network.


Top Stories

WikiLeaks Founder Calls Rape Accusations a “Smear Campaign”


Cops cuff man who exposed holes in 'perfect' voting machines

HP trumps Dell with $24-per-share bid for 3Par

3Par Deal More Important To Dell

Intel dual core Atom released

Other Stories

Verizon, Apple iPhone talks continue toward possible 2011 launch

Kevin Rose hears we'll get the new iTV in September for $99

UK ISP To Prioritize Gaming Traffic

Fraudsters Drain PayPal Accounts Through iTunes

North Korea Tells Forbes That It Is Not Using Twitter, Facebook Or YouTube

News Fuse

Sprint is giving free femtocells to customers who have specific in-building coverage issues. Verizon and AT&T make customers pay for the equipment and service for a femtocell that allows them to make calls over their in-home Internet connection.

Lady Gaga has passed Britney Spears as the most followed person on Twitter with 5,735,554 followers. But both ladies should watch their backs as Justin Bieber threatens to pass both of them.

Motorola sent cease and desist notices to several websites that host a version of Android 2.2 for the Motorola DROID X. Motorola claims the files contain copyrighted software in addition to the open source Android software.

The beta has come off,allowing Dish subscribers to stream at least 15 channels live over the Internet. According to Engadget, the selection includes all the major networks and extras like Syfy and Comedy Central.

California is considering a bill that would expand laws against forgery and impersonation to include impersonating someone online. The bill outlaws "credible" impersonations done "for purposes of harming, intimidating, threatening, or defrauding another person." Does Fake Steve Jobs mean harm or not?

According to a study out of Chung Ang University in Korea, an antidepressant called Bupropion, also marketed as Welbutrin, can ease the video game addiction. In a country riddled by Starcraft mania, video game addiction is a real problem in Korea. Bupropion is used to treat other addictions like smoking as well.

Researchers in South Korea have built a networking router that transmits data at nearly 40 Gigabits per second. They developed software called PacketShader that uses a computer's graphics processing unit (GPU) to help process packets of data sent across a network.

Valve's Doug Lombardi, the Marketing VP of Valve Corporation, crushed the hopes and dreams of Linux users everywhere when he said in on an interview that Valve has no plans to make a version of Steam for the Linux platform. Yet.

As reliable a marker of the progress of time as the swallows returning to capistrano, is the leak of a Halo game. Halo: Reach has been leaked to the internet three weeks before its official release date by fans who hacked a hair-brained method Microsoft used to secure review copies.

Kickers and Weird Science

Woman breaks text message record

On The Calendar

Sony's all-new Alpha DSLR launch event is tomorrow, Tuesday August 24.

Kindle 3 begins shipping Friday

TWiT at Dragon*Con. Meetup Saturday night September 4


Voicemail from Dr. Mom on the thumb crotch hold

TweetMic voicemail from Daemon from voting in Australia

Email from Andy:


we had a federal election here over the weekend and for the 1st time in 70 years there is no majority in the ruling lower house. The Prime Minister is negotiating with 3 independents to form a minority government. One of the key issues is the National Broadband Network (that 50% of Tasmanias don't necessarily want)!

Cheers, Andy

Email from Mike:

It seems that if you're a blogger in Philadelphia and you make *any* kind of money from it, you owe them $300, minimum. If I recall correctly, this is the same city that started taxing NFL players for the income they made when playing games there. So, if the cheesesteaks don't stop your heart, the tax bill just might.  ;^)

Love the show.

Mike (not in Philadelphia)

Email from Rick:

First of all I am extremely upset with the Apple patent application as outlined here - According to the patent, Apple can record your heartbeat. If they can do this, how can they possibly NOT possess the ability to record your voice and conversations around you?

This is all because they want to brick Jailbroken devices. If I pay a minimum of $500 for a device and add an additional $200 for apps, all with Apple, and then JailBreak my device to spend $5.00 on an app they do not offer, what gives them the right to kill my device? This is monopolistic behavior in its most extreme form. It is like GM selling you a car but then blowing up the engine if you do not drive on ""approved"" streets.

I really believe you need to look into this situation.

Love the show and am your biggest fan. - Rick




Daemon by Daniel Suarez (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Jeff Gurner

Freedom by Daniel Suarez (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Jeff Gurner

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein (UNABRIDGED)
Narrated by Lloyd James

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