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Tech News Today
Episode 60

Tech News Today 60: You've Been Permabanned

'Halo: Reach' pirates face a banning, convertible iMac with touchscreen, and happy birthday Windows 95.


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Downloads from Apple’s iTunes U program topped the 300 million mark on Tuesday. The educational arm of the iTunes Store has been online for about three years, and includes content from over 800 universities around the world.

LucasFilm has filed a $5 million trademark-infringement lawsuit against Jedi Mind, a company that markets devices that allow people to control computers with their brain. The company's Master Mind application claims to let PC gamers "move forward, back, punch, kick, shoot, and any other movement available in the game, simply by thinking the command associated with the desired action." LucasFilm wants Jedi Mind to remove all mention of the Jedi Mind trick.

Yahoo has finished the transition of its search product to being powered by Microsoft's Bing. Bing is now powering Web, image and video search for desktop and mobile versions of Yahoo. This Fall Yahoo will move its paid search to Bing.

Nissan's director of product planning, Mark perry, reassured people that the rumor of limited supply of the Nissan Leaf was untrue. Nissan is still targeting 25,000 units for the US by the end of 2011.

If you like the idea of having an electric car, but you're worried pedestrians won't hear your super quiet engine, fear not, Toyota has announced an add on Sound effect for the prius that emits from your car.

Intel and Nokia are jointly starting a research lab in Oulu, Finland, that will attempt to create a 3D environment for mobile devices. The two companies already have a joint operation developing the MeeGo operating system.

Photos showed up in a Chinese forum that purport to show a prototype Nokia handset running Meego. It's alleged to be the N9 device, similar to the Nokia N8 but with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

A whole mess of geeky words have been added to the new third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English. Among the new entries are Interweb, defriend, hater, and tweetup. I SWEAR ANdrew Kenny, lead singer of American Analog Set, invented the word INterweb.

Kickers and Weird Science


  • Intel Developer forum Sept 13-15 San Francisco demo same time at Hyatt Silicon Valley


Steve on the deviousness of Demon Internet and Net Neutrality


Email from Sean:

I just finished listening to yesterdays show and in regards to Tom's assertion that Apple won't make a CDMA iPhone because LTE is on the horizon I think you need to consider that Verizon has projected that they will only have 75% roll out of LTE by 2012 which means that through at least 2013 they aren't going to have 100% LTE coverage and there is no way Verizon who hangs their hat on their coverage would release a device that won't work in 25% of their markets. If Apple really is interested in expanding in the U.S. and staunch the bleeding to Android they aren't going to wait 3 years to do so.

Just like the original iPhone didn't run 3G in a time when most high end devices were doing so I don't see any reason why Apple wouldn't release a 3G device now in a time when there are next to no LTE devices on the market anyway and then they could move to a hybrid CDMA/LTE in the coming years. Apple's M.O. is perfecting old tech not necessarily pushing the envelope with new tech.

Thanks for bringing the tech news and the funny to us every day.

Email from Lou:

Tom said yesterday that he liked the heartbeat patent for apple iphone's because if someone tried to use his phone then it would delete sensitive information. Well, Tom, what if it was my mom using my phone real quick? Or my girlfriend? I could see this applicable in a business world, but what about day to day simple consumer use?

Thanks and love the show!




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